PurOtic Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

PurOtic Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

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US Grade Docusate Sodium

Docusate Sodium is used in hospitals around the country to clean the ears of infants and children. It 's main purpose in our ear cleaner is to soften and remove ear wax.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an anti-inflammatry Oil and is used to reduce swelling in the outer part of the ear.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is commonly known for its soothing effects. This concepts applies to our PurOtic Ear Cleaner as it is used to reduce pain or discomfort caused by earaches.

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Eucalptus Oil

Key Features

  • Contains a clinical grade emulsifier that is gentle enough for use in infants, but powerful enough to break down even the toughest waxy buildup
  • Features a unique blend of essentials oils to take down bacterial and fungal growth while also soothing your pet's delicate skin
  • Is alcohol free so there's no stinging even on irritated skin
  • Has a soft, flexible silicone tip that reaches deep down into the ear canal for a thorough cleaning, while bending with your pet's movement for added safety
  • Provides great-smelling essential oils that remove tough odors for a clean and fresh smell
  • Prevents infections when used regularly as part of your grooming routine
  • Made from 99% all-natural ingredients

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to PurOtic
  2. How Does PurOtic Work?
  3. Can Cats Use Extra Strength PurOtic?
  4. Will Grain Alcohol Sting My Dog?
  5. How Much Stronger Is Extra Strength Compared to Regular Strength?

Introduction to PurOtic

There's nothing quite like snuggling up to your pet. That wet nose nuzzling up against your face. The...ear odor? Talk about a sweet moment killer.

If your pet suffers from ear pain, itching, odor or recurrent infections due to waxy buildup, you're not alone. In fact, ear problems are the #1 reason for vet's visits. Unfortunately, recurrent veterinary visits are also expensive, and sometimes stressful for your dog.

How Does PurOtic Work?

Our PurOtic Extra Strength Ear Cleaner is formulated to break down waxy buildup and debris, while at the same time leaving your pet's ears with a fresh and clean fragrance. It uses Docusate sodium, the same active ingredient used in emergency rooms across the country in infants and young children with impacted ears.

Can Cats Use Extra Strength PurOtic?

We recommend using our PutOtic Regular Strength on cats. As it is formulated for smaller pets.

Will Grain Alcohol Sting My Dog?

Just like any open wound or cut, grain alcohol will sting your dogs ears if they are very dry and have began cracking. This is why we keep our PutOtic Ear Cleaner products alcohol free and use only all natrual ingredients.

How Much Stronger Is Extra Strength Compared to Regular Strength?

The Extra Strength version of our Purotic is set apart by the addition of an Essential Oil in the ingredients. This essential oil that is present in the Extra Strength and not in the Regular Strength formula allows for a better & deeper clean for large dogs.

PurOtic Extra Strength - Dog's Ear Problems Solution

Easy To Use!

If your dog is like ours, he doesn't like having his ears cleaned by the vet. Squirming, thrashing and whining are par for the course. Our patented silicone syringe is the only one intended for at-home use that bends and flexes to provide safe relief, even if your pet is flipping his lid. Even better, having YOU perform the cleaning might just be the soothing reassurance he needs to learn to enjoy his weekly grooming. Our PurOtic Extra Strength Ear Cleaner comes with a patented silicone tip, allowing PurOtic to reach deep into the inner ear canal resulting in great results and comfort for your pet. The tip is perfectyly safe and results in no pokes or painful jabs.



  • Remove shipping clip. Shake bottle.
  • Carefully align the silicone end of the sprayer with the opening of the ear canal as shown below.
  • Each pull of the trigger dispenses 1 dose of cleaner (0.3 ml).
  • Use 2-5 doses per ear.
  • Massage the base of the ears to evenly distribute the cleaner.
  • Best when used together with PurOtic Natural Ear Dryer.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Extra strength only be used on dogs?

PurOtic Extra Strength dog ear cleaner is intended for canines only.

Can this be used on cats?

For cats, use our regular strength formula.

FAQ Question #3

Have a problem? Contact us, and we'll ensure your complete satisfaction!

How does PurOtic work?

Our PurOtic Extra Strength Ear Cleaner is formulated to break down waxy buildup and debris, while leaving your pet's ears with a fresh, clean fragrance.

