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How CBD Oil Helped Zuri, Our Feline Friend

Table of Contents

1. Description
2. Why Our Customers Love it!
3. Dosing
4. What is CBD for Cats?
5. How Do CBD Products Work?
6. CBD’s Benefits for Cats
7. How Long Does it Take for CBD to Work?
8. What Are CBD’s Side Effects?
9. Where to Get CBD Oil for Cats
10. What to Avoid When Buying CBD
11. What to Look for When Buying CBD
12. Is CBD Right for Your Cat?
13. Sources

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Certificate of Analysis Records

  • 100% Full Spectrum (THC-Free) Hemp CBD 

  • All-Natural & Organic 

  • Independently Lab Tested

  • No Pesticides, Soy, & Non-GMO


100% Full Spectrum Pure CBD Oil and Virgin Hemp Seed Oil  


Dosing CBD oil is a bit like climbing stairs that start big then shrink down in size. The more you give/take, the greater the results until you reach a certain amount where the steps become smaller, and there isn’t much difference when going higher. 

This typically occurs around the medium or average tier, and you can use our CBD dosage calculator to figure out what your cat’s dosage tiers are based on their weight. 

As such, we suggest you start with a small dose in the low tier and work your way up. For most conditions, the middle tier seems to work the best with seizures, severe pain, and chronic inflammation tending to require the highest dosages. 

Hemp CBD Tier Dosage Guidelines:

Low Tier — 0.022 mg/lb or 0.05mg/kg
Average Tier — 0.068 mg/lb or 0.15 mg/kg
Strong Tier — 0.136 mg/lb or 0.30 mg/kg

Our CBD oil dosage for cats applies to all full spectrum or whole plant CBD products. 


Why Our Customers Love it!

✔️ Quality  
✔️ Transparency
✔️ Care
✔️ Affordability  

We are proud to say we lead the pack in CBD for pets, whether that’s in our careful selection of world-class ingredients or the rigorous research that goes into each of our innovative pet products. It’s our mission to give you the tools to improve your pet’s health in both the big and small ways. 

 Our PurCBD Oil for cats is no different! 

When you’re looking to help your cat with a chronic condition or want to keep their health in tip-top shape, we truly believe hemp CBD is an irreplaceable healthcare item. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile with our PurCBD and the positive reception we’ve seen to it, couldn’t put a bigger smile on our faces. 

When you’re looking for the purest, safest, and most potent CBD, think Innovet Pet. 

What is CBD For Cats? 

May be used for treating anxiety, inflammation, pain, or to improve general wellness, pet owners are finding CBD an essential health item to have around the house. (1) (2) (3) (4)

CBD is an extract that’s derived from a variety of cannabis plants known as hemp that are non-intoxicating, unlike its cousin marijuana. While called CBD, CBD is only one of the many beneficial compounds found in the extract. Along with CBD, there are hundreds of other cannabinoids as well as aroma compounds like terpenes, and flavonoids that contribute to the benefits. After extracted, hemp CBD is then placed into tinctures, treats, and topicals. 

CBD helps with an extensive list of conditions because it can work naturally to improve the health of numerous regulatory functions throughout the body. This happens because all mammals create their own cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Hemp CBD products can take several different forms. There are CBD treats for cats, topicals, and our favorite for them, CBD oils. 

When first extracted CBD is an in vicious, poorly absorbed, and concentrated state and needs some processing to fix those issues. CBD oils are the simplest as you take the CBD extract and mix it with a fatty oil like hemp seed or coconut oil. 

When you want precision dosages and the fastest effects for your cat, nothing rivals tinctures/oils. The soft safety dropper allows you to give exactly what your cat needs for the best results. 

CBD has no unsafe dosage, however, it’s weight dependant and can make your cat tired if they take too much. With cats being so much smaller than us and many dogs, it’s easy to give your cat too much CBD when giving them a treat. 

As well, the oil absorbs and starts working much faster than treats that need digesting so you can go slower and find just the right amount. Even if a large dosage doesn’t make your pet tired, it’s often more than what’s needed for proper relief, and you’ll go through the bottle faster than you need to. 

We want you to save your money! 

CBD Treats For Cats

While we prefer CBD oils for those new to CBD, some cats just don’t like the flavor. That’s why we sell delicious CBD soft chews that are dosage appropriate for pets under 20lbs. 


Is There A Difference In Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

Along with CBD and marijuana extracts, there's a 3rd consumable form that comes from cannabis plants called hemp seed oil. Where the former extracts come from the plant’s flowers, hemp seed or hemp oil comes from cold pressing the seeds. Hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.

