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The Potential Benefits for Innovet's Advanced Skin & Coat Support Chews

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The Potential Benefits for Innovet's Advanced Skin & Coat Support Chews

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Updated at: November 10, 2020

Your dog’s coat and skin are visible cues as to his overall health, so it goes deeper than just simple vanity. A dog that LOOKS healthy is more likely to actually BE healthy.

If you have been grooming or petting your dog recently and have discovered some rough patches or hair loss, now is the time to fix it. Allowing the problem to progress could mean it is harder to treat in the future.

Your Dog’s Lustrous Fur: Why You Should Be Using Advanced Skin And Coat Chews

You undoubtedly want the same things for your dog’s hair and skin that you want for your own: the feel and look of good health.

Thick, shiny hair that does not get frizzy and break off, well-moisturized skin with no acne or fine lines, and no spots that itch or sting.

We have been working for years to develop a line of delicious, nutritious, high-quality vitamins and supplements for your dog. Advanced Skin And Coat Chews are the answer to your dog’s dull fur and flaky skin!

What Are Advanced Skin And Coat Chews?

The Potential Benefits for Innovet's Advanced Skin & Coat Support Chews | Innovet Pet

While working to figure out how best to help dogs with skin and coat problems, we kept in mind that anything you add to your busy schedule needs to be simple to be sustainable. We want the best for your dog just like you do. That’s why we kept our chews easy to figure out.

They are dosed by weight. Your dog will get a few chews each day. That is it. No measuring, no tricking him into chewing a huge pill, no trying to remember multiple steps.

Just feed him a chew, pat his head, and go.

They provide a full nutrient profile aimed at healing his skin and strengthening his coat from the inside out.

It is advisable to discuss adding any new supplements with your veterinarian. Some of the ingredients may change the way your dog metabolizes certain prescription medications and it is essential that you check for contraindications.

Because your dog’s coat and skin are a window into the health of his body, problems could point to an underlying health condition that needs to be treated.

Mention your concerns to your pet care team and ask for tests to check for:

The Potential Benefits for Innovet's Advanced Skin & Coat Support Chews | Innovet Pet
  • Diabetes
  • Food or environmental allergies
  • Parasites, like external fleas and ticks or internal tapeworms or heartworms, or the many diseases they can infect your dog with
  • Skin infections (viral, bacterial, or fungal)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Tumors and skin cancer

Most minor coat and skin issues are related to nutrition.

Whether your dog is not taking adequate levels of nutrients because of the low quality of his food, or he has an inability to absorb and use nutrients for whatever reason, or he is just picky and does not like to eat, Advanced Skin And Coat Chews are like an insurance policy for his nutrition- it fills in the gaps left behind by his diet and ensures his optimal health.

What Ingredients Are Good For My Dog?

We packed as many superfood ingredients into our vitamin chews as we could. We researched every single option available, read the science behind each piece, and took the work out of the whole process for you. We guarantee you will be pleased with the end result! 

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast, a fungus by the name of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a common sight in the beer industry, and it has long been touted as a health supplement for animals.

Among the benefits of Brewer’s yeast:

The Potential Benefits for Innovet's Advanced Skin & Coat Support Chews | Innovet Pet
  • Supports lean muscle mass with extra protein and a full array of vital amino acids. B vitamins work in conjunction with these protein building blocks to encourage your dog’s body to use them as energy.
  • It contains many essential minerals like chromium, biotin, zinc, and selenium. Chromium, in particular, has been shown to ward off diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels. Biotin and zinc play an important role in your dog’s skin and coat health.
  • It can boost his immune system and help fight internal parasites.
  • It contains antioxidants that protect his cells and tissues from free radicals. Free radicals are unused electrons that can damage the body, aging it prematurely and making it more susceptible to stress, injury, and disease.
  • It can repel biting insects that can carry disease and parasites like ticks, mites, and fleas. Brewer’s yeast is an effective bug repellent, especially when combined with tiny amounts of garlic.

When looking at the list of real benefits from Brewer’s yeast, it is clear why it is so high on our ingredient list (second after chickpea flour, a highly digestible and nutritious flour used here as a binder).

Sunflower Lecithin

Lecithin is an essential phospholipid (or a fat molecule bound with phosphorus). It is rich in choline, a chemical that your brain needs to create and send neurotransmitters, or messengers, to other parts of your body.

