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Innovet's All-Natural BioPel Flea Products Really Work

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Innovet's All-Natural BioPel Flea Products Really Work

Fleas are a problem for every dog. There is no doubt that fleas are the scourge of all pet parents, but some dogs are more impacted by fleas than others. We created our BioPet line of flea products because Gordo and Maximus both had skin issues that were exacerbated by flea and tick bites. Due to the nature of their chronic skin issues, they needed a natural product that would give them relief and not add to their problems by drying their skin out or adding chemicals to their bodies.

We created two types of products, one that is for indoor use and one that is for outdoor use. The outdoor product is more highly concentrated, providing a powerful barrier to fleas and ticks. The star ingredient in our outdoor formula is Diatomaceous Earth, well-known by natural gardeners. It kills pests with exoskeletons and it’s simple in the way that it works.

Natural products are what appeals to us and we know that they appeal to you too. Being pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to find natural, safe products that also work. We’ve created our product to fill that void, We did it for Gordo, we did it for Maximus, and we did it for your dog too.

What Makes Our BioPel Flea/Tick Products Work

BioPel has been formulated with cinnamon and lemongrass. These are two things that fleas and ticks both hate. The smell nice too, so when you use them, your home and your pet don’t smell like toxic chemicals. In fact, it’s harmless to pets, but murder on fleas.

If you’ve ever had a flea problem, however, you know that they are really difficult to get rid of because they have a life cycle that includes several stages to fully-grown flea. When ingested, fleas are a tapeworm as well. This is one more reason to want to control fleas.

BioPel Natural Flea Product for Dogs | Innovet Pet

BioPel not only kills flea eggs, but it also repels mosquitoes, kills their larvae, and dissolves their eggs as well. This helps to break the flea life cycle, which is actually a very short life. Fleas only live for approximately 2 to 3 months. The problem, however, is that while they are alive, they lay a lot of eggs, as long as they have a host.

A female can’t lay eggs until she’s had her first blood meal. Once she has fed, she’ll begin to lay eggs within two days and she can lay as many as 50 eggs per day. Supposing that a single female flea lives to be 100 days old and is only of feeding age for 90 days of that time, she will possibly lay 450 more fleas.

That means that your home can become inundated with fleas in a very short order. It also can lead to very serious health issues for your dog. Fleas will consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood each day! This can quickly lead to anemia, which can be life-threatening to young and aging animals. Severe infestations can even kill an otherwise healthy animal because the anemia will become severe. Fleas are the enemy to be sure!

Our products are formulated to break the flea life cycle and to ensure that eggs are no longer viable. If that one female has laid 450 eggs already, before using the product in your home and killing her, those eggs will also be destroyed before they can hatch. This is an imperative part of ending the flea life cycle.

If you only use products that repel fleas, it doesn’t stop them from hitching a ride into your home, where they can lay eggs in carpet. Fleas can also bite humans, though it is typically not to the point of a human being infested, as with animals.

Cats in your home, who remain indoor pets only, can get fleas by one hitching a ride in on the dog, or even on your clothing, and then seeking them out as their host. This is why it is essential that you treat your entire home and you use a product that kills the eggs. In fact, the majority of flea infestations are the result of these hitchhiking bloodsuckers.

Our ingredients include Lemongrass oil, Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and thyme oil. These are all-natural oils and they are hated by fleas. They work to dissolve flea eggs. Lavender oil prevents flea eggs from hatching and is a key ingredient. On top of it all, the product smells very nice and people won’t walk int your home and smell pesticide.

How Does It Help?

Innovet's All-Natural BioPel Flea Products Really Work | Innovet Pet

Lemongrass oil is a great bug repellant. Some of you may recognize it under another name - citronella. It deters fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. This makes a flea not want to hitch inside on your dog and will keep fleas at bay.

Assuming that some fleas could ride inside on you, the lavender is there to ensure that the eggs they lay will not be viable. They simply won’t hatch because the lavender oil breaks that cycle. Additionally, eucalyptus oil is a flea repellant. Fleas despise eucalyptus and for centuries it has been known that washing your clothing and pet bedding with eucalyptus and hot water will kill flea eggs and deter adult fleas from coming back.

For the pet with sensitive skin and flea allergies, this product is a wonderful relief. It will not hurt them, won’t’ dry out their already irritated skin, and it will kill fleas. You can spray it directly on your pet, on his bedding, on furniture and anywhere that your pet goes within your home or yard.

In the outdoor spray, there is cinnamon oil which is also proven to kill mosquito larvae. The EPA has approved these natural oils as pesticides and it is also the only type considered safe for felines. For many of us who have multi-pet households, this is an additional relief.

Most people turn to chemical-free flea controls because they are fearful of chemicals within the home, someone in their family has bad reactions to the chemicals, or their pet is the one that has bad reactions to the chemicals. Even the smell of chemical pesticides can be stomach-churning.

Some dogs have a condition called flea dermatitis. These dogs will be made absolutely miserable by one solitary flea bite. If you have one of these poor souls, you know what it is like to see your dog chew and lick until they make their own skin bleed. They will get bald spots and pull their own hair out from scratching and constant licking.

Dogs with flea dermatitis are allergic to the saliva of the flea. When they are bitten, they have a severe reaction that can itch for days and days. If they suffer several bites, this itching, and scratching, whining and bleeding can go on for days. Many owners find themselves bathing their dog weekly with all sorts of shampoos to help soothe the poor dog’s skin. The real key, however, is to deter fleas from coming near the dog.

This is why things like cinnamon and lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender work in this respect. Fleas hate the smell of it. Eggs are then sterilized so that they will not hatch. This breaks the cycle and helps to bring the animal relief. The essential oils are also soothing and have antiseptic qualities so they can help clear the skin of irritations. This can help to bring healing to the skin of your pet.

