HotSpot Anti Itch Spray for Dogs

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      What Are Hot Spots 

      Moist Dermatitis, more commonly called hot spots, are infected and irritated marks on the skin that cause relentless itching. At first, they are often hard to differentiate from other blemishes like pimples or insect bites, but within just one night, they can turn into a large red ulcer-like sore that festers with ooze and pain. 

      What Causes Hot Spots 

      Hot spots occur when dogs do what they do best, and that’s licking and scratching. Unfortunately, when they do that over an open sore or a break in the skin, it can become infected. 


      It's a common myth that hot spots are contagious. However, what’s happening is that when your pet is constantly trying to scratch their first hot spot, they’re breaking open their skin. Then they lick that spot, adding moisture to the wound, which draws in harmful bacteria creating more hot spots. 

      There is a long list of reasons your dog can develop hot spots:

      • Allergies
      • Atopic Dermatitis
      • Skin or ear infection
      • Parasites
      • Anal sac disease
      • Irregular bathing
      • Excessive bathing or swimming
      • Contact irritants
      • Boredom 
      • Anxiety

      Symptoms Of Hot Spots

      What Is HotSpot Spray For Dogs?

      HotSpot Spray is a potent and botanical blend of anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, and antifungals. They come together to soothe your dog’s skin, so they stop itching, then get to work, killing the infection while speeding up the healing process.


      It’s all-natural, and a safe and effective way to deal with troublesome hot spots. 

      Why Choose HotSpot Spray?

      Fast Acting 

      Tea Tree and Aloe Vera work to immediately soothe the itch, stopping the hot spot from further developing which greatly reduces the risk of an outbreak. Then ingredients like chamomile join aloe vera to help in speeding up the healing process by rejuvenating the skin. 

      No-Sting & 100% Safe Formula 

      Free of parabens, dyes, soaps, alcohols, and other harsh chemicals that can speed up the development of hot spots. Made in the USA. Won’t sting even on the gentlest of skin. 


      Created by a team of veterinarians, scientists, and other experts, HotSpot Spray uses a clinical-based formula that treats hot spots caused by any issues from allergies to dry skin. It will not interfere with any skincare products you’re giving your dog, including their normal skin & tick remedy. 

      Hot Spot Prevention 

      Hot spots can simply pop up because your dog scratches their skin a little too hard. This makes it a great idea to keep Hotspot Spray in your first aid kit for any random occurrence. Remember, hot spots can spread like wildfire. 

      Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do. Make sure you keep your pet’s nails trimmed and up-to-date on their flea & tick medication. We offer our BioPel line of products which give you the ability to naturally keep fleas and ticks at bay. 

      As well, make sure you’re giving them regular baths. Most dogs won’t need more than a bath every month or so. Excessive bathing is a cause of hot spots, as well. When bathing, makes sure to use a shampoo that’s formulated for dogs like our Whole Foods approved shampoos. This prevents their skin from drying out or becoming irritated, which humans shampoos can do. 


      Last, if your dog is having issues with allergies, look into giving them something like our Skin & Coat Chews or Probiotic Chews if it’s a food-related allergy.


    • Ingredients 

      We use an all-natural mix of tea tree oil, calendula oil, aloe vera, and purified water.


      Apply as much as needed to the affected area twice a day.

      How To Use 

      Simply spray the affected area twice a day. Our Innovative safety silicone tip is perfect for penetrating through thick coats. This means you do not need to remove hair around the spot to apply the spray. 

      However, if you are comfortable cutting some of their hair, it’s recommended you do so. The more hair you can remove around the hot spot the better as it lets the area dry out. Leave a quarter-inch of stubble to avoid cutting their skin. 

      If the hot spot continues to bother your dog or develops further, please take your dog to their veterinarian as there could be an underlying issue. 

      How Long Does It Take For The Spray To Work?

      HotSpot spray will provide immediate itch relief so your dog will stop wanting to scratch, lick, or bite the area. Depending on the severity of the infection and size of the lesion, the spray may promote faster healing by a day or so.


      What are the ingredients?
      We use an all-natural mix of tea tree oil, calendula oil, aloe vera, and purified water.

      My dog's skin is in rough shape; can I still use it?
      Yes, our formula is gentle enough to use on red, inflamed, raw, or broken skin.

      How often should I apply it?
      Every day until the spot clears up and as-needed when you notice your dog scratching the affected area.

      How do I treat hot spots on my dog?
      Treating hot spots couldn’t be simpler. Just spray directly onto the irritated area 1-4 times a day until the hotspot is gone. Make sure to avoid contact with the face and eyes.

      Will HotSpot Spray Interact with flea & tick routine or any other medications?
      HotSpot Spray will not interact our flea & tick products nor will it interfere with any other flea & tick medication or any medication of any kind — regardless if it was created in the lab or in nature.

      How can I help my dog with itchy hot spots?

      HotSpot Spray will relieve itchy hot spots, but there are many things you can do at home to prevent you and your dog from constantly fighting with them.

      • Regular Grooming — Pets with matted and dirty coats are prone to hot spots. You’ll want to keep their nails short and manicured as well.
      • Flea Control — Fleas are infamous for causing hotspots so follow a strict flea control regime. May we suggest our BioPel Line that offers multiple all-natural and safe options for fighting fleas and ticks?
      • Active Lifestyle — Hot spots happen because your dog will not stop scratching the area. It’s best to keep your dog’s mind off of them by giving them things to do it like playing & exercising.
      • Stress-Free Lifestyle — Anxious dogs can often develop a scratching habit. One of the easiest ways to make a dog anxious is just by leaving the house — leaving you unavailable to stop your dog from scratching. We regularly update our blog with articles that explore various methods to help anxious pets. As well, many pet owners find that hemp products have greatly helped their pets with anxiety issues regardless of the issue causing it. So give both a look if you’re looking for help.


      The label says best when used with BioPel & Purotic Products. What are they and do I need them?

      BioPel is our line of shampoos & sprays for natural pest control like fleas, ticks, parasites, etc. Many pets develop hot spots because these little monsters bite our poor pets causing them to itch and scratch.

      PurOtic is our natural ear cleaning line that features our innovative soft silicone tips perfect for dogs and cats that hate having their ears clean, struggle, and fight back.

      PurOtic Ear Cleaner will remove built-up earwax and kill any bacterial infections that cause pets to constantly scratch and feel miserable.

      We recommend both products as they will prevent future hotspots, while HotSpot Spray will treat current ones.

      As well, we currently only offer anti-itch hotspot sprays for dogs — but we do offer BioPel and PurOtic products for cats, with their anti-itch fighting properties pet hotspots never happen in the first place.

      Will HotSpot Spray sting?
      Absolutely not! We are a company that wants to help your pets, not hurt them. This is why there is no alcohol used in our formula. Alcohol will dry out the skin and will cause further irritation, so there is no reason any anti-itch dog spray should have it.

      What home remedy can I use for a hot spot on a dog?
      This is a great question! We included all-natural ingredients that have traditionally been used to treat hot spots for years at home. Creating the best products inspired by home remedies is an important principle for us.

      When figuring out the best home remedy for hotspots we ran through the gamut of different herbs and remedies.

      We discovered a combination of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract, & Vitamin E was the best home remedy to treat hotspots by a mile.  What’s great about HotSpot anti-itch dog spray, is that it’s cheaper to purchase it then buying all the ingredients separately. That was important for us to provide!

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