Hemp Extract Lip Balm

Hemp Extract Lip Balm

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$9.99 $7.99 Save 20%
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Our lip balm combines the moisturizing effects of all-natural beeswax with the benefits of organic CBD oil.

Having trouble getting going in the morning, or struggling with that post-lunch fatigue? CBD has a mild, and completely natural, ability to combat fatigue and “enhance wakefulness1by activating neurons without the risk of a caffeine- or sugar-induced crash later.

CBD oil is also unique among stimulants—it simultaneously calms while energizing you. Studies have repeatedly shown that it stimulates relaxation by reducing anxiety1 and stress2.

We weren’t satisfied with just having an amazing combination of beeswax and CBD oil, however, so we added peppermint. This essential oil is known for its ability to relieve congestion of the sinuses, fight headaches, improve digestion, and boost mental activity.

Add in the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of Vitamin E, and what you have in VitaLeaf’s lip balm is a powerhouse of health in a tube.

Your lips have a number of cannabinoid receptors, making this the perfect way to experience the wide-ranging health benefits offered by CBD.

If you’re going to protect and hydrate your lips with an all-natural product anyway; why not get the added benefits of a completely organic product that will help you stay relaxed and alert?

  • All-natural, moisturizing beeswax
  • Completely organic hemp-based CBD oil
  • Provides very mild natural stimulant effect without the crash
  • Peppermint helps keep your sinuses clear
  • Harness the anti-aging effects of Vitamin E