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Why We Created BioPel Flea and Tick Products For Your Peace Of Mind

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Why We Created BioPel Flea and Tick Products For Your Peace Of Mind

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: February 19, 2021

Fleas, eek! Ticks, ewww! The emotional response to both bugs is strong. We cringe. Some humans have a very visceral response to bugs of any type, but when you bring up the bloodsucking creatures we know as fleas and ticks, the response is especially negative. No one wants to think about creatures that bite, cause itching, suck blood, and spread diseases. It’s seriously disgusting and even dangerous.

Now imagine being a dog, outside, being at the mercy of whatever critters are in your yard. Ticks cling to blades of grass so that they can reach out and grab a hold of you on the way by. Fleas jump on you from the ground and make their way all over your body, where they immediately begin biting you and feasting on your blood. It’s awful.

It was really important to the guys that their dogs had a natural alternative to chemical treatments because those are harsh and can cause reactions as well. Not to mention the chemicals themselves are harmful to the environment.

Our owners, Matt and Dave, initially created BioPel for their dogs, Gordo the bulldog, and Maximus, the black lab. Both dogs already had health issues that were hard to treat at times and itching skin problems that would surely be exacerbated by fleabites and even mosquito stings.

We created an indoor and outdoor version. The outdoor version is a stronger concentrate providing a protective barrier around your home and it also contains Diatomaceous Earth that kills exoskeleton of insects. This article will explain why natural products are better for your pet, how they work and even explain how the diatomaceous earth works to kill creepy crawling critters.

How BioPel Works

Our product uses natural oils extracted from plants that bugs absolutely hate. In fact, some of them can do a fair amount of damage to fleas and their eggs. Lemongrass oil is essentially citronella, like what you burn in candles and to keep mosquitoes away.


Fleas and ticks hate it as well. It gives our spray a nice lemon scent while repelling fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. That is important because mosquitoes pass on heartworms to animals, as well as many types of illnesses. Ticks can cause a slew of illnesses, including Lyme Disease that impacts humans as well.

You simply spray your pet with the indoor product. Spray their bedding and anyplace in the house where they frequent. Spray carpets and rugs too. Lemongrass is one of the few natural ingredients that is recommended by the EPA as a pesticide. It repels fleas as well as ticks and it kills their larvae. This helps to control the infestations henceforth. Just keep using the spray.

Our special blend also includes cinnamon which naturally repels insects and it’s also safe for cats as well as dogs. This cannot be said of man-made pesticides that are made with synthetic chemicals. Cats are very sensitive to flea and tick pesticides and can have very severe reactions. Accidentally giving a cat a flea control spot-on treatment that was made for dogs can actually kill them. It just isn’t worth the risk of using harsh chemicals.

Spray our product liberally and it is so safe that you can use it around their food, their bedding, and even right on them. Feel free to use your hands to work it into the coat of long-haired dogs or cats because it won’t harm you either. In fact, it smells very nice with a fresh lemon scent.

You can use it on puppies that are too young for traditional chemical treatments without concern that you’ll harm them. It’s a very safe alternative in that respect. For adult animals, it’s also a better option because you can use it each time you go out for a hike if you wish. You can use it on your dog repeatedly without fear of them being overdosed with it. If they lick the oils from their fur, it will not harm them either.

The outdoor formula also contains diatomaceous earth (DE) which is a powdery substance made of microscopic, fossilized diatoms. These have razor-sharp edges that cut like glass, but not us because they are microscopic. They are not sharp to anything except small bugs with exoskeletons. When DE comes into contact with fleas, ticks, beetles, roaches, or the eggs of any of these critters, it slices them open and they dry out and die.

This helps to place a protective shell around your yard and your house. When you use both products simultaneously, you’ll be building a fortress around your home and your family, including your pet. This is the best way to ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy. If he has skin allergies, he’ll be so much happier without fleas. If he has flea dermatitis, he truly suffers from even a single flea bite.

