STAT!Syringe® to Induce Vomiting in Dogs in an Emergency!

STAT!Syringe® to Induce Vomiting in Dogs in an Emergency!

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Key Features

  • Offers a fast method of inducing vomiting in dogs when seconds count!
  • Works on all dogs, from young puppies all the way to large breeds
  • Notches on the syringe correspond with your dog’s weight to take away the guesswork on dosing
  • Uses standard household 3% hydrogen peroxide - simple and cost-effective
  • Saves lives AND money - reduce expensive vet bills by avoiding having your dog’s stomach pumped

Table of Contents

  1. STAT! Syringe Emergency First Aid Vomit Inducer for Dogs
  2. Common Poisonous Plants
  3. How Does Stat Syringe Work?
  4. What Are The Uses for This Product?
  5. Is This Product Safe For Pets?

STAT! Syringe Emergency First Aid Vomit Inducer for Dogs

Have you ever had this happen? Your cute, lovable pup is suddenly acting a bit off. Does he need water? Is his new food not agreeing with his stomach? Then you spot it--the ripped-open package of chocolate bars; the ones you KNOW you placed out of his reach. You have to act fast. What do you do?

You could throw him in the car and rush to the vet, but when it comes to poisoning, seconds can make all the difference. Every minute the toxic substance is in your pet’s system his risk of dying increases substantially.

At this point, you might be asking yourself “how do I make my dog vomit?” Well, you could put your finger down his throat (we don’t recommend it--those teeth are sharp).

A much better option would be grabbing the STAT!Syringe to help your dog out immediately. It’s designed to use standard household 3% hydrogen peroxide, the kind you find in most pharmacies, to induce vomiting. This not only quickly and effectively removes most, or all, of the offending substance from your dog's stomach, but it also buys you valuable time to get him to a medical professional for further treatment.

The STAT!Syringe is easy to use. Just fill the syringe with hydrogen peroxide to the line corresponding to your dog’s weight, place the tip in his mouth angled toward the cheek, and slowly release. It’s pre-calibrated to deliver the proper dose by weight every time, so you won’t waste valuable time reading bottles or second-guessing yourself.

Always ask a vet or animal poison control before inducing vomiting. Once your dog vomits, take him to your vet or local animal emergency center for further guidance.

The STAT!Syringe was created because our own pup is constantly getting into things he shouldn’t. We wanted a safe, effective, and easy-to-use way to help save dogs that are as mischievous as ours!

Common Poisonous Plants

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) released a list of the ten most common poisonous plants to animals and their possible effects. Research these plants online to familiarize yourself with what they look like. You may already have them in your home and not know it.

Plant Possible Effects

Depression of the central nervous system and incoordination, diarrhea, vomiting, drooling, increased heart rate, seizures and coma

Sago Palm (Popular landscape item)

Vomiting, diarrhea, depression, seizures, and liver failure (The seeds contain the largest amount of toxin, though all parts are poisonous.)


Severe kidney damage. *Felines in particular are at risk; they like to chew on flower bouquets that usually include lilies

Tulips/Narcissus bulbs

Intense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, depression of the central nervous system, convulsions, and cardiac abnormalities


Vomiting, drooling, diarrhea, weakness and depression of the central nervous system. Severe poisoning can lead to coma and death from cardiovascular collapse


Gastrointestinal tract irritation, abnormal heart function, hypothermia (low body temperature), and death

Castor Bean

Severe abdominal pain, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, weakness and loss of appetite – severe cases can result in dehydration, muscle twitching, tremors, seizures, coma, and death

Cyclamen (Houseplant given at holidays)

Gastrointestinal irritation, intense vomiting, and even death

Kalanchoe (Flowering houseplant)

Gastrointestinal irritation and arrhythmia


Trembling, incoordination, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal irritation, and cardiac failure

What Is StatSyringe

Our Stat Syringe is used to inducing vomitting in dogs, it utilizes hydrogen peroxide in order to accomplish this. It comes with an easy to use syringe so that you can help your dog before it is too late. It can be a life-saver when your mischievous pup eats something that it shouldn't.

How Does StatSyringe Work?

The syringe works by orally administering hydrogen peroxide to your dog. Once they have ingested the liquid it works to induce vomitting and clean out their stomach so that they do not need to wait for prolonged periods of time to get their stomach pumped by a vet.

