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Why We Created PurOtic Natural Ear Cleaner

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Why We Created PurOtic Natural Ear Cleaner

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: February 19, 2021

Maximus from Innovet Pet

Maximus is a dog that you may have seen mentioned on Innovet articles before. He’s a pretty famous dog because he overcame so many things and was the inspiration for so many products at Innovet, including the PurOtic Ear Cleaner.

Maximus was always getting ear infections. It may have been because he had a compromised immune system because he had allergy issues, or it may have been any of the other problems he was faced with. He lost his vision to Progressive Retinal Atrophy when he was 7 and it barely slowed him down.

He also had itching skin his entire life, and he battled cancer twice … and he was a survivor both times. In fact, Maximus lived to be 16 and that is very old for a Labrador Retriever. He was a noble dog with a heart of gold whose face should appear in the dictionary next to the word survivor.

When it came to his ear infections, Matt knew that a better solution was waiting to be developed because Maximus hated the solutions that had alcohol in them - most of the products on the market do. They sting. Maximus would whimper and try to avoid the application of the drops, which was another issue. Matt realized that there had to be a better way to deliver the drops to the inner ear, where the infections often tended to be. Regular drops rely on being able to slowly run into the inner ear.

When a dog is violently shaking his head, because the drops sting, the odds of getting the solution into the inner ear are far overshadowed by the odds of you wearing most of the drop you do manage to get on target. There is nothing like finally get a few drops into a moving target, only to have them promptly splashed right back in your face by a flailing dog.

If your dog moves, the silicone flexes with his movement. This gives you more courage to push that silicone nozzle farther into the ear and give a good spray down into the ear where it is desperately needed. Being an engineer, Matt quickly came up with a plan for a new nozzle that would be part of a can that can work as a spray bottle in an upright position, with a trigger to apply the spray and a silicone attachment that inserts into the ear canal without causing harm.

The solution was also formulated from scratch, from all-natural ingredients that would cause no harm. In fact, they don’t even sting! The formula has no alcohol and it includes special ingredients that soothe on contact. What a novel idea - a product that soothes instead of hurts. It seems pretty common sense, but in researching the market,

Matt found that most other products contain alcohol and if you have ever put alcohol on an open cut, you know that it hurts like crazy. Imagine spraying alcohol on the tender flesh of the inner ear that has been chewed by mites or has open sores from digging and scratching. Most dogs are so miserable from these types of ear cleaners that they run when they see the bottle coming at them.

Let’s face it, most of us with pets have had to do the whole ‘hide the bottle behind the back and fool them with a treat’ while we try to grab them and apply drops fast. It rarely works. This doesn’t help their ears and it costs money to keep missing their ears with the drops. Matt knew that no matter how good the solution was if it didn’t get where it was meant to go, it was just a waste of time. He fixed it all.

How It Works


It’s the flexible, silicone tip on the bottle that gets into the ear where it needs to go that really makes it all work great. In fact, that silicone applicator is now patented and you’ll only find it on our Innovet PurOtic Ear Solution.

It is a flexible, soft nozzle that will make you feel better about insertion into the ear. You can’t hurt them. That’s really important. In fact, it’s the most important thing for pet owners. We want our pets to be taken care of but we don’t want to hurt them doing these things to keep them healthy either.

Some pet owners would relent to taking their dog to the veterinarian just to have their ears cleaned properly because they were so afraid of hurting their dog or cat. Did we mention that the solution is so safe that it can also be used for cats? It can!

By reaching further down into the ear, you can reach those areas where wax and debris are impacted and unable to come loose on their own. One really good squirt down into those depths of the ear can help to flush that debris right out. It will loosen wax, dirt, and foreign bodies so that the body can do the job of getting it worked out of the ear as it is supposed to work when all things function properly.

Sometimes, when we try to clean with things like cotton swabs (which you should never do) we inadvertently push the debris further into the ear canal and we pack it tightly. It’s like ramming gun powder into a cannon with a ramrod.

This can cause ear infections by allowing the bacteria to multiply to levels out of control. By packing it tighter and tighter, and using ear cleaners that irritate the ear, even more, infections can get started. When this happens in the inner ear, it can be extremely painful. The ear can fill with pus and the inner ear can be damaged in extreme cases, causing hearing loss or total deafness.

Our PurOtic gets down into the places where it is needed and flushes that bacteria out, reduces inflammation, and refreshes the ears. It leaves them smelling like citrus and gently dries them out to promote a healthy environment in the ear. It soothes irritated skin on contact, giving your dog near-instantaneous relief.

Many Causes of Ear Infections In Dogs and Cats

Some animals have allergy issues that can manifest as infections in the ear. These can become chronic and leave your pet feeling miserable and irritable. They simply can’t be themselves because they never feel good when their ears hurt them.

Ear infections can often be clear-up when they are treated promptly. If they are not promptly taken care of, infections can become chronic in both dogs and cats. Chronic ear infections become painful and are very hard to treat. They sometimes require surgical intervention when they became so severe that the begin damaging the inner and outer ear.

Ear mites live in the ear and feed on the material and debris in the ear, including the skin in the ear itself, causing itching and irritation. These become sores that can become infected. These are known as secondary infections because they are not the primary source of the irritation, the mites are the cause. Simply treating the infection without addressing the mites will not clear the problems in the ear.

When the ear is irritated and itches, dogs will often toss their heads and flap their ears violently. This can cause blood to pool in the flaps of the ear. These are called hematomas. Sometimes they will heal on their own if you apply warm compresses.

