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Can Your Dog Play And Run -- Or Are His Dry Nose And Paws Stopping Him?

  • Heals dry, cracked, crusty, or bleeding dog noses and paws.
  • Great for hunting, running, and all outdoor dogs.
  • Protects paws against hot asphalt, rough floors, cold temperatures, sand, and ice.
  • 100% Natural ingredients, made in the USA.
  • Rejuvenating and protecting blend.

A dog’s snout is his most useful tool for interacting with the world. He licks, eats, smells, and plays with it. It’s dried and damaged by the seasons, sickness and the environment. Make sure your furry best friend is pain and discomfort free.

Most breeds weren’t made for freezing winters or hot summers!

Think about it: in winter our hands get dry, and our lips get chapped. A moisturizer is even more important for dogs than it is for us.

A sensitive, dry nose causes them pain whenever they try to play or eat. Extreme temperatures and a rough environment hurts the paws natural protection. Our wax protector uses a completely natural brand to rejuvenate your dog’s defenses and nurses him back to full health.

Whether it’s the snow, rough forest vegetation, or hot summer asphalt, your pup will be prepared to go out!

Do you own a brycaphelic breed?

Many of America’s most popular breeds are genetically predisposed to painful dry noses. Our balm leaves their noses healthy, and pain and worry free. Brycaphelic breeds include:

  • Bulldogs
  • King Charles Spaniels
  • Shih Tzus
  • Boston terriers
  • Pugs

100% All Natural Ingredients

Don’t give your furry best friend chemical products. Today, most dog remedies are made in foreign factories with few standards for health.

Innovet was created because there weren’t enough affordable natural dog products on the market. You shouldn’t have to give your dog some chemical product made in a foreign factory or with uncertain side effects.

Ingredients include:

  • Organic shea butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Seabuckthorn
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Tea tree oil