However, it’s rich with therapeutic omega fatty acids and antioxidants making it beneficial for skin, cardiovascular, and immune health. This also makes it the perfect carrier oil for CBD extracts which need fat to bind with so the body can better absorb it. 

Our CBD oil for cats is a combination of full spectrum CBD extract and virgin hemp seed oil.  


The Biggest Invention In Pet Health? 

As a cat owner, one of the most important things in your life is taking care of your baby and giving them the best life possible. At Innovet Pet, we like to think it takes a village to give our pets with the best health possible. That’s why we care for the health of your cat as if they were our own. 

In our two decades in pet health, we’ve found one major thing that can give your cat the ultimate advantage in achieving the best health possible. . . CBD! 

Hemp CBD for cats, dogs, and, of course, humans have completely changed the health world. It’s created a bridge between natural health and conventional medicines in a way never seen before.  

Whether you’ve taken CBD yourself or have no clue what it is, we’re here to guide you through all the benefits and info you need when giving CBD to your cat. 

How Do CBD Products Work?

Like humans, cats and dogs have numerous regulatory features and systems that maintain their health and keep it in the best state possible. They’re the bodies first line of defense, but things like diseases, stress, and everyday wear-and-tear can weaken those systems.  

Fortunately, all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This is the system that protects and regulates other regulatory systems, keeping them healthy and their defense up. Unfortunately, the ECS has nothing protecting it from it wearing down, until now.

The ECS works by using self-created cannabinoids that activate receptors found in the other regulatory systems. But when the body is under an intense burden because of one of those issues from above, it rarely has enough endocannabinoids to fully fix the problem. 

Cannabinoids in hemp, like CBD, act just like endocannabinoids and can supplement the ECS when it’s running low. Think of it like taking a multivitamin. 

By doing this, you give the ECS the strength it needs to help all the systems it protects and regulates, including the nervous, immune, gastrointestinal, and serotonergic (mood & sleep) systems. 

And just like that, by using CBD, you can naturally improve health, whether that’s yours or your cat’s in nearly every way. 


Is CBD Legal? - What’s The Difference Between CBD & THC?

Time to dispel the cannabis controversy. 

Both hemp and marijuana are both a part of the cannabis genus. As well, they contain the exact same compounds, which include CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

CBD you know for its non-intoxicating benefits, while THC is known for its ability to cause a high. Both have a range of therapeutic properties.

However, hemp is naturally low in THC, and with selective breeding, farmers have created industrial hemp plants that contain 0.3% THC or less, unlike marijuana which average 20%. 

The amount of THC in industrial hemp, which CBD is derived from, is way too little to cause a high in cats, dogs, or humans. 

Because of this, Hemp and CBD products that are limited to 0.3% THC or less are completely legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill and legal in over 40 other countries. 

Rethinking The Word Cannabis 

There is only one major difference between hemp and marijuana, and that’s the amount of THC both contain. However, it’s an extremely big difference because Hemp has too little THC to cause a high or the side effects associated with marijuana. 

So the next time you hear cannabis don’t immediately think it refers to marijuana. 

Marijuana Plants = CBD (& other cannabinoids) + High Amounts of THC 

Hemp Plants CBD (& other cannabinoids) + Very Low Amounts of THC (Federal Legal Limit = 0.3%)

CBD oils are high in CBD, derived from hemp, and safe to give you pets. High amounts of THC labels certain cannabis plants as marijuana, which do cause a high and are dangerous to pets. 

*We will NOT ship ANY hemp products internationally. Due to customs restrictions and logistical issues we are not shipping international at this time. We will NEVER advise moving ANY hemp products across ANY international borders. Please check back with us in the future.*


CBD Benefits for Cats

CBD for Cat Epilepsy
CBD for Cat Anxiety
CBD for Cat Inflammation
CBD for Cats Skin and Coat
CBD For Cat Digestion
CBD for Cat Cancer Treatments
CBD for Cats Overall Health

If you’ve taken CBD for yourself before, then you’ll have a good idea of how it can help your cat as it benefits them in the same way. By boosting their regulatory health, CBD can help individual problems your cat faces like anxiety, pain, and inflammation. As well, it can improve their overall wellness and preventive health on a cellular level. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top conditions CBD can help with. 