Quite frequently, these will require surgical removal and will leave the ear with scar tissue that can cause the ear to take on a thick, drooping, scarred look that is referred to as cauliflower ear. There is nothing that can be done for cauliflower ear.

PurOtic Ear Relief for Dogs and Cats | Innovet Pet

When constant infections lead to constant hematomas, the cauliflower ear can become so bad that the hearing is impacted and the ultimate fix is complete removal of the ear flap in an attempt to open the earway again.

Regular, routine cleanings are the best way to avoid the above situations. Not all ear issues are easily fixed but the best way to prevent long term damage to their ear and hearing is to make ear cleanings a part of routine groomings in your house, much like nail trimming.

PurOtic is made so that you can do this quickly, easily, and painlessly. Your dog will more readily accept a cleaning that is routine and doesn’t hurt his ears. He probably won’t ever love having something spraying into his ears, but he can become tolerant and you can feel better knowing that it isn’t stinging or burning his ear canal.

The Formulation That Works

PurOtic is made with all-natural, premium ingredients that all have been proven to promote a clean environment in the ear that is free of inflammation and bacteria. Every ingredient was carefully considered to ensure that it served a purpose without adding anything unnecessary. Keeping their formulations simple has become a trademark of Matt and David at Innovet. If it’s natural, it should also be simple.

With that said, the two founders of Innovet also know that regardless of being safe and natural, if a product doesn’t work, then it is not worth making. They take great care in formulating and testing their products to make sure that they really work.

In this case, they knew it worked because it gave Maximus relief from his ear problems. They knew that if his hard-to-treat ear issues were made better with PurOtic, then they would be suitable for many other pets who also are hard-to-treat.

Because it is all-natural it is formulated with products that are also cat-friendly, so cleaning your cat’s ears with the same bottle is fine. You can even get more tips if you need them.

The ingredients consist of:

  • Oregon Grape Extract - Contains berberine a natural antibiotic anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Yellow Dock Extract - Contains anthraquinones, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Green Tea Extract - High in polyphenols to reduce irritation.
  • Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Leaves a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Docusate sodium - Which is a gentle emulsifier that is great at breaking up debris and waxy buildup
  • No alcohol or sulfates!!

    It’s so safe that they guarantee it to be. In fact, if you aren’t satisfied with the PurOtic, you can return it for up to 30 days for a full refund. They believe strongly in their products and they rely heavily on their reputation for providing people with only the best in all-natural solutions for pets that have traditionally been hard to treat.

    They are on a mission to provide you with options for these pets that are affordable, natural, safe, and really work!

    There are two strengths, regular and extra, to suit your pet and their situation. If you’re looking to just maintain regular cleanings for a pet that doesn’t have a whole lot of ear problems as a general rule, then regular strength is for you.

    On the other hand, if your dog or cat has been known to have some issues with the condition of their ears, or to have had infections in the past or currently, then you should use the extra strength formulation to ensure that you are delivering the most potent version of the formulation to kick that infection out.

    If Your Pet Suffers From Chronic Ear Infections

    It becomes necessary to involve your veterinarian to properly diagnose the root of ear infections so that you can treat them effectively. Constantly cleaning and trying to battle an ear infection without treating the root cause is just a waste of time in the end.

    Many times it is based on an allergy issue that can be determined with testing. If your pet is having a food allergy issue (a very common cause of chronic ear infections), then it may become necessary to research foods that are allergy diets for dogs.

    Your veterinarian can do tests for specific food allergens or you can use an elimination diet to learn what your dog or cat doesn’t tolerate well on your own. Many dogs, for example, have an issue with wheat or soy.

    Some people switch to making their own pet food at home. Other people switch to prescription foods recommended by their veterinarian. Whichever way you choose to feed your pet differently, by combining the PurOtic with a new diet, you stand a much better chance at beating chronic ear conditions.

    Other people may find that it is a flea allergy or an environmental allergy that may have something to do with a spray cleaner in your home, the type of laundry soap you are using, or a weed spray in the backyard. It may take some time to figure it out. When allergies are the root cause, then it becomes a puzzle for you to solve so that your pet doesn’t have to fight these complications for their entire lives.

    While it can be very difficult to determine the source of the allergic reaction, it is well worth your time so that your lives can become normal again. Plus, you’ll spend less on treatment once you solve the puzzle and learn what to avoid in your dog or cat’s environments.

    If your pet has a skin allergy that is attributing to the ear infections, which sometimes happens, it may be beneficial to bathe them more frequently.

    If you have a dog that is a water dog that loves to swim in every pond, lake, river, and mud puddle that they can find, it is important for you to bathe them and clean their ears immediately following these excursions.

    When your dog has been to the dog park or around other dogs that you aren’t familiar with, it’s a good idea to give them an ear cleaning just to ensure that nothing has been transferred from another animal too. Bacteria found in ponds and bodies of water are often the culprit of ear infections. Using PurOtic immediately after a swim is a great way to curb ear infections before they get started.

    The bottom line is that when you have a pet that is prone to infections and rashes, ear infections and allergic reactions, it is always better to err on the side of caution and do what you can to ensure that they are kept safe from any potential exposures to things that may set off an infection.

    Innovet is here to answer questions and provide you with products that will help you along the way to better health for your pet. They work hard to ensure that there is information provided at their website and blog to help educate their consumers about everything you may want to know about dogs, cats, or horses.

    Innovet believes that pet care should be accessible to everyone because caring for your pet is universal. They REALLY love pets. Matt and Dave have had many rescues which all have been the catalysts for various products that were created at various points in time. They want to share those products and success stories with you because of a deep love for pets.


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