Flea dermatitis occurs when they are allergic to the saliva of the flea bites themselves. One bite can send a dog that suffers from this allergy into a total tizzy of chewing, scratching, licking, and hair-pulling. This condition is most often treated with prednisone, a steroid that can cause multiple issues as well.

Our natural sprays can help you build the barrier around your home to keep them healthier and stop that itching. If you can avoid steroids, you definitely want to do that too. Scratching with flea dermatitis often lfeads to chewing and creating hot spots that can get infected, turn into red sores that are crusty, bald, and hard to heal. One flea bite is enough to send many dogs into this allergic response.

What Makes BioPel Work

Why We Created BioPel Flea and Tick Products For Your Peace Of Mind | Innovet Pet

Our Innovet Pet formulation is packed with ingredients that repel bugs, namely fleas and ticks. They hate eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass oil, and cinnamon. DE in the more powerfully formulated outdoor formula is also capable of shredding them to bits and breaking open eggs and larvae. This ensures that the bugs don’t survive to even make it into the house or on your dog, to begin with.

Eucalyptus as a bug control -  Insects such as mites and earwigs are killed on contact by eucalyptus. Other bugs are deterred by it and don’t like the odor of it. This means that BioPel can also help to keep mites from finding a home on your dog’s skin.

Lavender as a bug control - Lavender contains a nontoxic compound known as Linalool. It deters spiders, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, and fleas. Lavender also keeps flea eggs from hatching, helping to break the flea’s life cycle. To make it an even more excellent addition to our formulation, lavender is capable of soothing the skin so that dogs who are itching from bites will immediately experience some relief.

Why We Created BioPel Flea and Tick Products For Your Peace Of Mind | Innovet Pet

Lemongrass oil as a bug control - Recommended by the EPA, lemongrass is a safe and natural bug deterrent. Fleas hate it and if you burn it in candles, or spray it in an area, bugs will avoid it. As an addition to our formulation, it adds a nice scent that makes it a lemon-fresh smell in your home and on your pet.

Diatomaceous Earth for bug control - It kills all bugs with exoskeletons that it comes into contact with. It has been used as the most effective solution for pests for many years and is the secret of gardeners who choose not to use chemical pesticides. It will rid gardens of aphids, beetles, and yards of fleas, ticks, roaches and more.

It’s really important to keep fleas and ticks under control because they can cause so many problems for your pets and for your family too. While fleas infest animals, they rarely infest a human but they can, and they do bite. The bite of a flea is very itchy.

When ingested by your dog, while grooming or trying to kill the biting flea, it will enter his body and turn into a tapeworm. Yes, fleas are where tapeworms come from - as if the flea itself wasn’t a big enough problem, right?

Fleas can cause anemia if the infestation is bad enough. Since an adult flea will eat 15 times his body weight in blood per day, and animal that is heavily infested with feals is at risk of anemia and ultimately being weakened until it dies. Older animals and young puppies are most at risk for these sorts of infestations. It doesn’t take a lot of fleas to kill a puppy or make him very sick.

Ticks carry a long list of illnesses and transfer bloodborne pathogens. Lyme Disease is transferred by the bite of a tick and it can impact humans and animals. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is also passed via the tick. A risk of ticks getting into your home on your pet is that after it feasts, it falls off the host and then seeks a new host when it is time to feed again. It could be you next. It is possible that ticks are one of the most disgusting parasitic bugs on the planet.

Diseases Passed Via Fleas Or Ticks:

While parasites are a part of owning pets, they can be largely avoided. Thankfully, there are ways of treating infestations and even curbing the onset of an infestation by controlling the flea/tick population in your own yard.

You do need to follow a strict regimen to make sure that you continue to treat the areas and treat your pet to ensure that the creepy creatures don’t gain a foothold in your yard and home to begin with.

When you control fleas and ticks in your yard and home, you can keep your dog from being infected by any of the following things.

