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Dana S.
Dana S.
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"I have 2 small dogs, one is a senior and has stomach issues. I use this in conjunction with the hemp soft chews. The difference I see in just my senior dog alone is day and night. She has arthritis and a sensitive stomach. This has helped with her mobility and appetite. She’s got her pep back in her step and she now looks forward to eating."

Loretta J.
Loretta J.
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"I gave our 2 five month old pups a bath with this and it seemed to help with their itchiness. It made their coats very soft and shiny. I will continue to use this, and can tell more later, since they are still adjusting to being bathed . They love playing in the water in their pool, but the bathtub...not so much 😂"

Mary L.
Mary L.
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"I have 3 dogs and everyone of them does not like their teeth brushed,especially my 13 year old Corgi,so just spraying this on their teeth they have no problem with me doing this and so far I have no more stinky breath & their teeth are alot cleaner."

4 Step Natural Approach To Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

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4 Step Natural Approach To Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Posted by AdKitan AdKitan on
Updated at: August 31, 2020

Flea and Tick season is here!

4 Step Natural Approach To Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks | Innovet Pet

When it comes to Fleas and ticks it's all about Location, location,and location. Now that the cold season is almost behind us how will you protect your family pet and your home? 

Flea control products, such as flea drops, can keep fleas away from your pets, but they can be really expensive. Flea drops also contain toxic chemicals that could harm people and poison pets. Some products can lead to seizures and death. You should avoid using products that don’t allow you to touch your pet for at least an hour after applying. Flea season usually starts in spring until the end of fall. Once the season arrives, you should consider natural flea control. Here are four simple steps on how to do it.

1. Wash with Shampoo- Once every 2 weeks or as needed

How to wash dog and cat | Innovet Pet

The pets must be washed every other week with the favorite shampoo. There are shampoos that are harmless to the dogs, but can do wonders in natural flea control. There are several shampoos on the market that are made of all natural ingredients. You can choose one that suits your needs.

2. Give a Healthly Diet

Healthy diet for dogs and cats | Innovet Pet

A healthy diet is another way to improve natural flea control. When your pets are eating good balanced meals, their immune systems improve. They should be given foods rich in vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. 5 percent garlic concentration is also good to keep fleas out of your dogs and cats. Aged garlic is considered safe on the gastric mucosa of the intestinal lining.

Innovet offers a pet supplement called BioPel Plus that can be added to the dog’s food once daily. It provides the daily dose of vitamins to protect the coat, it also prevents insects from hurting your four legged friend. Not only will the supplement prevent outside predatory insects from infesting your pet, it also works on internal pests such as intestinal worms.

3. Clean the Surroundings- Exterior and Interior

Clean the house for insects | Innovet Pet

Even if you use flea drops, you still need to clean the house to get rid of the fleas. The drops can only kill the fleas after they get a deadly dose of the pesticide after biting the pet. As a natural flea control measure, you can use natural flea and tick spray to kill pests in beds, food bowls, car bedding, countertops, and couches, just to name a few. There are several brands on the market that include Adams Plus and BioPel Spray. The latter can be used directly on the pet is safe to be used around food, pregnant women and children. You should also use the spray for the yard if the dog frequently goes out.

4. Protect Your Pet

How to protect your pet from insects | Innovet Pet

You should protect your pet all the time with the use of leave in products with lemongrass or neem oil. The ingredients are safe for dogs and cats. Synergy Labs and BioPel provides leave in products that could be used in between baths. BioPel leave in conditioner contains food grade diatomaceous earth that leaves a thin layer of diatoms when it dries. The layer kills insects by cutting their exoskeleton.BioPel® - Natural Pest Control These are the four easy steps to natural flea control. You don’t need to use flea drops that contain harsh chemical that are harmful to both you and your pets.

For more information or to order Natural Flea Control click here.

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