All nerve and brain function relies on choline.

It is produced in tiny amounts by your dog’s major organs (primarily the heart, liver, and kidneys) but it is not enough to guarantee proper nervous system operations.

Lecithin is naturally found in eggs, soybeans, and sunflower seeds. Not only are many humans and dogs allergic to eggs and soy (and products derived from them), but the sunflower is the most potent source of lecithin. We are proud to say that is where the lecithin in Advanced Skin And Coat Chews comes from!

Sunflower lecithin:

  • Helps support your dog’s liver
  • Provides phosphorus for his cells to create membranes from
  • Boosts brain function, protecting him from neurodegenerative disease and fighting possible dementia. This is because the myelin, the sheath around the neurons that protects them from damage, is made of fatty acids like lecithin.
  • Conditions his skin and coat, healing any sores or acne marks
  • Lowers cholesterol and improves heart health
  • It provides essential lubrication to joints, fighting degeneration and inflammation.
  • Helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption because it is emulsifying, creating a protective mucus lining in the digestive tract

Sunflower lecithin is also amazingly helpful for pregnant and nursing dogs. It provides essential fatty acids for fetal brain and nerve development. It helps boost milk supply and avoids milk duct clogs and infections. It can also strengthen mom’s bones and organs while her body uses some of her resources to support pregnancy.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is, first and foremost, a potent source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which is the type of fat most dogs do not ingest enough of (as opposed to omega-6s, which the average dog eats approximately 20 times more of).

The salmon oil found in our Advanced Skin And Coat Chews is wild-caught in Alaska, in some of the most pristine waters in the world. The fish are regularly tested with some of the lowest levels of contamination of any other fish oil source, so it is pure and does not contain heavy metals.

Wild Alaskan salmon oil can provide numerous incredible benefits for your dog.

For instance, it is:

  • A potent anti-inflammatory, which can help alleviate the pain and swelling due to chronic conditions like arthritis and heart disease.
  • Capable of improving cholesterol levels and lowering triglycerides. It can also improve overall heart health and blood flow.
  • The base of all healthy neural activity. It can promote brain development and health, particularly in dogs with a genetic predisposition to premature cognitive aging. It can also help alleviate the frequency and intensity of seizures and tremors.
  • Able to improve skin and coat health
  • Decrease the risk of eye conditions like glaucoma or cataracts
  • An essential part of metabolizing macronutrients (proteins and carbohydrates) and minerals and vitamins.

There are other oils that can provide similar nutritive benefits, but your dog (while an omnivore) leans naturally toward a carnivorous diet. Sources of fatty acids derived from animal sources are better utilized and are more bioavailable than those from plant sources like flaxseed.

You have most assuredly heard the buzz around fish oil, for both humans and animals. And for good reason- the science is absolute on the topic. Fish oil is nothing short of a miracle supplement.

Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract, And Hemp Seed Powder 

If the word ‘hemp’ conjures up visions of hippies dancing around in flower garland smoking marijuana, you are not alone. 

Many people do not understand the difference between hemp and weed. They are closely related but are separated by one essential difference: tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is the high-inducing active ingredient in marijuana. Hemp contains much lower concentrations of THC- not enough to induce a high- and so it is safe and legal to use.

Hemp is absolutely loaded with benefits for your dog! Not only is it an excellent source of the fatty acids needed to make your dog’s skin and coat so healthy, but it also:

  • Contains a fair amount of fiber and protein
  • Protects the brain and nervous system
  • Can alleviate arthritis pain and joint swelling, as well as provide the basic building blocks for the cartilage that acts as a cushion between the bones in each joint
  • Contains trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc
  • Can alleviate or eliminate seizures
  • Contains almost all of your dog’s entire RDI (recommended daily intake) of iron
  • Lowers blood pressure and dilates the blood vessels, making the heart more efficient and less stressed
  • Reduces inflammation in the entire body
  • Can help manage many chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease

Hemp is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand crops in the world. It has been used as a source of nutrition, medicine, building materials (including insulation!), and textiles. It is a valuable biofuel and could eventually replace plastics completely.

You can harness its immense power for your dog’s benefit and drastically improve his health and well-being!

