Advanced Calming Chews

Advanced Calming Chews

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Key Features

  • Designed With All Anxiety Conditions 
  • For Mental & Physical Stress
  • Over 10 Delightfully Natural Anxiety-Reducing Ingredients 
  • All-Natural & Organic 
  • Independently Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO & No Pesticides or Soy 

What Are Advanced Calming Chews?

Presenting the new all-natural calming aid for dogs.  

Made with therapeutic and natural plant-based ingredients, Calming Chews give pet parents a potent way to help ease their doggo’s anxious behavior and tendencies. Innovative treats help you treat your dog’s anxiety while giving them a delicious treat they’ll barking love.  

Our pups can struggle with a long list of fears from thunderstorms to separation from their owner, but no matter the cause of the fear, stress, aggression, or hyperactivity, Calming Chews are here to help. Your dog deserves to be calm! 

Advanced Calming Chews replaces all other natural remedies for dogs with anxiety, including hemp oil, chamomile supplements, and valerian Root with passion flower. 

Anxiety In Dogs

Just like us, many of our canine best friends struggle with anxiety for many reasons, and it can come out in many different forms.

Common signs of mild-to-moderate stress can range from a tucked tail, withdrawn ears, pacing, and a desire to leave the room or hide. 

Serious symptoms of anxiety can result in aggression to others, destruction of property, potty accidents in the house, and reluctance to eat. Even barking at other dogs that are outside can indicate your dog is struggling with stress or chronic anxiety. 

Treating Anxiety in Dogs

Training is the key to ultimately eliminating a dog’s anxiety issue, but training time, work, and the pup continues to suffer from their anxiety in the meantime. To help, veterinarians will sometimes prescribe a medication such as an SSRI or antidepressant. 

However, thanks to Hemp CBD, many have made the switch to a non-sedative and natural anxiety relief for dogs that often provides a significantly safer side effect profile. Together with other wonderful calming ingredients like Chamomile and L-Tryptophan, Hemp’s ability to reduce anxiety is truly unleashed. 

The best thing about using Calming Hemp treats for dogs — besides giving your pup a scrumptious treat when they really need it — is it's perfect for mild stress that doesn’t warrant serious medication. But it’s equally as fantastic for helping serious anxiety conditions that do. 

How Do Dog Calming Chews Help Anxiety?

Whether it’s prepping your dog for an oncoming storm or helping them calm down after someone knocks on the door, Calming Chews harnesses the soothing benefits from 12 of Mother Nature’s most therapeutic and loved ingredients.

Hemp CBD, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Theanine, Ginger Root, Tryptophan, Ashwagandha, Thiamine, and St John's Wort work synergistically and take their paths to help bring calmness, ease, and peace to our pups’ minds and bodies.

And what better way to give your dog all these soothing and calming ingredients than calming dog treats that rewards your doggo’s taste buds. Great for quickly taking their mind off their anxiety! 


Jumping, whimpering for attention, barking, restlessness, and other hyperactive tendencies can make having guests over stressful as well put you in an embarrassing situation when out on walks. Ginger root, Chamomile, and Passion Flower are just a few of the calming ingredients that help keep over-excitement at bay. 


Calming Dog Treats feature a superior ratio of hemp CBD, Ashwagandha, and Valerian Root for faster and stronger help with stress, so those puppers that struggle with daily stress like separation anxiety can finally rest easy. Handy when traveling, when out on walks, and any other times when bumps in the road have your dog stressing out. 


When our dogs are hiding, trembling, and freaking out due to loud noises like fireworks, we often rush to give them a treat to calm them down. Now, you can give them a treat that truly helps calm them, and it's still deliciously savory to take their mind off the scariest of storms. Who doesn't love being rewarded when feeling down?! 


Aggressive and destructive behavior is often the result of a complex anxiety condition and one of the hardest to treat. Thanks to Hemp CBD, Theanine, and Thiamin, along with the rest, Calming Treats help give aggressive dogs the inner peace and mental clarity that’s key to calming the storm in their head. 

What’s Inside - The Ingredients 

Hemp CBD 

Long touted for its ability to promote emotional balance and calmness throughout via homeostasis, Hemp CBD reduces anxiety by bringing the internal systems to their preferred happy state. 

Ginger Root 

Ginger can help influence serotonin levels that can rival some prescription medication. But unlike them, ginger root naturally reduces anxiety. 


L-tryptophan is a vital amino acid that is essential for serotonin production. When your dog’s brain is struggling to manufacture serotonin, they often experience restlessness, tension, and even poor memory and judgment. 


