Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo

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Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo
Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo | Innovet Pet

It’s so hard to find a good shampoo that doesn’t strip the coat of its natural oils. Finding a scent that is nice, not overly perfumed and isn’t hard on the skin is just plain tough to find. We wanted to find a formula for a strong, all-natural shampoo that still did the job of keeping the fur clean, while also having a good pH balance for their skin. Tea Tree has vitamin B6, which is really important for having good skin. In fact, it helps with many skin conditions to make them better and ease the symptoms.

Tea tree even smells really good! We believe that we’ve formulated a real winner in this shampoo. It isn’t so harsh that it dries the skin. If you’ve ever had a dog, like we have, with sensitive skin, then you know what it’s like to bathe them and the very next day they begin having dandruff flakes and they are itchy. Constant scratching is not just miserable to them but it’s an annoyance around the house too. Who wants to listen to the constant sound of scratching and digging, knowing that your fur pal is totally miserable? Tea tree and aloe is a perfect combination, it is a balance of great smell and skin-friendly aloe.

How Does It Work?

Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo | Innovet Pet

It’s made from all-natural ingredients, making it a tear-free product that does the job without causing irritations, itchy skin, or introducing chemicals to their system. It’s a botanical blend, combining tea tree oil, aloe, and vitamin B6 to give your dog a deep cleaning in a natural way. The combination of these key ingredients will help to remove mattes by untangling fur and it will give their coat a whole new shine by repairing damage from oily pores and irritations to the skin from environmental irritants. It can relieve their itching and the aloe will deeply moisturize and help soothe irritated skin.

The tea tree and aloe combine to give a brilliant scent that immediately greets the nose with a clean smelling scent that dances in the olfactory glands, relieving your home and dank doggy smell. It won’t dry smelling like a wet dog either.

This shampoo isn’t even a soap! That’s right, it’s soap-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. It’s so free of chemicals and harmful ingredients that Whole Foods have approved our Tea Tree and Aloe All Natural Shampoo for sale in their stores. That’s a huge compliment. It shows that we’ve worked hard to ensure a natural, dog-friendly product.

It works well because it is pH balanced to a neutral (7) pH, especially for a dog’s skin. Human shampoos are awful for dogs because our shampoos are formulated to be far more acidic, usually in the range of 4 to 4.5 on the pH scale. That’s very bad for a dog and will dry their skin out, causing flakes and irritation in many cases. If they already have sensitive skin, using a shampoo formulated for humans is a guaranteed way to make their condition worse.

How Does It Help Them? 

Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo | Innovet Pet

By combining tea tree with aloe, this shampoo is a soothing combination that helps to make irritated skin feel better on contact. Aloe helps with burns and other types of skin irritations that sting. Aloe will work hard to take the sting out of the skin nearly instantly. The tea tree works as an astringent that cleans, deodorizes, and works to promote healthy skin that is free of fungus and bacteria that can cause dandruff and seborrhea.

Itching and scratching due to irritations can cause hair loss, making your dog’s coat look patchy and unhealthy. They will lick and chew, creating hotspots where their itching is the worst. Hotspots can become infected, ooze and become crusty and even chronic. Some hotspots are very difficult to get properly healed to completion. They hurt and cause your dog much stress.

The aloe works to soothe these patches and the tea tree will work to promote healing. By adding the B6, the body is given what it needs to create healthy skin cells to take the place of those that are healing. It will promote healing so that their coat will return to its natural luster and shine. It’s a terrific combination and we’re so proud of it because we know that it makes dogs feel better the minute they are bathed in it.

It’s powerful enough to help them heal and yet gentle enough to be used on puppies, something that medicated shampoos can’t claim. In fact, they can be downright dangerous for small puppies. Our shampoo is all-natural and won’t harm them.

Our Intentions

Remember that we formulated all of our products with our own pets in mind. Many products that we developed were to address the specific needs of our own pets. We wouldn’t ask you to use anything that we haven’t come to feel was a fine product that we could use on our own dogs with peace of mind and a feeling of ease in knowing that our dogs will feel better, stay healthier, and stay clean longer.

