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5.0 out of 5 stars
October 18, 2012 Jackie P. (Portland, Oregon)
After my little dog was left blind I had to find a way to help her learn her way aroung. I ordered Tracerz and I am amazed at how quickly she has grasped the training (she is 12 yrs) . My vet, who is excellent, had not heard of your product. You might wish to consider some type of mass mail notification. Thanks for this fine product.

5.0 out of 5 stars These have worked wonders for my dog!,
August 15, 2012 O. Conley (So Cal)
This review is from: Tracerz 3 Pack (Misc.)
I have to say, my 3yr old French Bulldog going blind was a worry.
It came on suddenly and my husband and I were NOT prepared! In searching TONS of websites and Amazon, I came across this gem of a product. I quickly ordered them. They came quickly and the next day I was sticking these little dots all over my walls/furniture (warning: wash your hands after!! The smell is strong at first!!). I, personally, used the larger sized ones for exit doors (eg. to patio, front door, doggy door) so she knew "that scent" was to go outside. The smaller ones I used on all the furniture and walls as a "warning" scent. I put them all along the bottom legs of chairs, bottom of walls, fridge, bookcase, desk, bottom of the stairs, etc. I noticed her smelling these little stickers that I put all around the house. I know she knows the pattern of the house/furniture placement, but I do feel like she gets around a bit better with these and it's made her life a bit easier. When I added a chair to the room, I put a "warning" (smaller) sticker on it and she immediately walked around it. So they DO work. :)

Finally I can bring my dog back to work
Olivia Boyle(Miami Florida)8/19/2012 9:07 AM
For years I brought my dog to work then my dog Abby lost her sight and i stopped bringing her to work because she would bump into desks and I didn't want to be a burden.Recently I found Tracerz on the internet and I used them in my home. They work great!!!! Abby can now make her way around the house like she can see. Since she is already used to the tracerz I bought another pack for work and Im finally able to bring her back to the office and she quickly oriented her self around the space. Its amazing that a dog's sense of smell can guide it almost as well as sight. Great Product!!!!!!

Blind dog owner
James Matkins(Los Angeles CA)8/8/2012 7:12 PM
My dog was bumping into everything and fell down the stairs . Tracerz works great. I put them all around the house and within 2 days my old pup was even running in the house without bumping into things.

5.0 out of 5 stars Soft Silicone Tipped Multi Use Pet Feeding Syringe. Excellent!!,
July 12, 2012 By HASG
Excellent product. I recommend it to feed baby birds of the species Lovebirds. Enter the syringe tip to the throat of the pigeon and food spills.

“At 5 years of age, D’Artagnan lost the use of his legs, but instead of giving up, he embraced his challenge and put his trust in us. Bunnies, by nature, are not trusting animals, so to have a bunny be willing to let us take care of him completely is an honor indeed. D’Artagnan is now over 7-1/2 years old and is still managing as best as he can with a continued positive attitude. To be sure, we couldn’t do it without those huge [durable!!!] feeding syringes that we use to feed him. Thank you to!”
John and Cherie
Honolulu, Hawaii

"I've had the pleasure of using your Flexojet silicone tips (in all the sizes) from the beginning and continue to use them daily. The large Flexojet tips are ideal for supplemental feeding for ill dogs. It's wonderful to know that I am not sticking a stiff, uncomfortable oral syringe into their mouth.  I have to say that my favorite for daily use in dispensing liquid medications has become your "All in One" syringe. As  you know, I've been a fan from the beginning, and have given samples of all of your products to my Veterinarian friends as well as to my neighbors. 
Thank you for being so responsive to requests for additional sizes, and for producing such helpful, quality tools for the Veterinarian and the pet owner. "
-Leslie Bean

I just wanted to tell you the flexoject along with the syringes have been an absolute god send for my little guy Jaxon. He is almost 17 and has some kidney and pancreas issues. He’s a happy spunk other than not wanting to eat fully on his own. We had been supplementing him with the monoject 12 cc curved hard plastic syringes. Well needless to say the inevitable happened and he moved one day and it poked his gum and he would not let us syringe in anything.
With the Flexoject, flexible ends, we were able to feed him when he needs some help with out fuss and struggle. He’s a happy boy  and so are we—thank you! Kandi F and Jaxon

"We have found  products to be very effective     
in treating ear infections especially in difficult to treat pets."  
Steven G. Lewis D.V.M. Airport Animal Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA

As advertised, fast & smooth transaction, highly recommended, thanx!! Paige Pan, New York

Excellent service delivery and product was perfect.
Patricia Cohen, New Jersey