BioPel Outdoor Insect Control Spray

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  • You know the feeling all too well. While cuddling up with your pet on the sofa is one of the highlights of your day, that tickling, no-mistaking-it sensation of something crawling on your arm is a lot less appealing. And when the little booger bites? Ouch! Let's not even talk about the unbearable itch for both you and your pet.

    Thankfully, fleas & ticks don't have to become a way of life for you, your dog, or your home. BioPel spray uses a natural blend of EPA-approved insect deterrents that not only repel fleas & ticks but also help kill their larvae to keep them under control. It works without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, which some studies have shown to be carcinogens.

    Our specialized blend features lemongrass, one of the few EPA-approved essential oil pesticides, and the only one safe for cats. Cinnamon is also added, which has been shown to kill mosquito larvae while still being environmentally friendly. These are combined with sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant, detergent, and emulsifier used to combine the ingredients.


    • 1.0% Lemongrass Oil: One of 5 essential oils that the EPA encourages the use of as a safe alternative pesticide, and the only one not harmful to cats. It disrupts an insect's neurotransmitters for feeding, movement, reproduction, and behavior. It also dissolves flea eggs and deters ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.
    • 1.0% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: A surfactant, detergent, and emulsifier used to mix the ingredients. It's also certified by the EPA as a safe insect repellent.
    • 0.1% Cinnamon Oil: Environmentally friendly pesticide with the ability to kill mosquito larvae according to a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


    • 3% Glycerin: Natural inert emulsifier
    • 94.9% Purified Water
    • 99% Natural ingredients that bugs hate
  • Spray BioPel directly onto your pet to remove fleas and ticks and to prevent reinfestation. It's safe for even the youngest of dogs and has a fresh, pleasant lemon scent that you won't mind smelling along the way. Our formula is so gentle it's even safe to spray on food and bedding. While other dog flea remedies use potentially dangerous pesticides, you'll never to worry about our products being hard on your pet or the environment.

  • BioPel Spray is perfect for:

    • Dogs who cannot tolerate chemical pesticides
    • Those wanting to live a ""greener"" lifestyle.
    • Young puppies who aren't old enough for conventional treatments .
    • Anyone looking to save money on costly, veterinarian-applied flea & tick treatments

    Use any time you go outside–it's perfect for hikes and walks around the block.

    Spray down your pet's bedding and other locations where pests hide, such as rugs and carpeting found around your dog's kennel or bed.

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