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Why PurOtic Ear Cleaner Is The Easiest & Most Effective Ear Cleaner Plus Its 99%-100% Natural

Why PurOtic Ear Cleaner Is The Easiest & Most Effective Ear Cleaner Plus Its 99%-100% Natural


Ever Seen A Dog Use A Q-Tip?

Probably not. Think their ears never need a bit of cleaning? Well, they do. And as always, preventing problems is better than dealing with an expensive cure later. So a dogs "master" buys products for dog care at home. And dog owners need the best dog ear cleaner on the market. 


Why PurOtic Is A Dog Ears Best Friend

First, it's easy to use. There is no dog that welcomes any person, even you, probing roughly into their ear. But the PurOtic syringe, made of soft flexible silicone, makes treating your dog's ear issue very simple. And comfortable for your pet.

Secondly, it's effective. The bacteria and fungal problems occurring in a dog's ear are treated with essential oils. This not only takes care of existing bacteria but helps prevent future growth of bacteria and fungal agents.

And although some medications contain alcohol, not so with a PurOtic! While germ-killing, alcohol can sting skin that is already sensitive and irritated. When you apply a great natural dog ear cleaner like PurOtic to your dog's ear, no pain comes with it.


What PurOtic Will Save You 

It's counterintuitive, but buying PurOtic saves you money! Simply because ear problems that dogs have end up in more visits to a vet than any other reason! That's why you need to get the best natural dog ear cleaner! Plus, it's 99-100% natural!

And of course, you're spending extra time at the vet instead of fun time playing with your dog! So to save time, money, and keep your dog healthy and happy, and to grab your free first aid guide, contact us today! 


For more information on PurOtic ear cleaners for pets, click here

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