What Are The Uses for This Product?

This product is used only for dogs who have ingested something that they shouldn't have. This product takes away the necessity of having to rush over to emergency care in order to get their stomach pumped. It allows you to quickly respond to your pets needs.

Is This Product Safe For Pets?

It is only safe for dogs. All other pets should not use this as the hydrogen peroxide might not be suitable for their stomach. Cats, reptiles, birds and all other animals should not ingest this product.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Something Toxic or Chocolate? Stat! Syringe a Must First Aid Tool



Use only with household 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Not Included

Please familiarize yourself with the full instruction sheet prior to emergency

  1. Always check with your veterinarian or ASPCA poison control hotline 24/7 @ (88426 - 4435 (consultaion fee may apply). *Inducing vomiting inappropriately can be harmful. Do not use if your dog is unconcious or vomiting already. Use within 2 hours of incident.
  2. Fill to the corresponding weight of your dog.
  3. Dispense with the syringe tip angled toward your dogs cheek. If vomiting has not occured within 15 minutes, give one more dose of hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Collect a sample and bring your dog to your veterinarian asap.

* Innovet Pet Products cannaot provide emergency services & is not affiliated with the ASPCA

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Does STAT! Syringe expire?

The package contents and syringe in STAT!Syringe do not expire and are reusable. The syringe is not preloaded with the optional hydrogen peroxide as it has a 1-2 year shelf life.

Do you sell replacement silicone tips?

We do! Just click here.

What does ASTM d6400 biodegradable mean?

ASTM d6400 means that the plastics that make up our first kit bags are designed to biodegrade in municipals and industrial aerobic facilities. We believe in giving back to our environment and have worked hard to create biodegradable products — we want to heal never hurt.

In fact, we worked night and day to create genuine biodegradable Eco-Friendly Poop Bags that will always biodegrade, unlike others that only degrade under specific environmental conditions.

Why is the hydrogen peroxide optional?

3% Hydrogen peroxide is optional because it has a short shelf life (1-2 yrs) and can found and purchased in most grocery stores. We designed STAT! Syringe so it could hold various bottle sizes. This allows you to always keep a fresh bottle around with the syringe and kit. You’ll want to replace your hydrogen peroxide once a year.

Is it safe to induce vomiting in dogs?

In most cases, it's safe to induce vomiting in both dogs. However, there are scenarios where it is dangerous to do so. If your pet ingested something caustic or you are unaware of what they ingested immediately contact ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. As well, if your dog is convulsing, unconscious, has a slow heart rate, or experiencing difficulties breathing do not induce vomiting. For more scenarios when should not induce vomiting, check out “HOW TO USE”.

Is it safe to induce vomiting in cats?

This is a “yes” and “no” answer. While it is safe to induce vomiting in cats, there are no available household items — including hydrogen peroxide — to do it with. If you fear that your cat may have ingested anything dangerous, immediately call your veterinarian. They will have medications that can safely induce vomiting in cats.

How to Induce vomiting in dogs?

To induce vomiting, fill the syringe fill the syringe with 3% H2O2 solution that corresponds to your pet’s weight. Simply place the safe silicone tip in their mouth and up against the cheek and slowly press down on the plunger. Please refer to “HOW TO USE” for a detailed report on inducing vomiting in dogs.

What percentage of hydrogen peroxide should I use?

Please only use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution — optional at check out. This is the solution that is most commonly found in stores. Do not use hair coloring strength H202 or a higher percentage than 3%. This is due to the chance that your pet does not vomit up the hydrogen peroxide — higher doses than 3% may cause stomach ulcers.

Can I use syrup of ipecac or salt water instead of hydrogen peroxide?

It is NOT recommend to use either, especially the former for dogs.

Can I use the syringe to apply hydrogen peroxide to my pet’s wounds?

While hydrogen peroxide was once thought to be an effective treatment for infections and wounds, this is no longer the case. Research has shown that it ends up causing more harm than good as it can damage cells that are used for healing. Hydrogen peroxide and the STAT!Syringe should only be used to induce vomiting in dogs.

My dog ate chocolate will this help them?

Yes, if Stat!Syringe is given within two hours of them shallowing chocolate this can help them vomit it up. Now, signs of chocolate poisoning will not preset them until 6-12 hours after ingesting. By this time the chocolate has made its way through the stomach and inducing will do nothing.

