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This Single Dog Is Saving The Lives Of Hundreds Of Koalas Trapped By Australian Bushfires

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This Single Dog Is Saving The Lives Of Hundreds Of Koalas Trapped By Australian Bushfires

Every year Australia suffers from extreme bushfires that threaten the lives of thousands of Koalas. 

It’s estimated that the 2019 bushfires of Queensland killed up to 8,000 koalas in New South Wales alone. That’s a third of the Koala population in that area.  And with the fires growing more frequent, widespread, and devastating, Koalas are at severe risk of going extinct in the wild. 

Fortunately, there are those fighting to stop that from happening. 

A Dog On A Mission

Meet, Bear, a handsome blue-eyed Border Collie/Koolie mix. Bear has a pretty important job, to say the least. Bear’s job is finding Koalas that have been caught in the horrid bushfires of Australia and need rescuing. Bear’s job is incredibly dangerous as he and his team of humans have to travel to the areas hit the hardest. 

But he’s up for the job, says his team. In fact, it’s Bear’s personality and traits that make him a perfect dog for rescuing Koalas. Though Bear’s personality and traits weren’t always accepted. 

You see, Bear was given up by his family after they found he was too much for their home. Making his way to the Detection Dogs For Conservation, Bear was an oddball, making him stand out from others. He didn’t like being touched, or even around people, and he was completely obsessive compulsive. These traits, along with his complete lack of prey instinct, make him perfect for saving Koalas. 

How Dogs Like Bear Finds Koalas

So how does Bear find Koalas? Well, he uses one of the most powerful smelling devices known to man. His nose, of course! 

Now, while a lot of dogs have amazing noses, Bear’s smelling prowess is out of this world, and he is only one of a handful of dogs that can sniff out Koalas along the burning ruins. Bear is so good he can often find Koalas that are trapped high up at the top of trees even when winds are severe. 

“With winds up to 30km, the conditions were not ideal for Bear’s tracking, but he indicated possible koalas at a number of spots,” the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said in a blog post. “Thanks to Bear’s work, we know that there are live koalas in the area and we will continue to search to rescue any koalas who need our help.”

Man, what an incredible pupperino he is!

Follow Bear And The IFAW Team

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