An additional benefit if using our BioPel Indoor or Outdoor formula is that they can and will deter ticks and mosquitoes as well. Ticks are particularly disgusting creatures that are also blood-feeding parasites that spread diseases on top of everything else disgusting about them. It gets worse in that these same ticks can bite humans and spread diseases to us as well. Tick-borne illnesses include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, both of which are very serious illnesses that impact humans.

Mosquitoes spread illnesses as well. Aside from having a very itchy bite that often leaves welts on the skin as part of the allergic reaction that they incite, they feed on blood and therefore can spread blood-borne pathogens. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading heartworm in dogs. In humans, mosquitoes are responsible for things like malaria.

Additional ways in which you can help to curb these unwanted pests in your home and yard:

Don’t just treat your pet. Treat your carpet, pet bedding, and even your own bedding and sitting areas. If it is made of cloth, treat it.

Try using eucalyptus plants, which you can often buy at a florist shop. The branches with leaves remain good for many months, making them a favorite for floral wreaths and decor. Leaving a branch of eucalyptus in dresser drawers will ensure that blankets and things stored there will remain flea-free.

Wash your laundry with natural soap with eucalyptus or lemon oil in it. This will leave everything smelling fresh and clean while ensuring that it all repels fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks when dry.

Use our indoor spray several times per week, treating your pet at least three times per week. This will ensure that the oils are strong enough to do the job. Remember that these oils are not toxic so you don’t need to worry about over-use.

Try using Diatomaceous Earth to treat your yard. Long used by gardeners to naturally keep their garden free of bugs, this white powdery mix is capable of getting rid of bugs in your yard, in the home and on the pet. You can apply it directly to the carpet and furniture and let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum. Many people don’t like using it indoors because it is very fine and powdery and can be quite difficult to clean it back up.

Using it outdoors is truly fantastic though. Diatomaceous Earth is made of crushed, fossilized remains of diatoms - algae. Diatom cell walls are made of silica. When dry, it becomes like shards of glass, on a microscopic level. If you touch it, it will feel like cornstarch or flour. It’s very fine. To fleas, ticks, and other bugs with hard shells, it’s like a sharpened knife that slices them open, causing them to die. It kills beetles, ticks, fleas, and thousands of other nuisance bugs.

When you use Diatomaceous Earth around your yard, you’ll have to reapply after it rains and it will work to keep your yard free of many nuisance bugs like fleas. It slices their exoskeletons open and they just dry up and die. Eggs are also sliced open and decimated.

Using Multiple Chemical Products Can Harm Pets

When you use chemicals to treat animals for fleas, you can cause harm without meaning to. The chemicals used for cats are not the same as for dogs, for example. Using a flea product on a cat that was meant for dogs, even accidentally, could harm, even kill, a cat. It will act as a neurotoxin and could cause lasting damage to the cat.

Many pet owners use harmful chemicals in over the counter products and then use different products on the yard, chemically laced shampoos and sprays, as well as drops,  put directly on the pet. What happens is that your pet is bombarded with chemicals and their body is assaulted with so many different chemicals that they can become very sick, have reactions that are severe, and even need to be treated for toxicity. Some dogs experience behavioral issues from flea control products that are prescription strength and over the counter products too.

This is one of the main reasons that we had to ensure that Gordo and Maximus had natural products. They already had health issues that compromised their health. They both had skin conditions already too. Using chemicals on them would have surely compounded their problems and Dave and Matt loved them too much to put them through the possible side-effects of chemical agents in products.

The pet industry isn’t well-regulated and placing your trust in synthetic chemicals may not necessarily be safe for your pet or even for your family. Do your children play with the dog? Do they hug the cat? Do your pets lay on your bed or the sofa? Do you pet them? Of course, you do! You are also risking contact with some very potent and possibly toxic chemicals.

This is why we feel so very strongly that pet products should be natural and safe. Pets are family and when you purchase products from Innovet, you also become a part of our family. We know how you feel about your pets because we feel the same way about our own. We want only the best for them. That’s why we also made sure that our products are affordable.

A product that is cost-prohibitive to people isn’t a good product. We want it to be accessible to everyone so that all dogs can be healthy and happy, as well as being flea-free. When you choose natural products, your dog wins, but so do you and the environment.

Using chemicals that are synthetic is damaging the earth on top of everything else bad that they do. They’ve contaminated soil and crops. Chemicals have infiltrated water supplies and caused health conditions of all sorts. We don’t even know all of the implications and results as of yet. The only thing that we know for certain is that once they are there, they are impossible to get rid of.

This is simply one more reason to choose alternative treatments for fleas. Don’t spray your yard with chemicals that will be there long after you die. Those chemicals will still be there when your grandchildren die. You can ‘unspray’ them. They will never break down and stay in the soil where they will ultimately make their way to vegetation, the water supply, and into your body or someone else’s.

We don’t want to contribute to these serious issues. As a company, we don’t want to ever be a part of the problem. We want to build positive relationships with customers who love their pets by making natural solutions to common problems for pets that aren’t always easy to treat.

Our mission is to bring these products to you at a price that you can afford, in a form that is earth-friendly and responsible. We’ll all sleep better at night, knowing that we’ve done all we can for our pets and for our planet.Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags

 Dave and Matt want to bring integrity back to the pet product market by bringing all-natural, eco-friendly products to you that will be the best thing you’ve ever used. All-natural doesn’t have to mean that things won’t work. In fact, we believe that our formulations work better and to prove it, we offer a money-back guarantee. Try it and if you aren’t happy, return it within 30 days and we’ll stand by our product. 

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