By removing tangles, they feel better. Tangles turn into mattes that get tighter and tighter. Severe matting that is left untreated will begin to tear skin and cause irritation that hurts. It can open wounds in the skin that get infected, particularly if the fur is dirty. We wanted the best for our dogs, so helping keep them tangle-free and smelling nice was also very important in the grand scheme of things.

All of our products are designed with the best health outcomes in mind for our pets, as well as yours. It won’t smell like perfume either; your pet will simple smell clean and pleasant. It’s not an overpowering smell, so if you are sensitive yourself, it won’t make you feel like you’re choking on perfumes. There are no dyes, no chemicals and no reasons to worry. That’s why it’s safe for puppies. It’s a great thing to be able to introduce them to a bath as young as possible and know that you’re safe in doing so.

Washing young puppies in a sink with tepid water is best. You shouldn’t use hot water nor should you want it to be cold. Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature very well yet so have plenty of warm, dry towels ready to dry them and let them cuddle together under a heat lamp and make it a great experience and they’ll always enjoy bath time.

About Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is distilled from the melaleuca tree of Australia. That’s the source of food for koala bears in the land down under. It has antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, making it a powerhouse ingredient in our shampoo.

It’s been used as a skin treatment in Australia for nearly a hundred years and today it finds a home in cosmetics and skin-care products all over the world. It seems to have an ability to damage the cell walls of bacteria, which is what earned it the moniker of antibacterial. It works very well as such.

Tea tree oil has been tested and shown to reduce sores in the mouth and even swelling on the skin. It can kill a long list of fungi, including yeast such as that which causes yeast infections, Candida albicans. That also is the yeast primarily found in mouth infections, as well.

It’s been used to treat athlete’s foot in humans and even to clear acne, thanks to the astringent properties which it possesses. One big reason that it was chosen as a perfect ingredient for our shampoo is that it has been proven to help relieve symptoms of contact dermatitis, which is a type of eczema. Tea tree oil is an incredible skin reliever and astringent that helps to clear things like this and like dandruff.

About Aloe

This is an extract from the aloe vera plant. It’s been known most commonly for the way it helps with burns, especially sunburns. Aloe vera also has antibacterial properties but it also works as an anti-inflammatory, which means that it promotes healing. We couldn’t imagine a better ingredient to add to our shampoo. When we looked at the ailments that our own dogs had with their skin, we needed an ingredient that soothed and promote healing. Aloe was perfect. As far as skincare, it specifically works to make skin healthier and can even help to reduce wrinkles and reduce the impacts of aging. It does many other things but those don’t pertain to skincare as much. Humans have known to take aloe vera juice to help reduce the impact of insulin sensitivity in diabetes and to help with canker sores in the mouth. It also has dental benefits for humans.

For the purposes of creating a natural shampoo that promotes soothing and healing of the skin, it has been a perfect addition to the formula. 

B6 - What’s That For?

B6 is a very important vitamin for both humans and dogs. It helps dogs maintain sodium and potassium balance, which is necessary for cellular function. In terms of our shampoo, it helps promote healthy skin-tone. When the skin stays hydrated properly, it keeps elasticity well into old age. In humans, this presents as wrinkles.

B6 also is necessary for protein synthesis, which is necessary for growth. This helps repair skin cells too. It’s also been directly linked to healthy hearts in dogs, so it is a great addition to their diet and in any products that are for their care.

How Often Do I Need to Bathe My Dog?

Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Shampoo | Innovet Pet

This is often argued among dog owners, breeders and professional groomers. Most will recommend that you do not over bathe your dog because that will ultimately dry their coat and skin. A good pattern is to brush your dog daily, which will stimulate the natural oil glands to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Then you should strive to bathe your dog once every four to six weeks and no more often than that.