You can also try adding high-quality CBD oil, another hemp product, to his health routine. Combining hemp products and CBD can enhance the efficacy of both through the so-called entourage effect.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp that possesses many medicinal qualities. It can do amazing things for chronic illness, anxiety, digestion, quality of sleep, and energy levels.

The more research you do the more you will see- hemp and CBD are always trending health news for a good reason!

Evening Primrose Oil

Dogs who suffer from any skin or coat conditions that involve itching or burning will notice a near-immediate improvement when taking evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose is produced from the flowers and leaves of the plant scientifically known as Oenothera biennis.

It contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which can balance the hormones responsible for prostaglandin production. Prostaglandins are fatty compounds that act like hormones in your dog’s body. They are found in almost every tissue in his body, including his skin, which improves the tone and elasticity of it.

In humans, many women take evening primrose oil to alleviate menstrual concerns and prepare the cervix and uterus for childbirth. This is all due to the natural release of prostaglandins too!

Be advised that evening primrose oil could potentially contain phytoestrogens, compounds that mimic the effects of estrogen but are derived from plant matter instead of animal hormones. Dogs with hormone-sensitive disorders or cancers should avoid using products containing evening primrose oil.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants around.

It can help prevent heart disease, eliminate inflammation, promote eye and brain health, and reduce your dog’s risk of cancer.

As far as his skin goes, vitamin E is super effective at reducing the damage already done, particularly damage done by the sun (especially helpful if your dog has no undercoat and a shirt top coat).

It can alleviate dry skin by encouraging your dog’s sebaceous to produce more oil, which naturally moisturizes his skin.

Vitamin E is at its most efficient when it is combined with vitamin C. Your dog’s body will also use alpha-tocopherol more easily than other forms.

If your dog has a blood clotting disorder, a bleeding condition, or does not process vitamin K properly, excessive intake of vitamin E could be very dangerous. If this describes your pet, it is important that you do not feed him any other source of concentrated vitamin E while using Advanced Skin And Coat Chews.


Biotin is vitamin B7. It is essential for good skin, hair, and nail growth.

It is involved in many metabolic processes that make your dog’s body able to turn his food into energy. B vitamins are responsible for gluconeogenesis, which makes his body able to use proteins and fat (instead of just carbohydrates) to fuel his cells and organs.

Biotin also boosts the production of the enzymes that create and metabolize fatty acids.

Beef liver is the number one food source of concentrated biotin, with a 3-ounce serving containing more than 30 micrograms. Eggs are the next best source.

As an interesting note, raw or undercooked eggs contain a protein called avidin. Avidin binds to biotin and makes it impossible for your body to absorb. Cooking the eggs denatures (changes the shape of) avidin.

You may have read that it is uncommon to be dangerously deficient in biotin. It is a water-soluble vitamin, which means your body can not store it and instead flushes any unused biotin out via the kidneys and liver. It must be consumed every day but is readily available in many animal foods (which your dog is likely eating plenty of!). Supplementing simply ensures there are no holes in nutrition and it is impossible to overdose.

Why Should I Choose Advanced Skin And Coat Chews?

With so many products on the market, it can feel overwhelming to try and figure out which ones are worth your time and money.

We put a lot of effort into providing your family with only the best possible end result. We use high-end ingredients and take pride in our work.

Our Advanced Skin And Coat Chews are the BEST for many reasons:

  • They are all-natural. We do not add anything you would not recognize the name of.
  • They are eco-friendly, made from sustainable sources.
  • They are grain-free. Perfect for dogs with food allergies or those on a grain-free diet for health reasons.
  • They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. We strive for only the purest ingredients, so we try to avoid harsh chemicals wherever possible.
  • They are made in the United States. This means they are backed by the industry standards and strict oversight of many federal government agencies. Every step of the way we ensure our products are safe and pure and effective.
  • All of our ingredients are backed by science and research.

Your dog will love them just as much as you do! They are made with natural salmon flavor so they are tasty and nutritious. They taste like delicious treats! You can even use them for rewarding good behavior or for training.

We carry a 30-day money-back guarantee on our products. If you are unhappy with your purchase, send it back and let us know- we will make it right. Our Advanced Skin And Coat Chews make it easy to give your dog the absolute best nutrition possible- and make him look super great in the process!


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