How is it made?

Our PurOtic Xtra Strength Ear Cleaner made using 99% all-natural ingredients, including our specialized botanical blend, which includes essentials oils that kill bacteria, prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and soothes irritated skin. There's no alcohol or stinging, and it's safe to use even on irritated skin.

The Innovet Promise

The Innovet Difference

In the summer of 2016, PurCBD+ was inspired by our love for our Black Labrador Maximus and our Bulldog Gordo. It is 100% because of them that we discovered the power of CBD. Unfortunately we made this discovery too late because of government trying to suppress CBD and corporations trying to exploit CBD. Here at Innovet Pet Products our reaction was to make it our mission to make the highest quality CBD available to the public at a fair price. Today in 2020, we believe that every bottle filled and every dog saved are the best testament to their legacy. To honor the legacy of Maximus & Gordo, we at Innovet pet Products make the following promises to you and your dog:

  1. We will always be the industry leader in fair prices
  2. We will never compromise on quality
  3. We'll price match (full details here)
  4. We'll guarantee your satisfaction (full details here)
  5. We'll ship your order for free (full details here)
  6. We'll always provide full transparency with the most comprehensive COA's
  7. We'll always provide up to date dosing information as new clinical studies emerge

We promise to always have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet’s life happier.

The Innovet Promise

We promise to always have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet’s life happier.

Our dedicated in-house team based in Gardena, Ca works hard to design products that put personalized healthcare in your hands. If they aren’t doing that, why should we even bother? That’s why If you aren't 100% satisfied with any item, we promise a full refund. Like we said, we have your best interests in mind.

A world without our furry loved ones is one we can’t imagine, and we owe them so much.That's why, when you purchase anything from us, you’re also donating to The Humane Society, Carson Animal Shelter, and Wags & Walks Adoption Center. We believe that together we can make the world a better place for all pets!

The Innovet Story

This was developed for Matt’s dog Maximus when he began having chronic issues with his ears. He already couldn’t see and had other health issues. His hearing was really important because he had few other senses to fall back on.

If your dog seems to be ignoring you lately, or he doesn’t seem to know which direction a sound is coming from, it is possible that his ears are full of gunk. This happens from dirt in the case of digging dogs, it can happen from excessive earwax, and it could also be from ear infections.

Ear problems are still the #1 issue addressed by veterinarians. Many times, they simply lavash the ear (flush it out and clean it) and this will cost you for the price of the office visit and the washing. In other words, it is very expensive to have the veterinarian do something that you can do, and should do, at home.

Our PurOtic Regular Strength ear cleaner is specially designed to remove built-up wax and debris in dogs and cats. It uses Docusate sodium, the same active ingredient used in emergency rooms across the country in infants and young children with impacted ears.

PurOtic contains no alcohol and no sulfates. Instead of alcohol, we used our own proprietary blend of botanicals and pure water. The result is cleaner, healthier ears. Keeping your dog’s ears healthy is critical and using our ear wash is safe and will help keep those important tools of his very healthy.

The patented tip is made from flexible silicone. This helps to get the PurOtic deep into the inner ear canal, where it can break-up impactions and flush debris from deep within the ear. The tip is safe and effective for all dogs and cats as well. Even if they move, it will not cause any damage to their ear, so relax. It’s simple, easy, and safe to use.

Use PurOtic Regular Strength Ear Cleaner:

  • If your dog resists ear cleaning and needs an easier and more comfortable method for keeping his ears clean
  • If your dog gets frequently impacted ears and you need a painless way to keep him clear
  • If you're tired of spending a fortune on cleanings at the vet

With our patented blend of botanical ingredients, you may also find that our ear cleaner helps prevent infections, even in dogs who are prone to them. These are the ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their antibacterial properties - and they smell nice too!

PurOtic contains:

  • Oregon Grape Extract - Contains berberine a natural antibiotic anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Yellow Dock Extract - Contains anthraquinone, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Green Tea Extract - High in polyphenols to reduce irritation.
  • Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Leaves a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Docusate sodium- Which is a gentle emulsifier that is great at breaking up debris and waxy buildup
  • No alcohol or sulfates

PurOtic is the safest and most effective canine (and feline!) ear cleaning solution on the market! We guarantee it!