Bathing more frequently than that can cause damage to the hair follicles, the skin and cause dandruff and skin irritations by stripping natural oils too often from their coats. For water dog breeds, such as the Labrador Retriever, which has a special oil gland at the base of the neck which keeps their fur water-resistant, it’s especially bad.

Doing daily brushings will generally be all that is necessary unless your dog rolls in the mud. Try to rinse them rather than bathe them. You can also consider some natural pet wipes that are also kind to their skin and coat.

Are Skin Conditions More Prevalent in Some Breeds?

Some breeds of dogs are definitely more prone to issues with sensitive skin and skin problems such as eczema. Some dogs are prone to allergy issues that will impact their skin health. When the skin is itchy from allergies, they will lick and chew until they have hotspots. These can become infected and be very problematic. Hotspots can be slow to heal. Our shampoo is one of the best ways to promote hotspot healing and regain healthy skin.

Some of the breeds that are more likely to have skin issues include:

  • Shar Peis - a Chinese breed with many wrinkles. It can be prone to irritation in the skin folds.
  • Bulldogs - Both the English and the American varieties. They are also prone to irritation in skin folds and under the arms where skin rubs due to their portly shape.
  • Pitbulls - Usually a very healthy breed but can sometimes be prone to dry, itchy skin.
  • Spaniels - Hereditary issues with skin irritation is a problem for them, also being in the water and having contact with irritants can be problematic for them.
  • Standard Poodles - Genetic skin issues are common, as well as allergies and runny eyes that can cause tear duct issues and brown eye stains.
  • Doberman Pinschers - This breed has sensitive skin and will benefit from the astringent properties of the tea tree and soothing aloe. Usually, they respond well to good nutrition and proper care of their specific needs.
  • Labrador Retrievers - This dog is a water dog and can develop very foul, sour smells in their coat when they swim regularly. They may be prone to bacterial skin issues and need to be cleaned very thoroughly after swimming in bodies of water.

This is by no means a complete list. Any dog can have allergies and skin issues. Some dogs are even allergic to their food and it will cause severe reactions with the skin. You may need to resort to your veterinarian for skin allergy testing or you can try the elimination diet for allergies to see if you can sort it out on your own and learn which foods to avoid.

Our Shampoo Can Help Any Dog

Whether your dog has skin problems or smell problems (a smell problem may very well be a skin issue, FYI), our shampoo is your best choice. It’s natural. It won’t sting, won’t cause teary eyes and make them hate a bath.

Our shampoo will take great care of their skin, promote healing, and they will smell fantastic. If your dog has irritations and you’ve tried everything else, we’re confident that our shampoo is what you’ve looked for. Why? Because that is exactly what we went through with our own dogs and we wanted a better life for them. We wanted them to smell nice and stop digging at their own skin.

Our shampoo is a natural product that won’t ever cause damage or harm them in any way. The carefully formulated ingredients will soothe and heal, giving them the relief that we wanted for our own dogs. It’s with a truly happy heart that we share this with the public in the firm belief that your dog will also find relief and you will take great comfort in that.

We know, as pet parents, how frustrating it is when they hurt and are uncomfortable. When they can’t sleep and all you want to do is give them relief so that they can relax - we get it. We have been in your shoes and that’s exactly why we created Tea Tree and Aloe All-Natural Shampoo. It’s for them and for you and we’re sharing our own personal formula that was developed for our own precious pet family members.

Tea Tree and Aloe All Natural Shampoo

Your dog is family. If he’s like our dog, he’s a child that you would do anything for. We met with specialists and researched for a very long time to find a solution that was suitable for our own family member and it’s with a lot of pride that we bring that product to you, sharing it with you with the same confidence that we have when we use it on our beloved dogs.

People are seeking natural solutions today as never before. The world around is changing rapidly and products are being brought from other countries faster than ever; things that haven’t been properly tested and should not be trusted. Our products are made in America. We only use the best, most natural ingredients that we aren’t afraid to use in our own homes.


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