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Dana S.
Dana S.
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"I have 2 small dogs, one is a senior and has stomach issues. I use this in conjunction with the hemp soft chews. The difference I see in just my senior dog alone is day and night. She has arthritis and a sensitive stomach. This has helped with her mobility and appetite. She’s got her pep back in her step and she now looks forward to eating."

Loretta J.
Loretta J.
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"I gave our 2 five month old pups a bath with this and it seemed to help with their itchiness. It made their coats very soft and shiny. I will continue to use this, and can tell more later, since they are still adjusting to being bathed . They love playing in the water in their pool, but the bathtub...not so much 😂"

Mary L.
Mary L.
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"I have 3 dogs and everyone of them does not like their teeth brushed,especially my 13 year old Corgi,so just spraying this on their teeth they have no problem with me doing this and so far I have no more stinky breath & their teeth are alot cleaner."

Natural & Safe Flea Control Products for Pets

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Natural & Safe Flea Control Products for Pets

Posted by AdKitan AdKitan on
Updated at: October 05, 2020

Natural & Safe Flea Control Products | Innovet PetFleas are a pesky problem for you and your pets, and unfortunately, there aren't many pets spared from their nuisance. Dogs, cats, and rodents can all be plagued by fleas. However, not all flea prevention products are safe to use around your pets. If you're looking to be rid of your flea problem without harming your pets, this article will cover everything you need to know.

How Do Pets Get Fleas?

Fleas can be a serious inconvenience for you and your family. They bite and itch, are hard to get rid of because of their size and numbers, and can take over a home very quickly. And if you have any pets at all, odds are you've struggled with fleas at least once. So where do they come from?

The number one way that dogs and cats get fleas is from other animals. This is especially true of dogs, who are social by nature. Playing and sharing space with other animals, even if your pet doesn't directly interact with the other animals, usually results in fleas. If you take your pet to any kind of pet boarding or daycare service where they're around other animals, this is likely the culprit.

Dogs and cats can also get fleas from playing outside, where fleas live on wild animals; and from indoors, where fleas can hitchhike their way inside. The truth is, there are more places where your pet can get fleas than where they can't. Fleas are a prolific problem and one that is constantly looking for the next pet to pester.

How To Tell If Your Pet Has Fleas

Natural & Safe Flea Control Product | Innovet PetIt's usually not too hard to determine when your pet is struggling with fleas, as the problem can oftentimes become your problem. If you start noticing fleas on you from time to time, you can pretty much guarantee that your pet is covered in them. The other simplest way to know if your pet has fleas is to see if they're scratching. Pets that are constantly itchy and scratching themselves more than likely have fleas. You might also notice symptoms like patchy fur, red bumps, or pale gums. These are all the result of mild allergic reactions to fleas, similar to the way we react to mosquito bites. A visual inspection of your pet for fleas is pretty easy to conduct as well and will confirm whether or not your pet actually has fleas. Look for indicators like brown specs of dirt and, of course, fleas nestled in your pet's fur.

The Dangers Of Traditional Flea Control Products

If you've run into issues with fleas with your pets in the past, you've likely turned to over the counter medication for a solution. These products are easy to find at any pet or grocery store and generally do a decent job of removing fleas from your pet.

However, these topical medications also include active ingredients like imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen, all of which have shown to be harmful in lab tests on animals. Even some of the inactive ingredients in these treatment methods can have serious health consequences for your pet. Negative side effects of these flea treatments include tremors, seizures, and loss of control of body movements.

The same can be said of alternatives to topical treatments as well. Flea repellents like chewable tablets, collars, powders, and sprays can all negatively impact your pet's health. These medications can also be extremely dangerous if applied incorrectly (using too much or with the wrong animal, i.e. accidentally giving a cat flea treatment intended for dogs).

Safe Alternatives To Traditional Flea Treatment

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional flea treatments that are much more natural and easier on your pet. Here are some of the most popular flea treatment options that are completely safe to use with your pet:

Flea Combs

Flea combs don't apply any sort of chemical to the surface of your pet's skin, so they're completely harmless to use. They're effective as well, and an essential part of removing fleas from your pet, even with more traditional treatment options.

Vitamin B Flea Treats

Another solution to your pet's flea problem is Vitamin B flea treats. These treats are all-natural and contain ingredients proven to fight off fleas, namely Vitamin B.

Black Walnut

Black walnut products another all-natural way to reduce the number of fleas in your home. They come in a variety of forms, primarily capsules, and are completely safe for your pet to use.

Innovet's BioPel Flea Products

If you're looking for a safe alternative to traditional flea medications that is just as effective, there are Innovet's BioPel flea products. These products contain only non-toxic ingredients like cinnamon and lemongrass, so it's completely harmless to your pet while still being tough on fleas.

Innovet's BioPel products repel fleas and kill mosquitoes larvae, and most importantly, they dissolve flea eggs. This stops the fleas from being able to spread further. You can apply BioPel flea products to your pets, their beds and play areas, and the rest of your home. And since the ingredients are completely safe, you can even use BioPel products with puppies and kittens.

Our line of BioPel flea products is a favorite among health-conscious pet owners who want to treat their pet's issues without putting their health at risk. BioPel does just that and comes in a variety of forms - sprays and shampoos - for whatever your needs may be.

Making Sure Fleas Don't Return

Natural & Safe Flea Control Products | Innovet Pet Fleas are a resilient sort of pest, so most times you'll need to do more than just rid your pet of fleas to stop them from coming back. This is because fleas can find shelter in other parts of your home, other pets/family members, or leave their eggs in areas you wouldn't expect. As a result, many pet owners find themselves dealing with fleas again just days after treating their pets.

To stop this from happening, find a safe flea product that you can spray around your home. Any kind of bedding or furniture where people frequently sit is sure to have traces of fleas, as are carpets and other soft surfaces. Pay extra attention to entryways as well, since this is where fleas are tracked in from the outdoors.

And speaking of the outdoors, this is another favorite spot of fleas! If you have a big yard that your pets/family members are frequently playing in, you'll most likely need to treat it for fleas as well. There are special flea products available for outdoor environments that will aid in ridding your yard of fleas.

Once you have your indoor and outdoor spaces clear of fleas, make sure to also treat the other pets in your home, even if they aren't showing explicit signs of carrying fleas.


Dealing with fleas can be a nuisance, especially if you're having a hard time getting rid of them. Be patient, and make sure that you're using the best flea products for your pet possible! If you're interested in a health-conscious flea prevention solution, consider using Innovet's line of BioPel products.


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