11 facts on Hemp Oil for dogs you may not know about

Hemp Oil for Dogs [ 11 Most Important Things You Must Know About ]

With talk of phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil now entering into the ears of everyone from our neighbors to our grandparents, we thought it was important to give you 11 facts about giving PCR hemp oil and how it can help our pets in a vast amount of ways.


11 facts on CBD for dogs you may not know about

(Our special dog, Maximus, was one of them: he turned blind by age 8, fought cancer TWICE, and lived to the ripe old age of 16)



1. Hemp CBD is Not Psychoactive
2. Hemp May Relieve Pain
3. Hemp CBD Oil Can Fight Cancer
4. Hemp Oil May Reduce Anxiety
5. Hemp Oil May Prevent Seizures
6. Hemp CBD Oil and Nausea
7. Hemp CBD Can Protect The Nervous System
8. Hemp CBD Oil Not Only Prevents IBD But Can Restore Normal Gut Motility
9. Hemp CBD Oil and Cardiovascular Health
10. Hemp CBD Oil May Reduce Inflammation and Can Help Autoimmune Disease
11. Hemp CBD Oil is Legal and Shown to be Safe

1. Hemp CBD is Not Psychoactive

Because hemp is derived from the hemp and cannabis plants, it’s common for people to think that hemp is psychoactive, or in other words that it causes a high. This is simply not true! THC which is a cannabinoid found in cannabis is the actual culprit.

For legal purposes, most hemp oil is derived from hemp plants that have extremely low to non-existent levels of THC.

This means that you can safely give your dogs hemp without getting them high, but they are still able to take advantage of the many consumer reported medical benefits that cannabis is often contributed to helping.


2. Hemp May Relieve Pain

Hemp's ability has been shown to relieve pain which is why it is another reason it has quickly sprung to popularity. Like with many common health conditions, hemp may help with targeting pain regardless of the source.

From decreasing nerve-related pain to dramatically reducing inflammation, hemp has been shown to improve an incredible amount of relief for those that suffer from mild to serious chronic pain.

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This makes it great for older dogs that are fighting pain and stiffness, as well it’s great for younger dogs that like to roughhouse with other dogs and end up overdoing it.


3. Hemp CBD Oil Can Fight Cancer

You may have heard the claim by pro-cannabis advocates that marijuana can help fight cancer, and there is actually truth to this. What’s also fascinating is that it just doesn’t help in one way;

PCR Hemp Oil has been shown to stop cancer cells dead in their tracks and may help relieve many of the negative side effects common cancer treatments cause.

Cancer is never a fun topic to deal with, but with PCR hemp oil we may finally have another fantastic and much-needed tool for fighting it.


4. Hemp Oil May Reduce Anxiety

Studies have shown that many people that suffer from anxiety take Hemp oil to dramatically reduce their anxiety and stress. Dogs are very much like us and deal with anxiety that stems from a plethora of different sources.

Whether it’s due to loud noises, separation for their owner, etc. many dog parents find PCR hemp helps calm their dog’s stress and anxiety.

From public speaking to anxiety to even PTSD, hemp has been shown to help reduce humans’ flight-and-fight responses allowing them to function. Hemp works in all mammals the same way so expect to see the same great results.


5. Hemp Oil May Prevent Seizures

One of the biggest medical issues that brought PCR hemp oil to the public’s eye was the studies that showed its ability to help improve and even completely stop seizures in both adults and children that suffer from epilepsy.

Like humans, dogs also suffer from epilepsy, and it’s estimated that up to 5% of our fluff nuggets suffer from this.

Epilepsy meds like phenobarbital and potassium bromide are extremely powerful and damaging to the liver and deteriorate other organs over time.

Sometimes dogs have to be put on such high doses that it affects their personalities, or worse the medication ends up not helping at all.

Studies on hemp oil and its reduction of epileptic events are staggering. In one study, PCR hemp oil was given to eight patients who suffered from drug-resistant epilepsy. 7 out of 8 patients saw positive results from taking the hemp.

Other studies backed up these results, with one survey showing that 84% of children saw a reduction of their seizures when taking hemp oil for their treatment-resistant epilepsy.

11 tips for cbd oil for dogs

6. Hemp CBD Oil and Nausea

Often older dogs slow down in their eating habits, and it's hard to watch your best friend for years become skinnier and skinnier.

PCR Hemp Oil has been shown to increase appetite, and reduce vomiting and nausea. It can even reduce nausea that is caused by other drugs, which is another reason more and more cancer patients are taking hemp.


7. Hemp CBD Can Protect The Nervous System

Cell death is a common issue older dogs often face and this is caused by free radicals and toxins in the body. Hemp has been shown to protect the brain from cell death and can help prevent Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer's, and Parkinson’s disease to just name a few.

Free radicals are oxygen atoms that the body splits into single atoms and have unpaired electrons, and these can cause damage to cells, proteins, and DNA.

PCR Hemp Oil is an incredible antioxidant that has been shown to have bigger and better results than vitamins C and E, which makes it fantastic for protection against those pesky free radicals.


8. Hemp CBD Oil Not Only Prevents IBD But Can Restore Normal Gut Motility

Yes, you read that right. An animal study showed that Hemp Oils may prevent Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). But if your dog is already suffering from IBD, prevention doesn’t do them a whole lot of good.