CBD Oil For Cat Epilepsy

CBD first came into the public’s eye when it showed that it, along with marijuana, were the only things that could help manage drug-resistant forms of epilepsy and help reduce seizures in general. In fact, CBD extracts were first created to help children with their epilepsy without risking the side effects of marijuana.(2)

Previous studies on CBD’s potential ability to reduce seemingly all forms of epilepsy, especially drug-resistant ones, is so significant that places first legalized CBD only for seizures. This was a time when most had no clue that hemp CBD differed completely from marijuana.(2)

CBD has been shown to avoid the common and often harsh side effects of traditional antiepileptics and may help reduce seizures in a completely different way than they do. This makes CBD an irreplaceable natural alternative for epilepsy.(3)

CBD Oil For Cat Anxiety 

While CBD first made waves for its ability to help with epilepsy, due to previous studies showing its ability to naturally calm stress and reduce anxiety is quickly making it the biggest reason it’s used. 

We all experience stress that CBD can help with as research shows CBD can help with every form of anxiety. For our cats, nothing makes them more anxious than crates, traveling, strangers in the house, and loud noises like storms and fireworks. 

We hear from cat owners every day who use CBD for those above reasons, and more often than not, they greatly prefer using CBD for their cat’s anxiety to drugs that can alter their mood. 

CBD Oil For Cat Inflammation

Inflammation and inflammatory pain are the number one reason we see pet owners use CBD. Above we learned from previous studies that CBD supplements the body with cannabinoids similar to self-created ones that help protect different regulatory systems. 

These endocannabinoids occur in the highest concentrations in the immune system, which makes sense because it’s at the forefront in protecting all mammal’s health. 

This means inflammatory conditions may be the biggest medical conditions CBD can help with. Whether it’s arthritis, gut inflammation, allergies, you name it, CBD has shown that it almost definitely helps the body better regulate and control the inflammatory process.  

CBD Oil For Cat Skin and Coat

Innovet CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil can help your cat have a softer, shiner, and healthier coat. Studies and anecdotal reports by cat owners have found CBD can lower skin inflammation, redness, irritation, and even help reduce hypersensitivity to dermatitis conditions like allergies. 

You can even apply CBD oil directly to their skin as there are cannabinoid receptors located there. By doing that you can directly target the area that needs help with. 

This method won’t help with the other conditions you see here, because it focuses all of CBD’s therapeutic power on skin issues, but you may find this works better for skin problems. 

CBD Oil For Cat Digestion  

Above we learned CBD can often help with gut inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome, which can improve your pet’s digestive health. But CBD can also help reduce stomach discomfort, nausea, and loss of appetite. 

CBD Oil For Cat Cancer Treatments

It’s something we never want to deal with, but unfortunately, cancer is the biggest threat to your pet’s health once they’ve reached their senior years. Currently, conventional methods like chemotherapy and radiation provide the best treatments for cancer. However, they are notorious for harsh side effects.  

Nausea, lack of appetite, poor sleep, inflammation, and pain dominate as the most common side effects, but we’ve learned that CBD can help with each of those issues. 

Many have found that CBD greatly assisted in making the process of treating cancer easier and more comfortable.

CBD Oil For Cat Overall Health 

By improving regulatory health on a cellular level, in essentially all parts of the body from immune to the nervous system, most pet owners see CBD improve their cat’s overall health.  

Innovet CBD Oil for Cats

Studies have shown that it can also offer preventive health benefits by keeping regulatory systems healthy and strong. (6)


How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

Effects will start around 30-60 minutes after administering and typically last for 6-8 hours with the strongest effects between 1-4 hours after administering. Most owners administer CBD 1-3 times a day, however, feel free to administer at any time.

It’s important to remember that no two cats are the same, and depending on your cat’s unique body chemistry and their health condition, it may take a week or two for CBD to build up in their system. Others may feel full effects within the first few times. Fortunately, after CBD has built up, effects will occur within an hour after administering. 

What Are CBD’s Side Effects?

One of the major things that have led to CBD’s incredible popularity is its ability to replace a range of conventional medications that have harsh side effects. CBD’s has very mild side effects with most cats, people, and dogs experiencing none at all. 

There are the typical side effects that come along with most things like an upset stomach or diarrhea. This occurs with many harmless supplements due to the body temporarily mistaking its presence. Once the body realizes it isn’t harming anything, those side effects pass. 

There are two side effects that you need to be aware of:

First up is CBD’s biphasic effects, where low and medium dosages can slightly stimulate the body, but high dosages act more sedative. There is little to no concern with this, in fact, many people take high doses to help with insomnia. However, your cat likely has no issues sleeping, so we recommend avoiding high dosages in most cases. 

