Advanced Calming Paste for Horses - 500mg & 1000mg

Advanced Calming Paste for Horses - 500mg & 1000mg

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Table of Contents

  1. Signs Your Horse Is Stressed & How Our Advanced Calming Paste Can Help
  2. What is Advanced Calming Paste?
  3. How Does Advanced Calming Paste Work?
  4. Safety, Transparency, and Quality
  5. Certificate of Analysis

Key Features

  • Not a food source, not for livestock, use as a non-nutritional botanical extract. Not available for sale in CA, TX, and NH. Full Disclaimer
  • May not be used in commercial feed or livestock drug products.
  • Promotes overall wellness
  • Helps support the normal healthy joint function.
  • Designed to provide immediate relief and for picky eaters.
  • It comes with 500mg Syringes of full-spectrum organic hemp extract.
  • May help calm occansional axinousness in stressful situations without affecting their clarity.

Why Your Horse Deserves Advanced Calming Paste

We designed our Advanced Calming Paste with veterinarians and other experts in equine health to create an effortless and quick way to help support horses everywhere with the health issues they most commonly face.

*Important Note*

A few competitive organizations such as the USEF do not currently allow the use of CBD. If you’re planning to enter your horse into a competition, please check with the governing body that sanctions the event.*

Does calming paste work on horses?

The information and products presented here are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. All information stated here is not meant to be a substitute or alternative for any information from health care practitioners. Now, with that said, to understand how the CBD in Horse Paste works in horses, you'll need a vague understanding of how cannabinoids work within the ECS.

As previously addressed, cannabinoids are compounds that are capable of interacting with the ECS, and almost every living creature is born with this system.

The endocannabinoid system works like a network of electrical wiring that sends signals to the body, we naturally produce these signals but certain conditions can affect its efficiency. By implementing the Horse Paste it is allowing them to maintain the status quo on their health.

What is the best calming supplement for horses?

At Innovet Pet we offer other products like our PurCBD oil, Horse Paste and Hemp Pellets that are made with 100% organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil. Rest assured that all our hemp products are made in mind for your pet and lab tested by a third party for quality and full tranparency.

How do you calm a reactive horse?

To help calm a hyper horse you first must restore his or her confidence which takes both time and patience. However with these two elements most horses can improve. Many trainers believe that CBD can play a role in achieving quicker training results.

Certificate of Analysis

We provide independent lab tested results on all of our Hemp products, and we consider the COA an essential requirement for any CBD product. A COA confirms that our label matches what you’re getting in the product.

How Hemp CBD Pellets Help this Champion Horse Enjoy Retirement

Signs Your Horse Is Stressed

Stress can manifest in horses in a number of ways, and common signs include:

  • behavioral
  • changes
  • colic
  • diarrhea
  • equine ulcers
  • excessive sweating
  • excessive yawning
  • frequent defecation & urination
  • loss of appetite
  • teeth grinding
  • and tense muscles

You can use our Advanced Calming Paste for preventive stress and management when you know your horse is entering a common stress-inducing environment such as competition, loading into a trailer before travel, and moving them to a new pen, stall, or pasture.

Our Advanced Calming Paste will not affect your equine’s performance edge, focus, or drive because it has under 0.3% THC.

Advanced Calming Paste Can Help More Than Just Anxiety

There’s a big reason people call Hemp the top dog of modern natural health, and that’s because it can help virtually all mammals everywhere achieve better regulatory health across the body.

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, hemp can maintain regulatory systems like the immune and nervous systems.

This is why you see hemp frequently touted for helping support and maintain conditions such as inflammation, pain, hormonal balance, and general health & wellness.

Advanced Calming Paste contains over 500 mg full spectrum hemp (per syringe)!

Safety, Transparency, and Quality

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to set the standards of hemp CBD and that means a few key things.

Organic Hemp - Hemp is a phytoremediation crop that can be used to clean up harmful chemical spills and this means it can easily absorb any pesticide, heavy metal, and other nasties it comes across. That’s why we only use certified USDA organic industrial hemp grown clean the way Mother Nature intended.

Money-Back Guarantee - Sometimes hemp just doesn’t work for some people and animals, and you shouldn’t have to worry about spending money on something that’s not working. That’s why we provide a money-back guarantee on all our hemp products so you can try it out without the worry.


"Horses competing under USEF rules who test positive for CBD will be considered in violation of GR4 beginning September 1, 2019." (via Twitter)


  1. CBD: Safety and Side Effects
  2. CBD and Horses
  3. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Epilepsy
  4. CBD Treatment For Pain
  5. Cannabidiol (CBD) Reduces Anxiety



Administering Hemp CBD Has Never Been Easier

Advanced Calming Paste comes with over 500mg of full-spectrum hemp per syringe. Simply place the tip of the syringe into their mouth and press down on the plunger which allows you to make increments from 0 to 50 mL. One full turn of the dial equals 4 mL of Paste, which contains 40 mg of Hemp Extract.

Advanced Calming Paste is fast-acting and may help your equine find the stress and pain relief they need. Perfect for giving 1-2 hours before a stressful situation like traveling or competition.

Even better, we designed Advanced Calming Paste to make it easier to administer horses hemp CBD. A lot of horses have no issue with hemp pellets, but some just won’t touch the stuff, but with Advanced Calming Paste, even the pickiest eater can enjoy all the potential benefits of hemp CBD.

The Innovet Promise

We promise to always have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet’s life happier.

Our dedicated in-house team based in Gardena, Ca works hard to design products that put personalized healthcare in your hands. If they aren’t doing that, why should we even bother? That’s why If you aren't 100% satisfied with any item, we promise a full refund. Like we said, we have your best interests in mind.

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