PurHands Hand Sanitizer *Free Shipping*

PurHands Hand Sanitizer *Free Shipping*

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$17.50 $16.10 Save 8%
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*Due to world supply chain issues bottles and sprayers may vary. In order to meet the demand we are having to reach out to multiple suppliers which may cause the product to vary.*

*This Product is non-refundable*

This is definitely not Purell Hand Sanitizer! It’s the best hand sanitizer that we could manufacture because even though we were asked to do it, we would only do it if it was up to our personal standards.  

Just like you’ve always been used to, this hand sanitizer is made with the same high standards for environmental awareness and performance that all of our products always have been. Our customers have always been able to count on us for high quality and natural products. We are proud to offer that same high quality to you now as well.  

COVID-19 is threatening our country, as well as the rest of the world. People need a hand sanitizer that works -- and they need it now. With supplies running low and everyone struggling to keep up, we’re fulfilling our duty and stepping up to provide you a hand sanitizer spray to help in the battle against the invisible enemy known as COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus.

Our hope is to provide another avenue for obtaining the necessary sanitizing products that all of America needs right now.

Why Is Price So High?

1. Since it's highly flammable this product can only be shipped via FedEx ground.

2. We still want to be able to offer free shipping.

3. We still want most discount codes to apply.

4. The price of bottles and sprayers have increased dramatically.

5. This product contains a high percentage of ethanol. The higher the alcohol, the more effective it is in killing viruses and bacteria.

Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

Absolutely! If you use it after touching packages delivered, doorknobs, and making contact with any surface outside of your home, use sanitizer immediately to kill germs on your hands. This is manufactured to meet both the CDC and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards.

You can drastically reduce your odds of transmitting or acquiring COVID-19 by using hand sanitizer whenever you are not able to wash your hands, but remember that you still need to wash your hands. When you can’t wash your hands, having a convenient bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket will give you that extra assurance of safety when you are out at the grocery store or handling food deliveries. Use it frequently between handling products and your shopping cart. Use it whenever you touch anything that you know others have touched.

It is made with the same ethanol that we’ve used for our teeth cleaning product, PurBreath Oral Care, and blended with some essential oils and natural ingredients that we also had on hand. This allowed us to quickly and efficiently start producing PurHands once we got the go-ahead.

Our formula was officially approved by the CDC and WHO. We are now proud to offer it to you as our part of helping with the effort of keeping Americans safe during this incredibly stressful time. When you find yourself in a situation where you need to have a way of cleaning your hands but can’t get to a sink to wash them, our PurHands will step in and help kill those germs until you can get to a sink and wash thoroughly later.

PurHands will be shipped to you in the bottles we use for our PurBreath products, will have a sprayer nozzle that's perfect for conserving the sanitizer and for even distribution.