An Ayurvedic herb that’s recently gained a lot of attention, however, it’s been a well-known secret ingredient used in anxiety aids for centuries to help with chronic stress by reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

St. John's Wort 

Perfect for mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression conditions. Key for helping the sensitive pups that struggle with separation anxiety, neediness, and display inappropriate behavior with both people and other animals. 


Known and loved by everyone, Chamomile's ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul can help our pups just as much as it does for us. 

Valerian Root

Anxiety can stem from both the mind and the rest of the entire body. Valerian Root cares for the latter, helping with cramps and discomfort whose chronic agitation throws off our pups’ entire wellbeing and composure. 


Vitamin B1 breathes energy into the cells, mends nerve function, and is essential in the creation of DNA. Emotional stress runs rampant throughout the body when levels are inadequate, making Thiamine an essential anxiety aid.  

Passion Flower

Studies show Passion Flower can help reduce anxiety similar to Oxazepam without mobility impairment. It’s theorized it does this by increasing the mood regulator, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). 


The amino acid that’s often responsible for giving calming teas their anxiety-reducing effects and ability to improve mental clarity. 

Hemp Powder

Chronic inflammation can trigger anxiety, and anxiety can trigger inflammation, creating an unending cycle. That’s why we included one of our favorite natural anti-inflammatories, Hemp Powder. 


Studies show magnesium can help stabilize all forms of anxiety, improve sense of well-being, and reduce inflammation that’s either causing the anxiety or making it worse. 

Alternative To Calming Chews

If anxiety relief is the main thing your dog needs, our Calming Bites For Dogs are perfect. But they aren’t the only thing we offer that help anxiety. Our PurCBD not only helps with dog anxiety but can help with pain, appetite regulation, and general wellness. PurCBD and Advanced Calming Chews are perfect together. Just, make sure to include the amount of hemp CBD from both products when calculating the correct dosage for your doggo.

Calming Chews Recommended Dosage 

To administer simply follow the Suggested Daily Use Chart on the back of the label or refer to the chart below. 

Body Weight

Amount Per Day 

Up To 35lbs 

2 Soft Chews

36lbs to 75lbs

3 Soft Chews

76lbs and Up 

4 Soft Chews

*Please don’t exceed the daily limit, giving to pregnant or nursing dogs, or pups younger than 12 weeks old. 

How Long Does It Take For Calming Chews To Work?

With 12 great anxiety-relieving ingredients, Calming Chews helps reduce stress, tension, and more both short-term and long-term. After about 1 week, the first 6 hours after administering the soft chew will typically present the strongest anxiety-reducing effects. However, you’ll likely notice your dog’s disposition and demeanor are emotionally balanced before and long after. 

Side Effects?

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to our products. We have carefully selected ingredients, that while potent, are overwhelmingly safe. 

Please, make sure to go over the ingredients on the back of the label to see if your dog has any known allergies to anything in the treats. While rare, there is always a chance your dog could be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients. As such, if you notice any unwellness in your dog after giving the chews, please discontinue use until contacting either your veterinarian or us before giving again.

Calming Aids For Cats and Other Animals?

If you’re looking to help your cat with their anxiety, we recommend our Catnip Spray With CBD. It features catnip to help entice picky eaters to take their CBD. As well, catnip, when consumed, offers calming properties.  

For farm animals such as horses, we recommend our Equine Calming Paste. Pure CBD that’s incredibly easy to give and fast-acting. 

Why Innovet Pet’s Advanced Calming Chews 

At Innovet Pet, we proudly call ourselves the pet parent’s favorite pet shop. Our goal is never-ending, and that’s treating you exactly how we want to be treated when we need medical help with our pets. This is why we offer a better product that’s more affordable. Here’s how we do it.

Our Product Principles 

  1. Quality Ingredients: It starts by selecting the finest ingredients. That means organic, Non-GMO, locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly ingredients that are therapeutically potent but safe and free of fillers. 
  • Production: Our In-house production, testing, and assembly lets us keep a 24hr eye on quality, purity, and safety when creating our pet products. Not only does it ensure a higher quality item, it’s cost effective, allowing us to return the savings to you. Both you and your pets deserve the best. 
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Lots of companies try to hide where their hemp came from and what it contains. Not us, we provide full analysis reports on all of our CBD products here.  
  • Inactive Ingredients: Just because they are inactive doesn’t mean we care for them any less. The same standard of quality, safety, and care is given to every ingredient. 
  • Cost: Our products offer more for less because we know what it’s like to struggle to pay veterinarian and medical bills. It’s one of the big reasons we started, and we intend to keep our promise. 
  • Are Advanced Calming Chews Right For Your Dog?

