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PurOtic Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

PUROTIC Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

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Soothes Irritated Skin

How Innovet Pet helps clean your dog's ears

How Innovet Pet helps clean your dog's ears

 There's nothing quite like snuggling up to your pet. That wet nose nuzzling up against your face. Sloppy kisses all over your face while you smoosh their face into much joy!

Then you make your way to the ear... and boom! A foul smelling odor???Talk about a sweet moment killer!

If your pet suffers from ear pain, itching, odor or recurrent infections due to waxy buildup, you're not alone. In fact, ear problems are the #1 reason for vet's visits. Unfortunately, recurrent veterinary visits are also expensive, and sometimes stressful for your dog.

clean your dog's ears with purotic ear cleaning solution

All-Natural Ear Cleaning Solution

Purotic was another core product inspired by our good old boy, Maximus. He lived to the ripe old age of 16 and as a black lab, that's a long time. Matt did his best to keep Maximus healthy and as he aged he kept having more and more issues. Not only did he survive and beat nasal cancer twice, his first ailment really happened with his ears. He was a beach dog and loved the ocean. He would bring his ball up to you and beg you to throw it into the water. But this dog wanted his ball thrown past the waves and we always believed it was because he wanted to catch the waves back in after he got his ball. This was a fun time for him but over the years he did develop serious ear issues from all the water. It got to a point where surgery was very close and very expensive. Dave and Matt being the researchers they are decided to look for an alternative natural solution. This is where Purotic was created.

Dave and Matt are both scientists by trade, a biochemist and an engineer, so both minds went to work when it came to this product. There are really 2 parts to this product that make it unlike any other product on the market. Dave figured out that they needed a safe way to unblock ears and Matt knew they needed to be able to get the medication deep into a dog's ear canal.

Safe Emulsifier to break up blockages

When the Innovet team decided to research into an all-natural ear cleaner for dogs, Dave had been preparing to become a doctor. He was already working in a hospital and knew about a complete safe emulsifier they used in babies ears called docusate sodium. This was known to be a very safe product to put in small children and infants to break up ear wax and blockages. He decided to research and see how safe it could be for dog's ears and found out that it was 100% safe. From there the development phase of the product was fairly easy. He decided to blend natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents he knows to be safe for the ear canal and that is where our botanical blend came about. Each herbal oil had it's own anti-inflammatory properties and combined with the emulsifier, it was a formula that could not lose. In fact, this formula actually saved Maximus from surgery and in turn , saved his hearing.

Patented Application Tip designed specifically for Dog's Ear Canal

On the other side of the coin with this Product, Matt being the engineer that he is, was really not satisfied with the application of the medication for the dog ear. One thing lost in the translation is the shape of the ear canal of a dog versus a human. For us, it's a straight shot to the canal but for dogs you're dealing with a much different structure. The ear canal is shaped in and then goes down and inside their head a little deeper. With many of the ear cleaning solutions for dogs on the market , a lot of the medication doesn't even make it's way down to the canal and will just drip on the the fur outside of your dog's ear. It's an unfortunate waste of money at that point and your dog never really gets better from that treatment.

So Matt went to work on designing an applicator that would effectively deliver the ear cleaning solution to the ear canal of a dog but also would be gentle enough with the internal structure of the ear. He needed to design a soft tip that would not injure the ear structure but would also not deliver a hard shot directly to the ear drum as that area can be very sensitive. Being that dogs rely on their strong sense of hearing , he didn't want to compromise this sense. After much research and development, Matt decided to use an aspect of his previous invention, the feeding syringe. Without going into a long story, Matt designed an application tip based on his soft feeding syringe for birds and animals with limited eating capacity and used that design to create a safe and effective tip for the Purotic ear cleaning solution for dogs. This tip has proven to be the most effective delivery system for ear medication for the last 15 years and has a patent on it so no other company may use this without our permission to do so.

