Advanced Skin & Coat Soft Chews

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A Shiny & Healthy Coat  

If you find yourself thinking that your dog’s coat isn’t as soft as it could be or notice it’s lost its gorgeous shine, Skin & Coat Chews are right for you. We carefully select the best all-natural ingredients that fill gaps missing in common dog foods that prevent them from looking and feeling their best.   

Skin So Soft  

Whether your dog needs help with allergies, dry and irritated skin, or help with skin care issues due to aging, Skin & Coat Chews are on their way to help soothe, mend, and repair. 

All Breeds Approved 

All shapes-and-sizes approved. Especially great for dogs prone to skin and coat issues such as Spaniels, Poodles, Bulldogs, Retrievers, and Beagles. We split the smallest dosage into two soft dog treats, so even the smallest pup can enjoy the fun of multiple tasty treats. Great for training. 

A Dog Chew Like No Other  

From our 30-day money-back guarantee to our careful selection of natural and organic ingredients like omega 3s and vitamin E, we care for your pups like they were our own. A skin care product you can trust. 

Innovet Skin & Coat Chews

Carefully Selected Ingredients of The Skin & Coat Support Soft Chews

We created Skin & Coat Chews with all-natural and potent therapeutic ingredients that you can trust. We’re so confident about the ways these ingredients can help your dog’s coat and skincare that we want to introduce them to you. 

Terpene Seed Powder

Terpenes are here to help fulfill your dog’s daily essential omega fatty acid requirements. Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids help prevent the immune system from overreacting to irritations that cause painful flare-ups when triggered by things like allergies and cuts. 

  • Nutritionally rich with fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins that fill gaps in their diet 
  • Helps the body appropriately responds to allergies, irritations, abrasions, etc. 
  • Provides antioxidants that destroy skin-damaging free radicals 


An essential fat found in cells that aids in brain, heart, skin, and digestive health. Gives foods like soy and eggs their skin and hair benefits. Considered essential in skincare products for its emollient ability that smooths and protects skin by restoring and sealing in moisture. 

  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Supports nursing mothers by helping to prevent clogged ducts 
  • Helps support the metabolic process of cells  


Zinc is an essential mineral with bountiful benefits that helps your dog both on the inside and out. Found in cells throughout the body, zinc helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses that often find their way into your dog’s body through cracked paws, open wounds, and irritated skin. 

  • Helps wounds heal faster and helps control the inflammatory response 
  • Decreases age-related chronic diseases both internally and externally 
  • Benefits pregnant and nursing dogs  

Terpene Extract 

Some inflammation is good, but too much of a good thing can lead to a list of health conditions. Terpene extract interacts with key receptors in the immune system that work to ensure that good inflammation doesn’t become the bad kind. Terpene extract can also provide pain relief to inflammatory skin conditions. 

  • Helps prevents the immune system overreacting to allergens   
  • Supports better regulation throughout the body supporting overall health 
  • Stimulates oil production in the skin and coat supporting a healthier look  

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 

Bountiful in EPA and DHA (Omega-3 fish oil fatty acids), Alaskan Salmon Oil joins the omega 3 fatty acids found in terpene seeds to provide your dog with a complete, complex, and potent source of absolutely essential fats. This makes it more beneficial than stand-alone salmon oil for dogs. 

  • Helps soften and moisturize the coat without making it feel oily 
  • Support overall skin and coat health 
  • Considered one, if not the best source of fish oil 

How Skin & Coat Chews Support Your Dog

Giving your dog Skin & Coat Chews won’t just make them look great, it also supports the health of their largest organ, the skin. We made our Chews to provide complete support, so you’re not stuck trying to give your dog handfuls of supplements every day. That just takes up too much time and can ruin their diet with too many calories. 

Skin Health 

Whether you’re looking to help your dog with allergies, cracked paws, constant itching, dry and irritated skin, or another common skin condition, our Chews are here to help get your their looking and feeling great.  

Healthy and Luxurious Coat

Features a 2-in-1 source of omega fatty acids that help return the shine to dull coats along with providing it with essential oils that make their coat irresistibly soft to the touch.   

Immune Support 

The immune system is your dog’s first line of defense against so many skin and internal conditions. A complex profile of immune-supporting minerals and compounds like vitamin E and fish oil for the ultimate support. 

A Road To Better Health

Along with supporting their skin and coat, the omega fatty acids and many of the other inflammatory supporting ingredients can help support your dog’s heart health, mobility, and regulatory health. Check out our other botanical supplement chews we offer to provide your dog with the nutrition they need!

Feeding Guide 

Under 35lbs: 2 Chews
36-75lbs: 3 Chews
Over 76lbs: 4 Chews


Chickpea Flour, Brewer’s Yeast, Tapioca Starch, Cane Molasses, Sunflower, Lecithin, [Hemp] Seed Powder, Purified Water, Salmon Hydrolysate, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Glycerin, Natural Flavor, [Hemp] Extract, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil, Sorbic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid, [Hemp] Seed Oil, Zinc, Gluconate, Biotin. 



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