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New leash on life! I thank you and my Best Friend Buddy thanks you. Buddy is 12 and has arthritis,he was in pain and limped when walking. Your product has improved Buddys quality of life 100% ! Very pleased with y’alls CBD !
–Chad Bufler
Love them. These treats are great. Our 12 yr old Westie, Gracie, loves them. It seems to help feel better and move better. Going to order more for!!
This stuff really works. My dog's teeth were getting really bad, as he got older over the past two years he would no longer let me brush them. I've tried other tooth gels and they did nothing. I tried Purbreath and noticed a difference within days, I squeeze it on my finger and rub it on his teeth and gums. He's not crazy about me doing this and isn't a fan of the gel itself but it does work. My dog is 19 1/2! and he teeth haven't looked this good in over two years.
–Brian Levitz