Replacement PurOtic Silicone Tips (pack of 3)

5 star rating 45 Reviews
  • Material:
    • 100% Ultra Soft Platinum Cured SIlicone - Made in USA

    Benefits and uses: 
    Perfect for groomers and multiple pet households
    • Washable & reusable for countless uses
    Soft and flexible for safe and easy use
    • Fully compatible with all PurOtic products

    It’s that time. It’s Monday, the clock strikes noon, the clouds loom over, and the sky opens up with dread. You reach for the ear cleaning solution, the alarms screech out overhead, and *poof* your dog vanishes into thin air. If this description all too accurately describes you trying to clean your pet’s ears, then we’ve got you covered.

    The Safest Way To Clean Your Pets’ Ears

    Replacement PurOtic Silicone Tips are incredibly soft and gentle making them perfect for pets with sensitive of ears and those that are just plain downright fussy. Hey, we understand, we don’t like people sticking things in our ears either!

    It’s impossible to stress the importance of regular ear cleaning, especially for those goofballs with the adorable, floppy, and dopey ears. Ear infections are the number one reason pet owners bring their dogs to the vet. However, we know all too well the nightmare that is cleaning our pet’s ears.

    This is why we got down to work to fix this issue. We wanted an ear cleaning solution that was safe, effective, and could make the cleaning experience as tolerable for your pet as possible. After countless challenging hours, and with the help of veterinary and health professionals, we created PurOtic Ear Care for pets.

    When creating PurOtic, we noticed that while there were some good all-natural ear care solutions, none of them made it easier to use it. If you’ve ever tried to clean your pet’s ears, you know that it’s one of the most difficult things to get them to take. Every time we saw a pet struggle with ear cleanings, we’d wince and knew we had to make a change.

    Want To Know Why People Love PurOtic Silicone Tips?

    Just check out the reviews — they say more amazing things about our safety tips than we can. Sure it’s a simple idea, but it’s a big idea that is giving pet owners far-and-wide the ability to safely care for their pet and keep their health in tip-top shape.

  • Will the PurOtic silicone tips fit your feeding syringes?
    No, the PurOtic silicone tips will not fit on our feeding syringes. However, we do sell replacement feeding tips, which you can find here.

    Will the silicone tips fit on all PurOtic Spray products?

    Can I reuse the silicone tips; how durable are they?
    They are pretty ridiculously durable while remaining flexible and soft, so they are safe for pets that love fighting when getting their ears cleaned. They are fully washable, and you can use them countless times — you’ll probably lose one on accident before they need to be replaced from wear and tear.

    Do you offer any other tips for ear cleaning?
    You bet we do! Click here to find out more about using our PurOtic line. And here to learn about the signs of ear infections, how often you should clean them, and other great tips.

    Can I cut the silicon tips back to create wider area of spray?
    Of course! While you’ll likely never need to, we wanted to make sure we gave you the option. The tips are designed to give you markers where you can cut the tips back. And don’t worry, the silicone is durable and will not tear away if you alter it.

    What is platinum cured silicone?
    There are two processes used to create silicone: platinum curing and peroxide curing. Both processes are done by extruding silicone polymers then curing them into a solid form.

    Is platinum cured silicone safer than peroxide cured silicone?
    Yes! Unlike platinum curing, peroxide curing leaves behind byproducts, and as such, are not recommended for medical applications. Peroxide cured silicone is seen in mechanical use as the creation process is cheaper and results in a stronger silicone.