What’s wonderful is that hemp oil also has antibiotic properties and studies have shown that it may help to restore normal gut motility in those that suffer from IBD.


9. Hemp CBD Oil and Cardiovascular Health

Through his medical practices, Veterinarian Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte has seen numerous examples that PCR hemp oil has been shown to help dogs from reducing their tumors to even improving a heart murmur in one lucky Jack Russell Terrier.

Dr. Bassingthwaighte own findings have been back by numerous studies, and he is strongly in favor of hemp oil for cardiovascular health. Hemp may reduce the damage caused by damaged blood vessels and goes as far as to help protect them.

It doesn’t stop there, hemp oil can also lower high blood pressure and rapid heart rates in both humans and dogs.


10. Hemp CBD Oil May Reduce Inflammation and Can Help Autoimmune Disease

Sometimes the threats that throw you and your dog’s health into a dizzy aren’t stemming from outside treats.

Autoimmune Disease is a catchall term for a wide list of diseases that happen when an organism’s immune system mistakenly starts attacking it instead of foreign threats like bacteria, etc.

This happens in all mammals, and it often causes bad inflammation amongst a plethora of health issues.

In multiple studies, PCR hemp oil has been shown to help with inflammation by decreasing the production and release of inflammatory cytokines.

Inflammatory cytokines are signaling molecules that are released from immune cells and help increase and reinforce inflammation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

M1 Macrophages are incredibly important pro-inflammatory cells that “eat” bacteria and debris, then signal M2 macrophages to secrete anti-inflammatory cytokines that stifle the M1 cells before they get out of control.

You guessed it, sometimes M1 macrophages do grow out of control and start targeting the host's body instead, and this causes chronic inflammation.

CBD seems to always be about naturally realigning and balancing, and studies have shown that CBD can correct the balance between the M1 and M2 macrophages.


What is PurHemp+? from InnovetPet on Vimeo.


11. Hemp CBD Oil is Legal and Shown to be Safe

Despite best efforts, hemp oil has been shown to be completely safe and has no known unsafe limit, though heavy doses can lead to sedation effects.

Hemp oil derived from hemp is also completely legal, and you’ll want to make sure it’s derived from hemp and not cannabis. PCR Hemp Oil derived from hemp has essentially no THC, which is great because THC in high amounts is toxic to dogs.


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Marv - July 9, 2018

My Maltese licks his paws obsessively due to anxiety and possibly allergies, will this help, nothing else has worked. He also has a serious problem with hacking and reverse sneezing at night.

LARRY CALDWELL - July 5, 2018

My vet recommended 0.55 ml per pound twice a day, so a 90 lb. dog would get a 50 ml dose twice a day, a 45 lb. dog would get 25 ml twice a day, etc. Depending on the concentration, another source recommends 2 mg to 4 mg of CBD per 10 lbs weight a day.

Linda - June 22, 2018

Would it help cats.

Nina Mathis - June 13, 2018

Does this product work for allergies?

Terri - June 10, 2018

I rescued two pups from Puerto Rico. My tri-pawed male has heart worm. He is currently on the awful treatment for that. Would this oil help him through this?

Marie - June 4, 2018

I have been doing holistic healing with animals for more than 20 years. Get your pets off the western pharmaceuticals that are all synthetic and full of side effects and start natural remedies. Like CBD. It helps with so many health issues if you just do the research. My dogs I work and live with live to be 15-20 yrs old when I get my clients to cook them homemade food and take natural remedies. Over pharmaceuticals. Look for a holistic pet store in your neighborhood and go there. The CBd bottles will have dosages on the label. Or you can go to their websites for answers. Find a holistic vet to work with you. Many blessings

George - June 3, 2018

My 97 lb golden/pyrX is 13 yrs old…on hydrocodone, gabapentin, zyrtec, omeprazole, 5 mg Pred, (going back to Galliprant soon)….Has serious arthritis in spine and shoulder, vestibular disease and undiagnosed brain issue (?)….so, do you add CBD oil to all this or what?

Kate - April 25, 2018

I have used cbd oil for myself and my 8 dogs for about 2 1/2 years. Incredible response! I foster/rescue chihuahuas, mainly seniors. I also have a dog with seizures and 2 with cancer. I opted not to give the seizure guy phenobarbital switching him instead to cbd twice daily. All dogs get it twice daily. I order a big bottle and mix some with coconut oil. They ALL eat it off the sides of their bowls…and first! I have taken every piece of research I can find to my vets so they are in tune with my animals’ health…and they have said it really does appear to help. My oldest is a throw-away one-eyed boy who’s 15, has the best appetite of all of my dogs, and goes up/down the stairs with relative ease. Try it. Seriously.

Susan - April 19, 2018

Is anyone answering these? I would like to give some to my 90 lb shepherd, and see that some other poster asked the same question, with no response. She’s recovering from ACL surgery. What dose? How do I find out?

JoAnn - April 17, 2018

Would this oil be beneficial for a 9 year old Chihuahua mix who has copd and collapsing trachea? He currently is taking flovent 110mg, 3 times a day, hydrocodone/homatropine 5/1.5mg every 8 hours and Benedryl 25 mg andTheophylline 100 mg twice a day. He weighs 22 lbs. Would this oil help and have you heard any success stories? He is not in pain but a little short on breath. Our aim is to make him as comfortable as possible.

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