    Whether it’s for help with small issues like making road trips a little bit easier or giving the aggressive dog the support they need when times are tough, Advanced Calming Chews is just the thing all dog parents should have on hand whenever anxiety is rearing its head up. Great for giving your pup a tasty treat before you leave the house so they can feel calm or to just help them feel a little more at ease when they’re restless. 

    Calming Chews brings together 12 tried-and-true ingredients that have all been used for centuries to help instill calm, peace, relaxation, and inner balance. Synergistically they come together, providing the ultimate natural support for help with all anxiety conditions. With a delightfully rich flavor that rewards your pup’s taste buds, what’s not to love? 

    Calming treats for dogs with anxiety is the perfect way to support their emotional needs.

    FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

    Innovet Calming Chews Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have questions about Innovet Calming Chews? To help you get a better feel for our product, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our Innovet Calming Chews below!

    Where can I buy calming treats for my pet?

    Over the years, calming pet treats have become widely available to pet owners. It’s easy to find great products for your furry friends, whether it’s on the shelves at your local pet store or online.

    When it comes to our calming treats, you can purchase them directly on our website. You can also find many of our products available for purchase on Amazon.

    What does a Calming Chew do?

    Calming Chews, as the name suggests, are designed to relax your animal. Your pet may need a soothing Calming Chew for many reasons, like being triggered in a stressful situation or experiencing another animal that induces anxiety.

    When our animals experience stress and anxiety, not only are they unhappy, but they may also engage in undesirable behaviors. They may become aggressive, be prone to accidents, or retreat. Our Calming Chews are made of natural ingredients and are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety in your pet during anxiety-inducing moments.

    What makes Innovet chews different from other products?

    There are a lot of reasons that Innovet chews stand out from similar products. For one, we use quality, dependable ingredients that are safe for your pet. We also use a few extra ingredients than some of the other brands out there, including Ashwagandha, St. John’s Wort, and Hemp Extract (CBD).

    Are these chews effective?

    Every pet is different and may react to supplements and medicine in their own way. For some pets, our chews may not make a significant difference in mood or behavior. However, most pets love our chews and consider them a treat.

    We’ve helped hundreds of customers calm their animals during anxiety-inducing moments. You’ll notice that they help with anxiety and other stress-related behaviors when your dog is upset. However, if your pet continues to have issues that seem troubling, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian.

    Do you use human-grade ingredients in these chews?

    Yes, all of our ingredients are high-quality and meet human grade ingredient standards. At Innovet, we believe that pets are family. And like family, they deserve only the best ingredients! We don’t make our pet products like other companies that lower the product quality to lower production costs. You can trust that our Calming Chews will meet your standards and your pet’s standards.

    Are Innovet’s chews safe to give to my pet?

    Yes, our Calming Chews are safe to use for your pet. Just make sure to follow the dosage instructions. And when introducing a new treat into your pet’s routine, always look for signs that they like it and that it works well for them.

    Our products contain Hemp Extract (CBD), which some assume is dangerous for their pets. But we’ve incorporated it safely and ethically. Our treats offer a range of calming benefits.

    Are there any adverse side effects?

    When using our Calming Chews, it is very unlikely that your pet should experience any adverse side effects. If you are unsure whether this product is right for your furry friend, it’s a good idea to ask your vet what they think.

    Our products are carefully tested and deemed safe before they ever make it into an owner’s hand.

    Do these chews work with Furbo?

    Yes, out Calming Chews are compatible with Furbo. Many of our customers are fans of the dog camera and dog treat dispenser known as Furbo. We like that you like to communicate and connect with your pets while you’re away. That’s why we made sure that our Calming Chews could work with Furbo.

    If you are dispensing treats in this manner, just make sure to follow the dosage instructions!

    Do pets like the taste of these chews?

    At Innovet, we strive to make products that pets love. Our Calming Chews are made with enticing flavors that your little friend won’t be able to resist. That’s why we use high-quality ingredients to make our products.

    We use natural flavors that pets crave. When they know it's treat time, they’re sure to get excited.


    We hope these FAQ’s and their answers have given you a better understanding of Innovet Calming Chews. If you want to help your furry friend with their stress and anxiety, this product is a great solution. Your pet is sure to love these delicious treats!