The second concern is CBD may interact with certain medications metabolized in the liver and alter its potency. If your cat is on such a medication, we recommend you talk to your veterinarian before using CBD. While a concern, grapefruit, kale, and other common foods do the same. 

Overall, CBD is safe for cats and in many cases offers a safer solution to health problems than conventional medications. 

CBD Oil For Dogs And Horses?

If your feline has a doggy or even horsey companion and you’re wondering if CBD can help them, then you’re in luck. All animals will respond in a similar way to CBD thanks to all of us having an endocannabinoid system that works to protect and maintain several important regulatory systems. 

When looking at CBD for other species, you may see it focuses on problems unique to them, but again it helps everyone in the same way. 

For dogs, most owners use CBD to help their dogs with anxiety, inflammatory conditions, and epilepsy. CBD is currently most popular for dogs, and we offer quite a few different dog-specific CBD products such as Dog Treats, Mobility Chews, and CBD Oil.  

For horses, CBD is popular among trainers, veterinarians, and owners who want to help horses with anxiety, focus, and inflammatory conditions. We offer a few horse-specific CBD products, such as our Calming Paste for fast relief from stress, and our Equine Pellets that’s catered more to general help. 

When giving CBD to any animal, whether that’s a cat, dog, or horse, you can still use our dosage calculator to find their weight-dependent dosage tiers. Again, go slow and work your way up until you find the dosage that works best for them. Remember, you’ll need to allow time for CBD to build up their ECS again, so you may not see full results until 2 weeks or so. 

Last, since pets come in many different shapes and sizes, our CBD products use “levels’ so you can quickly tell which weight rage the product is best suited for. 

Level 1 (Cats & Small Dogs)

125mg: 5lbs-25lbs

Level 2 (Big Cats & Medium-Sized Dogs)

250mg: 20lbs-45lbs

Level 3 (Large Dogs)

750mg: 45lbs-90lbs

Level 4 (Giant Dogs & Horses) 

1500mg: 90lbs-900lbs


Where To Get CBD Oil For Cats

Of course, we want you to choose our CBD oil for cats over other companies, but our biggest goal is ensuring you have the resources to give your cat the best health possible. CBD is creating waves, and this has gotten a lot of shady companies looking to make a quick buck. 

With care, hemp-derived CBD is extremely safe for your cat, but it's easy to mess things up and cause harm. So let’s walk through what you should avoid and what you want to look for when buying CBD. 

What to Avoid When Buying CBD For Cats

  • Pesticide Use: Avoid CBD products derived from hemp plants grown with pesticides as hemp is a phytoremediation plant that can clean up toxic spills and other harmful chemicals.

  • Isolates Over Full or Broad Spectrum: Isolates lack the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids besides CBD which greatly stunts its benefits. 

  • Low Effort Companies: CBD can spoil when stored in the heat or sunlight, as well, CBD should come from lab-tested hemp, so it doesn’t contain unsafe levels of THC.


What to Look For When Buying CBD

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): This is awarded to companies who have had their CBD independently tested for purity, quality, and contaminates. 
  • Terms Indicating Quality: Look for terms like organic, soy-free, and non-GMO hemp CBD.
  • CBD Oil Not Hemp Oil: CBD oils often include hemp seed oil as a necessary component, but many shading companies will pawn off hemp seed oil as CBD oil. 
  • CO2 Extraction Method: There are several ways to extract cannabinoids including alcohol, but the preferred method by far for safety and purity is CO2 extraction. 
  • If you don’t want to spend time looking for a CBD oil that hits all the right things, then just scroll up to the top of the page and we have the perfect one for you! 

Is CBD Right For Your Cat?

None of us want to think about all the health issues that can affect our lovable cats, but we have to if we want to give them the longest and healthiest life possible. Fortunately, CBD is helping to make things a whole lot easier. 

Whether your cat needs help with a short-term bout of anxiety or chronic illness like arthritis, CBD is here to help. Many owners have found it has worked so well that their pet doesn’t have to go on a prescription drug that has more serious side effects.

As well, its preventive nature can help keep your cat with a clean bill of health. It’s been absolutely wonderful to see how this little plant has helped millions with so many issues. That’s why we think CBD is essential to your pet’s first aid kit and should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. 

If you have any questions about giving CBD to your cat or another pet, we welcome you to send us a message at info@innovetpet.com.