A Winning Combination

With an all-natural, safe ear cleaning solution combined with a soft, silicone tipped applicator, Purotic was born. The design has been optimized so that one full dose of the spray is released slowly upon one pull of the trigger and will make it's way down into your dog's ear canal. Now you can clean your dog's ears with the utmost confidence that it is cost effective and will clear up an ear infection. The formula is alcohol and sulfate free so no burning or itching should occur other than your dog feeling liquid in his ear canal. Once there just a nice massaging motion on the dog ear should be enough to let the solution do it's work. This liquid will drain out the base of the ear but we recommend you use a paper towel or tissue to wipe out the inside of your dog's ear so they feel much more comfortable. It's also a good idea to use rubbing alcohol to clean the application tip each time you use it, that includes between each ear being cleaned so you aren't transferring any bacteria from one ear to the other. Dog's ears are very sensitive but with the correct preventative and regular care, we are convinced using this solution will help save your dog's ears well into his senior years.

No more Foul ear odor!

One of the greatest benefits of this product is the elimination of foul ear odor. What many people may not know is that a lot of problems that occur in dog's ears are caused by yeast. Yeast overgrowth happens here because of the dark, moist environment and it can get there from a variety of way we won't go deep into here. The reality is that it's commonly there and is the source of the smell. It's a fungus and our botanical oils are the perfect natural remedy to kill this fungus. Once that happens, the smell is gone. No more ear smell and you can cuddle up on your dogs face, head and ears without any smelliness.

The Best Quality Guaranteed

clean your dog's ears with purotic ear cleaning solution

US Grade Docusate Sodium

Docusate Sodium is used in hospitals around the country to clean the ears of infants and children. It 's main purpose in our ear cleaner is to soften and remove ear wax. It's a complete safe and effective emulsifier.
tea tree oil  helps ear infections and is safe for dog's ears

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an anti-inflammatory Oil and is used to reduce swelling in the outer part of the ear. This is safe for external use on dogs and will be effective against ear infections.
lavender oil to soothe your dog ear cleaning

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is commonly known for its soothing effects. This concepts applies to our PurOtic Ear Cleaner as it is used to reduce pain or discomfort caused by earaches.
natural ear cleaning solution for dogs

Other Ingredients

Purified Water, Eucalyptus Oil

The Innovet Difference

Clean your dog's ears efficiently with a soft applicator
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Contains a clinical grade emulsifier that is gentle enough for use in infants, but powerful enough to break down even the toughest waxy buildup

Features a unique blend of essentials oils to take down bacterial and fungal growth while also soothing your pet's delicate skin

Is alcohol-free so there's no stinging even on irritated skin

Has a soft, flexible silicone tip that reaches deep down into the ear canal for a thorough cleaning, while bending with your pet's movement for added safety

Provides great-smelling essential oils that remove tough odors for a clean and fresh smell

Prevents infections when used regularly as part of your grooming routine

Made from 99% all-natural ingredients


Purotic Benefits


 Our PurOtic Extra Strength Ear Cleaner is formulated to break down waxy buildup and debris, while at the same time leaving your pet's ears with a fresh and clean fragrance. It uses Docusate sodium, the same active ingredient used in emergency rooms across the country in infants and young children with impacted ears. 2-3 gentle pulls of the trigger will deliver a sturdy dose deep into your dog's ear canal with our specialty designed silicon applicator tip. Then just lightly massage the base of the ear to work the solution into the problem area. After a few minutes let the liquid leak out and gently wipe the inside of your dog's ears for maximum comfort.


We recommend using our PutOtic Regular Strength on cats. As it is formulated for smaller pets. This is an all natural and safe solution for all animals , even humans can use it.


Just like any open wound or cut, grain alcohol will sting your dogs ears if they are very dry and have began cracking. This is why we keep our PutOtic Ear Cleaner products alcohol free and use only all natural ingredients.


The Extra Strength version of our PurOtic is set apart by the addition of an Essential Oil in the ingredients. This essential oil that is present in the Extra Strength and not in the Regular Strength formula allows for a better & deeper clean for large dogs.

Easy To Use!

If your dog is like ours, he doesn't like having his ears cleaned by the vet. Squirming, thrashing and whining are par for the course. Our patented silicone syringe is the only one intended for at-home use that bends and flexes to provide safe relief, even if your pet is flipping his lid. Even better, having YOU perform the cleaning might just be the soothing reassurance he needs to learn to enjoy his weekly grooming. Our PurOtic Extra Strength Ear Cleaner comes with a patented silicone tip, allowing PurOtic to reach deep into the inner ear canal resulting in great results and comfort for your pet. The tip is perfectly safe and results in no pokes or painful jabs.

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