From Fleas:

Tapeworms - a parasitic worm that lives in the intestines, they can infest dogs, cats, other mammals including humans. Ingesting a flea will cause tapeworms. The symptoms of tapeworm are vomiting, diarrhea, losing weight, and the segments of tapeworm that find their way out of the intestines by crawling out of the anus. When they dry, they look like a grain of rice stuck to the butt of your dog or cat. They are treated with an oral worming medication specifically for tapeworm.

Murine Typhus - Any fleas that have been in contact with a rat that is infected can be capable of spreading the disease. They bite the rats and then bite your pet or you and pass the disease right into the bloodstream. This particular issue will typically only affect you, not your dog. Symptoms include headaches, fever, aching all over, and it may initially present as a rash that starts on the stomach and spreads to the arms and legs. Normally, this is only seen in the hot southern regions of the US that include states like Texas and Southern California. Antibiotics can treat the disease if it is caught and treated right away.

From Ticks:

Lyme Disease - This one is widely known and most people know how to spot the signs. It is transferred by deer ticks that feed very slowly and while doing so, pass the infection into your pet (or you) two or three days after they begin to feed. Removing them quickly is the key to not getting infected with Lyme Disease. Prevention is important. Using deterrents such as our BioPel will keep ticks from attaching, to begin with. You should also check for ticks after any outing. Keep the grass in your yard cut short as well. Ticks like long grass. If your dog has been infected, he’ll walk with stiff legs. He may have problems breathing and also have a poor appetite. Humans will have a stiff neck, severe headaches, rashes, joint pain, and in severe cases will have facial palsy. 

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - This disease is a bacterial infection that is passed by many different types of ticks. When a tick bites you, it transfers the bacteria. Humans can’t get RMSF from their pet, but you can get it from the tick who bites you after biting your pet. The symptoms are very easy to mistake for other things, without adequate tests, a diagnosis is often bypassed at first. Fever, vomiting, joint and muscle pain, chills and a high fever are common and neurological symptoms such as confusion. After 3 or 4 days of these symptoms, a rash will develop and that is likely when the accurate diagnosis will come. If not treated, this can leave you with permanent damage.

Anaplasmosis - It’s a tick-borne disease, also bacterial. First, it infects the platelets of your pet’s blood and then it goes after the white blood cells in their blood as well. Humans who are bitten by these ticks can have their white blood cells impacted. The symptoms don’t show up right away. It can take many weeks and by then the symptoms experienced will be fever, lethargy, lameness and joint pain, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and coughing, possible with seizures. It takes a full 30-day course of antibiotics to treat this bacterial disease and most of the time, pets will make a full recovery.

Tick Paralysis - This is a reaction to a potent neurotoxin in the tick’s saliva, not an actual transfer of illness. It happens by impacting the central nervous system of the pet and literally prevents its ability to move. Only in extremely rare cases are humans, namely children, affected by this condition and while the symptoms don’t typically appear for approximately a week, removing the tick usually stops them. If not removed, however, it could potentially be fatal. The symptoms include rapid heartbeat, partial paralysis and lack of reflex responses, trouble breathing, bad appetite, and overall weakness.

As you can see, every attempt should be made to prevent these parasites from making their way into your home and taking a blood meal from your pet or any member of your household. Some of these illnesses can be fatal or have lasting impacts on your health and the health of your dog. We know that this is unacceptable and that’s why we developed natural products to give you alternatives to adding chemicals to your life while giving you the benefit of pest control that works.

We know that if you try BioPel, you’ll become one of the many positive reviews already available on our website. We take great pride in creating products that our customers love and know they can trust. That may be the thing that we love the most - building that sort of trust with our customers and making them a part of our family. We love your pet too.

Only the best ingredients, sourced from the most reliable places on the planet, are good enough for our products. We studied each ingredient extensively and only included it when it benefitted the formulation, keeping it as simple as possible. We know you’ll love it. In fact, we’re so confident that you will love it and your dog will be happy that we’ve got a 30-day, money-back guarantee to ensure that you do or you’ll get your money back.

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