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Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

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What Are Freeze dried Chicken Breast Treats?

What Are Freeze dried Chicken Breast Treats?

As the pet health industry has evolved with treats for dogs, what if we can make tasty treats that are just as good for their health but also tastes great? The raw food diet for dogs has really gotten popular in the last few years and being that we are a supplement brand for pets, we needed to look into this further. We had to research this theory as many dogs were starting to enjoy some real health benefits by switching to this style of nutrition. As a Pet Health brand for 16 years, we needed to make sure that it was something that could help all dogs and not just a few. Strong evidence does support the theory as the average life of a dog has declined significantly since the invention of kibble dog food which also coincides with the increased occurrence of cancer in our beloved pets.

Freeze Dried Chicken breast

When we decided on creating these freeze dried dog treats , we needed to figure out what dogs craved the most but at the same time would deliver the true health benefits needed through a freeze dried treat. Chicken Breast is a very protein dense and very easy to digest so it can be safely put through the freeze dried process and still keep it's nutritious value. It also has a taste that most dogs love!

Our freeze dried chicken is 100% natural and only one ingredient, chicken breast. They are made in the USA and is human grade quality. As we have said before, we do not create products that we can't eat ourselves (if we wanted to) and will not give to our own pets. This product was actually inspired by our precious chihuahua, Pearl. She is a very picky chihuahua who is spoiled with everything she eats. If it's not wagyu beef, she usually sticks her nose up at it. But that was until we created our Freeze dried dog treats. These are ideal for dogs with weight issues, allergies, intestinal issues or a restricted diet.

The Best Quality Guaranteed

Free Range Chicken Breast

Ideal as a food topper for dogs who still eat dry dog food and need more nutrients or even as a training treat, these all natural freeze dried chicken bites will give your dog the essential vitamins and minerals they need for optimal performance and health. On average, these treats are only about 6 calories a piece but are packed full of protein so your dog can eat these and not worry much about weight gain but will receive the positive benefits from the macro nutrient protein. There are no added hormones or antibiotics so the treat is kept in it's all-natural raw state and will maintain the succulent, savory flavor and full nutritional value of chicken breast.

The Innovet Difference

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6.25 calories pet treat


High source of protein

Chicken Breast flavor


How Can Freeze Dried Dog Treats Help?

The Raw Free Range Advantage

This free range Chicken Breast is freeze dried in it's raw form, only the water is taken out leaving all the abundant nutrients and fresh taste for your dog to enjoy. As mentioned earlier, the raw diet for dogs has become very popular for it's health benefits and many kibble brands have started to add raw food bites into their packages but both of those avenues can become very expensive. As well, with a majority of the dry dog food brands, we do not know how they have processed their raw toppings. If they are cooked in mass quantities it's very possible that the bites have lost nutrients in the freeze drying process. Our freeze dried dog treats can be added to your dog's food with the confidence that you have a premium quality food topper that's high in protein.

Weight Control , Restricted diets & Allergen sensitive

Food Allergies and low quality dog food have led to overweight dogs, cancer , skin and mobility issues escalating to a large number over the last 20 years. The most alarming statistic is that a dog's life span has declined by about 5 years since the creation of the dog food industry. All if these issues can be traced back to their diet and the high consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. This will lead to weight gain, less movement and that's when disease sets in. These freeze dried chicken treats for dogs will help lower food quantity without starving your pup. They are low in calories but also high in protein which has shown to help animals feel more satiated with a lower caloric intake. Also for dogs with food sensitivities, these chicken treats have shown to have low to zero allergic reactions as they are grain free, non-GMO raised and all natural 100% pure chicken with nothing else added. Naturally , dogs are a carnivore species and are not genetically designed to be eating carbohydrates and grains. After making these adjustments your pet should lose weight over time and that will help them become more mobile. When you can get your dog lean and moving, they will become more happy and healthy.

Training Treats

Freeze dried chicken treats for dogs are very small, averaging about 1.5g per treat and only about 3-6 calories depending on size. This makes it very easy to use a small handful when training your dog through positive reinforcement. Remember , these are supplemental so it should only be used as a topper in limited fashion as well as training where you would only be giving your dog one at a time. you don't want to over-load your dog with freeze dried raw treats as they will add up and that will defeat the purpose. If used as a reward, the taste and aroma alone will make your dog drool and crave receiving the treat. This will lead them to the good behavior that gets them this tasty reward that's high in protein and free of any harmful preservatives.

Are Freeze Dried Chicken Treats for Dogs Safe?

Freeze dried chicken breast treats are 100% safe for dogs and even a human could eat them if they wanted, the only ingredients are pure chicken. At only about 3-6 calories per treat, you have a low calorie supplement, no preservatives and packed full of protein. Not only protein but enzymes and healthy nutrients that exist in raw chicken treats are now being delivered to the organs and tissues in your dog's body that are essential for long term health. Pure Chicken is known to be naturally healthy meat full of essentials that help your dog thrive, they are rich in nutritional value and high protein. Dog's ancestral beginnings are that of wolves and ingesting raw meat like free range chicken is what they have been designed to eat. With this supplement, you are giving them what they instinctually desire. Being that they are also so low calorie, you will keep your dog at a healthy weight so they can live an active life which we know leads to longevity and reduction of many other issues dogs may have. Surprisingly, these raw chicken breast treats are so safe you can give them to your cat too! Cats have shown an unsolicited attraction to these treats so we also recommend them for your feline friends.

What Customers Say
My dogs love these treats!
"My dogs love these treats .. I mix it with their kibble or just a treat .. highly recommend!"
- Julia J.
How Many CBD Treats Should I Give My Dog?

Rich in Nutrients

The amount of Freeze dried chicken breast Dog treats that should be given to your pet depends on multiple factors. The main one that you have to look out for is your dog's size and body weight. This is the most important factor because you really just don't want to make your dog too fat. Yes, these are only 3-6 calories a piece but that can add up. We recommend they you stay away from the "handful" portion and you give them these in single treat portions.

Be Careful with Brand and Freeze Drying Process

Although we do not have a distinct number of treats we suggest for dogs, we do recommend that you stick to only giving more to larger dogs and always staying on the low dose size either way. There are some negative effects of raw freeze dried chicken that dog owners should be aware of. This is the the toxic effects of micro-bacteria and salmonella . If the company who sells your raw chicken treats are freeze dried the wrong way , then it's possible for harmful micro-bacteria and salmonella to have an effect on your dog. The good news with all of this is that Dogs can actually eat raw chicken and have very strong digestive systems to deal with these types of bacteria so it's very rare for there to be a negative effect.

Why are Freeze dried Treats important for Dog Health?

Returning back to the fact that most dogs eat dry dog food, they are really just ingesting sugars and carbohydrates. As we stated earlier, dogs descend from wolves, carbohydrates and refined sugar are not part of their natural diet. Eating kibble and low-quality dog food has led to multiple problems that include the compromise of dental, intestinal, immunity and many other systems in the body. Also, there is significant science behind the raw food for dogs diet so we have tried to combine that with the idea that many dogs can not just switch their food overnight, it needs to be done slowly and methodically. This can lead to other issues when you change food very quickly so using our freeze dried chicken breast is the best way to supplement raw food into your dog's diet and food, keeping it fresh and nutritional. This is also a low calorie addition giving it's essential nature more value to your pet's overall quality of life.

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