Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

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Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

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FAQs About Freeze Dried Chicken

Got a question about our freeze dried chicken? Find the answer in our FAQs below or give us a call now on (888) 269-3154. 

Where To Buy Freeze Dried Chicken Breast? 

You can buy our freeze dried chicken breasts via the product listing on our website. 

How Are These Freeze Dried Chicken Breasts Made? 

We make our freeze dried chicken breasts using just one ingredient - fresh, 100% pure chicken breast! We freeze dry the chicken breasts while they are still raw, using a gentle process which removes any water or liquid from the product. This is known as 'lyophilization' and it typically removes up to 99.5% of liquid. 

The chicken is then packaged and sealed for freshness. This process preserves the nutritional value of the fresh chicken while increasing its shelf life. 

The freeze dried chicken breasts don't need to be refrigerated; you can fed to your four-legged friend as a tasty snack or training aid. 

Do You Use Human Grade Ingredients? 

We are not able to describe these freeze dried chicken treats as human grade. This is because of the extra liability that's involved when marketing a product for human use. However, the poultry breasts we use are 100% pure and free from hormones and antibiotics. Both our packaging materials and sealing methods are totally safe for humans and we only ever use the highest quality ingredients for our pet treat and CBD products. 

At InnovetPet, we're committed to supporting your dog's health, happiness and wellbeing with high quality products. Although we can't officially describe our chicken treats as human grade, we always strive to make products that are equal to (if not better than) the quality of human food. We source our ingredients from 100% organic farms and offer full transparency when it comes to our practices and formulas. 

Are These Freeze Dried Chicken Breasts Grain Free? 

Yes, these freeze dried chicken breasts are free from grain. The treats contain only one ingredient: fresh raw chicken breast. 

Are These Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Cooked? 

No. Our chicken breast pieces are raw when we freeze dry them, as we find that this preserves the natural taste and texture that our pets love. 

Even though the chicken breast we use is raw, it is still healthy for your pets to eat. The freeze drying process removes most of the bacteria (such as salmonella) that could be present in the meat. 

The freeze drying process also removes any water or liquid that would cause the raw poultry to cook, while also killing any bacteria in the meat. It is not cooked or processed in any other way. This means that if your pets are following a raw food diet, InnovetPet freeze dried chicken breasts are a suitable training aid or snack. 

Is There Sodium / Salt Added To These Chicken Breasts? 

In healthy amounts, salt is crucial to our dogs' diets. It contributes to normal cell function, organ function, and fluid balance. However, just as in our own diets, you should moderate the amount of salt in your pets' food. 

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), dry dog food should contain 0.3% sodium (or more) for growth and reproduction and at least 0.08% for adult maintenance. Lots of commercial foods contain far more sodium than this. 

We take this standard seriously and do not add any preservatives or flavorings to our freeze dried poultry. The freeze drying process itself preserves the meat, so there is no need for any additives. 

Our freeze dried chicken breasts are intended as an addition to a healthy diet, not a replacement for your pet's meals. 

Are InnovetPet's Products Peanut Free? 

Our freeze dried chicken breasts have no additives and are peanut free. However, our product range also includes our Nutty Hemp CBD-infused peanut butter. This contains human grade sugar-free peanut butter.


If you or your pet is sensitive to peanuts or has a peanut allergy, don't hesitate to get in touch with our InnovetPet team to learn more about our products and packaging processes. 

Are There Hormones Or Antibiotics In InnovetPet's Freeze Dried Products? 

At InnovetPet, our free dried chicken breast products are completely free from hormones and antibiotics. Our treats are single product, which means that they are made from nothing but pure, raw, freeze dried chicken breasts. 

As with the phytocannabinoid oil that we use in our PurCBD+, we're always careful to source the ingredients for our products from 100% organic. Most of our souces are family-owned farms. These ingredients are routinely checked by third-party companies, so that we can be sure that our products contain no traces of unwanted chemicals, hormones, or pesticides. 

The freeze drying process also removes bacteria that could be in the meat, so you don't need to worry that eating raw unmedicated chicken will be harmful to your pets. 

We are committed to improving the health, hygiene, and well-being of our four-legged friends and use only high-quality ingredients in our products. If you have any questions about our product sources or the diets of the chickens we use, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

When Will The Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Expire? 

Because the process of freeze drying meat removes moisture (up to 99.5%), freeze dried products will last a lot longer than fresh meat, while retaining most of the same nutrients. Our freeze dried chicken breast usually carries a 'best before' date of approximately 3 years after the day it was packed, but dehydrated meat products can last up to 5 years if properly sealed. 

Do you have a question about our InnovetPet freeze dried chicken breast that we haven't answered here? 

Our InnovetPet Promise to you is 100% satisfaction and we believe part of that is providing our customers with total product transparency. We'll help you understand our formulas and make the healthiest decision for your pet. Don't hesitate to contact our team today, either by phone (888 269-3154), email (, or by filling out our online contact form.

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