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Salmon and Hemp Oil Health Benefits

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Salmon and Hemp Oil Health Benefits

Gordon the bulldog, is the son of Gordo. He had a lot of itching and skin problems which can often plague bulldogs but Dave and Matt felt so bad for him. They wanted to help him and so they set out to create a skincare product that would work from the inside out. His issues needed to be addressed naturally and organically. This they knew above all other things.

Taste was super important too. If animals don’t like the smell or taste of something, good luck in trying to get them to take it. It just had to be formulated in a way that they would want to eat it and the guys knew that as well. Having rescued many pets in their lives, this wasn’t new to either of them. They got to work and formulated the best food supplement that they could put together and they gave it to Gordon, who gave it rave reviews. In fact, he gave it two paws up and guess what else happened? His skin cleared up!

That is why we all know that your pet is going to love it. It is formulated to be safe for dogs or cats, making it unique. The ingredients all provide the perfect blend of omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.

Omega fatty acids are essential to good health. They provide healthy skin and fur with the vitamins and nutrients that are required to remain healthy. In the case of already unhealthy skin, they change the body chemistry to one that is healthy and provide the support to create this change at the very basic level of each individual skin cell.

Omega fatty acids are typically present in a healthy diet but sadly, many kibbles made for dogs and cats really miss the mark when it comes to fatty acids because of the way they are heated and dried. This makes it difficult to maintain healthy skin and coat on a dry diet.

Cats are especially problematic because they often don’t drink a lot of water, which is dehydrating and detrimental to the skin and coat as well. For them, it can also lead to urinary tract issues or kidney stones as well. Our Salmon and Hemp Oil can rehydrate them by providing the cells with the necessary nutrition and hydration that they need, thus helping each individual cell be healthy and hydrating the entire body.

When each cell is healthy, the body is also healthy.  Healthy cells do the necessary work of transferring good things, including nutrition into the cell, and ridding themselves of the debris that is waste and garbage. When the cell cannot do this, free radicals can form and these are essentially rogue products that, when out of control and numbering too many, can begin to cause health problems.

Antioxidants from the omega fatty acids, as well as from the hemp seed oil, work to banish the free radicals from the body, always kept under control. Free radicals can also enter the body through the environment around you and your pet. Air pollution is a contributor and if you or someone else smokes around your pet this can also be a contributor. Poor diet and contaminants in food could also be contributors. Feed the best quality food you can afford, it’s important too.

Omega 3-6-9 Are Possibly The Most Important Supplement You Will Ever Give Your Pet

Salmon and Hemp Oil Health Benefits | Innovet Pet

Omega fatty acids will help to improve cardiovascular health, support the blood vessels themselves and lower the risk of heart disease significantly. A dog is short-lived even if he’s healthy for his entire life, his life may be shortened if he is exposed to free radicals that age his body faster.

Antioxidants help to keep the body younger looking and behaving in a way that appears younger as well. Hair doesn’t go gray as fast, joints don’t start aching as fast and even animals that may be prone to hereditary health issues might be able to stave those off with nutritional supplements that help their body out.

Cancer is a suspected result of free radicals running rampant in the body unchecked for too long. There is still research that needs to be done to verify this and it is only a theory by some scientists at present, but it does make a lot of sense. Since cancer seems to be more prone to those humans who are known to have been exposed to more x-ray radiation and environmental contaminants, it makes sense that free radicals are responsible. For now, it remains a theory.

This oil is packed with antioxidants that can help to prevent many health issues and remove free radicals from the body that are responsible for a host of health issues. The omega fatty acids will help retain joint health over the years and provide support to the immune system to help fight things like common colds and even more sinister problems like bacterial skin infections or even heart disease.

Our Salmon and Hemp Oil contains 2.5% more organic fish oil than any other product on the market. This is a fact that we are very proud of because we researched all the other competitors and specifically formulated our product to be superior. Our ingredients are organic and free of chemical additives, preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavoring agents.

Nothing is approved without countless hours of research and passing the ultimate test - would we give it to our own animals? Nothing is offered until we can emphatically say yes to that question.

Why It Works

Salmon and Hemp Oil Health Benefits | Innovet Pet

If there is plenty of omega fatty acid in the cells, vitamins, minerals and nutrition can pass into the cell with ease. By the same token, waste is more easily transported out of the cell. This is maximum cellular efficiency and a healthy cell at work. An unhealthy cell can’t rid itself of waste or intake nutrition. This causes a sick cell that can become deformed and diseased. It could become a melanoma, cancerous, or simply die.

This can turn into skin conditions, dull skin and fur. Dry and brittle hairs, brittle toenails that will break easily. This can be painful and poor nail health can lead to those nails that split vertically, up into the nail bed - a very painful condition that can also become infected.

Our Salmon and Hemp Oil will help to ensure good health by working in each individual cell. By providing nutrition to each cell, health is brought to the body as a whole. When combined with a proper diet that includes the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber, omega fatty acids helps to ensure that the cells are healthy, the body is healthy, and all systems are functioning properly. The body is, afterall, an engine with very precise needs and adjustments that need to be made on occasion. Proper nutrition is a matter of providing the proper fuel to your pet’s engine.

Our Salmon and Hemp Oil ensures that the risk of stroke and heart disease are lowered, blood flow is improved, cholesterol is improved, brain health is at peak, even in old age. Omega fatty acids help to control blood clotting too. They are essential to providing the necessary tools for the body to rebuild cells and replace cells that are replaced every single day in a healthy body.

