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PurOtic® Ear Cleaner - EXTRA STRENGTH

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  • Soft Silicone Tip Allows for Easy and Fast Ear Cleaning
  • 99% Natural Ingredients - No Alcohol - No Sulfates
  • Soft Silicone Tip Bends and Flexes When Pets Move During Cleaning Ensuring a Safe and Accurate Delivery
  • Superior at Breaking Up Wax. Prevents Infections with Routine Maintenance.
  • Fresh Scented Essential Oils That Eliminate Foul Odors
This extra strength version is designed for dogs only. Powerful essential oils are used to naturally prevent the causes of most dog ear infections. These oils eliminate even the most smelly of ears.

Purotic is a non-irritating wash designed by veterinary and health care professionals to breakup wax and prevent ear infections. Made with a pharmaceutical grade emulsifier and combined with all natural ingredients, PurOtic instantly eliminates odor.  PurOtic is the first ear cleaner for home use that comes with an soft ear applicator for quick and precise delivery; A must for pets that resist ear cleaning.
Benefits and uses: 
•Breaks up wax
•Anti-inflammatory agent
•Silicone applicator for deep cleaning
•Alcohol and sulfate free
•Clean natural scent

Active Ingredients:
•Tea Tree Oil - Proven natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral qualities.
•Lavender Oil - Broad based antiseptic and pain reliever.
•Eucalyptus Oil - Natural pain reliever.
•Docusate Sodium US Pharmaceutical Grade - Bio-degradable emulsifier that is superior at removing debris and breaking up wax. It is used in ER medicine to remove impacted ears in infants.

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