More importantly, while chocolate is toxic to dogs, it takes quite a bit to make them sick. A 20-pound dog would have to eat one pound of milk chocolate to make them sick. That’s around 6 candy bars. Dark chocolate and higher percentages of cocoa will be more dangerous, however. Approximately 1 ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight is poisonous. If your dog just ate chocolate, call your veterinarian first before inducing vomiting.

The Innovet Promise

The Innovet Difference

In the summer of 2016, PurCBD+ was inspired by our love for our Black Labrador Maximus and our Bulldog Gordo. It is 100% because of them that we discovered the power of CBD. Unfortunately we made this discovery too late because of government trying to suppress CBD and corporations trying to exploit CBD. Here at Innovet Pet Products our reaction was to make it our mission to make the highest quality CBD available to the public at a fair price. Today in 2020, we believe that every bottle filled and every dog saved are the best testament to their legacy. To honor the legacy of Maximus & Gordo, we at Innovet pet Products make the following promises to you and your dog:

  1. We will always be the industry leader in fair prices
  2. We will never compromise on quality
  3. We'll price match (full details here)
  4. We'll guarantee your satisfaction (full details here)
  5. We'll ship your order for free (full details here)
  6. We'll always provide full transparency with the most comprehensive COA's
  7. We'll always provide up to date dosing information as new clinical studies emerge

We promise to always have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet’s life happier.

The Innovet Promise

We promise to always have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet’s life happier.

Our dedicated in-house team based in Gardena, Ca works hard to design products that put personalized healthcare in your hands. If they aren’t doing that, why should we even bother? That’s why If you aren't 100% satisfied with any item, we promise a full refund. Like we said, we have your best interests in mind.

A world without our furry loved ones is one we can’t imagine, and we owe them so much.That's why, when you purchase anything from us, you’re also donating to The Humane Society, Carson Animal Shelter, and Wags & Walks Adoption Center. We believe that together we can make the world a better place for all pets!

The Innovet Story

Maggie, Matt’s mother’s Labrador puppy was the worst of them all when it came to eating anything. She didn’t just eat food. She’d eat anything. Matt’s mom is a great pet parent but Maggie was fast and it was really hard to watch her every single second. She had to be rushed to the veterinarian and have her stomach pumped and it was terrifying to Matt’s mom. Matt knew that something had to be developed and he went to work and created the Stat! Syringe.

The syringe has a soft tip that cannot harm the pet. That’s the first priority because when you need to use the syringe you are going to be excited and probably afraid to use it for fear of hurting your dog. It’s also highly likely that your dog is going to be squirming and trying to get away from you. The tip is flexible and it will not hurt them.

You simply add 3% hydrogen peroxide up to the line that coincides with the weight of your dog and then you use the Stat! Syringe to push it into the side of the mouth, try to go right behind their canine tooth and then aim back toward the cheek. This will help them throw up.

The very first thing that you should do is call your veterinarian and tell them what your dog swallowed. Ask if you should induce vomiting. They’ll tell you if it is safe to do so. Then fill your syringe, follow the directions, be sure to only use 3% peroxide and never anything else. Walk them around in circles outside until they vomit. If fifteen minutes go by, you can repeat the process. You can give them the peroxide a total of three times. They’ll vomit by then.

Once they bring up the object or food, grab a sample of it and go ahead and take them to the vet to ensure that they are okay, if you feel that there may be more they didn’t bring up or you are worried about toxicity.

The Stat! Syringe should be in your first aid kit and ready to use, with peroxide stored nearby. It’s handy and you can prepare a syringe to take with you if you are traveling. It’s easy to use by following the slots on the sides for the weight of your dog.

Dogs get into things. That is just what dogs do. Especially puppies. Don’t be hard on yourself because it doesn’t make a bad pet parent. Be prepared and this tool can help you rush into action when you need to, and because it is so safe and easy to use, you won’t be intimidated to use it.

Matt developed a product that his own mother would find easy to use and not be intimidated to use. She did have to use it a few times too. Thanks to Maggie, your pet can now take advantage of having a first aid tool designed just for them. Every pet home should have one, but remember, it’s only for dogs! Don’t use this for cats. They should not be induced to vomit with peroxide. Call your veterinarian for instructions.