Adding our Salmon and Hemp Oil to your dog or cat’s food can significantly improve their skin and coat by providing the nutrients required. It works to maintain the cardiovascular system. It replaces and repairs the cells of arterial walls as necessary, many of which are replaced each day. It reduces the risk of blot clots forming in the arteries, causing a stroke.

A dog’s body replaces between 3 to 5 percent of all their cells every day. Omega fatty acids are an essential part of seeing this job is done and done right. Who wants poorly formed cells? Your dog will live longer with healthy, strong cells that bind together in a healthy body that functions properly.

Omega 3-6-9 and hemp oil are loaded with antioxidants.  They help to protect cells from free radicals which might cause cancer or other chronic health conditions. Free radicals are a result of waste trapped in the body. They are a natural part of the normal body business conducted every day.

Waste products are a normal part of any functioning machine and the body is no different. However, just as your car has an exhaust, your body has to rid itself of the free radicals because if they build up it causes illness. When the level of free radicals grows too high, they can cause damage.

They could be the cause of cancer because they are unstable molecules. Antioxidants can neutralize these molecules and usher them from the body, preventing them from causing harm. That is how the body is supposed to correctly work but without enough omega fatty acids, it can’t.

The more antioxidants in your body, the healthier you will remain and this goes for you as well as your dog. This formulation is for dogs and for cats. Please, don’t use if for other animals as it hasn’t been designed for them.

What Is In It?

Salmon and Hemp Oil Health Benefits | Innovet Pet

Our oil is packaged as a liquid in a bottle. It comes with a pump and is dispensed by using the proper amount of pumps per pet’s body weight. The label shows you how much to use per pound.

No fighting with pills or cutting vitamin E capsules open and squirting on their food. (Many of us have done this before) No more begging your dog or cat to swallow a pill that freaks them out and gets you bitten or scratched. It’s ideal for cats because they don’t take pills well at all. If you’ve ever had to give a cat a pill, you deserve an Olympic medal, don’t you?


Our Salmon and Hemp Oil is filled with wild Alaskan salmon oil, refined virgin Hemp seed oil, and natural mixed tocopherols, which is a natural source of vitamin E  which is often used as a  natural preservative in food.

Each serving contains:

EPA - 320mg
DHA - 370mg
Omega Oils - 1060mg
Hemp oil - 830mg

We feel this is the best formulation of any other offered on the market. The ingredients come from the best sources we could find and they are natural, safe, and guaranteed. It’s formulated for results and to make using it easy. Your pet will absolutely love eating in on top of their food. You won’t have to beg, pray, or get scratched.

Use the recommended number of pumps and apply the oil directly on the food. Relax and watch them begin to transform. It only takes a few days to see changes. In a month you’ll be amazed at how nice they feel and how healthy they look. You will want them to sit in your lap so you can just run your fingers through their soft mane. They will feel soft and silky.

Friends and family will notice and ask you what you’re using on your pet. They’ll think it is a shampoo, conditioner or something that you have to rub directly on the skin. They’ll never believe it’s a simple product that they just eat. Much less that they like eating it!

Whether it is provided as food or as a supplement, Omega 3-6-9 are the best way to solve skin problems. Providing this essential fatty acid combination can even cure a lot of skin conditions.  When the fur and hair follicle is hydrated fur is naturally healthy and strong. It won't break off easily and it will shine beautifully.

Winter climates in some regions can be brutal and if your pet goes outside, and most dogs do, then they may be needlessly suffering without a proper coat to keep them warm or wick moisture away from their skin. Their skin and coat are protective for them and they don’t have the option of changing coats like we do!

Matt and Dave wanted people to have choices that didn’t contain chemical additives and synthetic ingredients. They wanted to provide solutions that were natural alternatives to the many products that can be very harsh and simply do not work. A lot of companies use products that are not actually all that friendly to your pet’s coat in the long run and can be the cause of side-effects, rashes and even contain ingredients that are of very poor quality. This simply isn’t acceptable to them. They found it unethical and wanted to bring some integrity back to the business of natural pet care products by providing products free of chemical additives, synthetic materials, dyes, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

If they wouldn’t feed it to their own beloved pets, they wouldn’t sell it to you. David is a biochemist, Matt is an engineer and they met in college. They decided to found this company and put their education to good use. They’ve been formulating products that exceed customer expectations ever since those early days. Where they saw personal needs with their own pets, they knew others were seeking the same type of products with similar goals of keeping things safe, natural, and as simple as possible.

While they’ve grown InnovetPet into a large company, their goals have remained the same,

“...to create health and wellness items specifically tailored for animals that are hard to medicate. From the puppy with an affinity for getting into literally everything he shouldn’t (which would be ALL puppies) to animals with special needs who need products tailored directly to them, we’ve taken the extra step to offer items you can feel good about using.”

Their product reviews on every product have 5-star reviews and customers feel free to write lengthy reviews and share the story of their own pets, which is encouraged. Dave wants to work hard on building personal relationships with their customers and sees that as a goal moving forward. They guys truly love what they do, almost as much as they love their own dogs.

It’s important to them that their business has been built on trust. Many of their customers are return customers who are pleased with the products and have come to expect excellent customer service and products that always exceed their expectations.

All of the products all carry a 30-day money-back guarantee and they are there to answer questions when you have concerns or confusion. Educating their customers is so important to them that they’ve spent a ton of time and effort to produce blogs and articles that help to show information on alternatives as well as information on common ailments for both dogs and cats.

They even have products and articles on horses available. You’re welcome to the information; you don’t have to join any clubs or subscribe to anything to take advantage of the information. They want you to have it and access it freely. It’s their way of making sure that you’ve got all of your questions answered and can access information on your pet’s health conditions at any time you want.


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