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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between Flexoject™ Dispensing Tips versus Flexoject™ Feeding Syringes:

  • Flexoject Feeding Syringes are one piece units, while Flexoject Dispensing Tips are a 2 piece system that are removable/ interchangeable with any size luer lock syringe.
  • Flexoject™ Dispensing Tips have a wider variety of applications, however thicker feeding formulas are not easy to dispense because of the small standard 2mm opening used by Luer Lock syringes.
  • Flexoject™ Feeding Syringes eliminate the 2mm restriction by using wider internal components that minimize clogging points.

Problems with Shopping Cart:

  • Keep in mind that discount codes are case sensitive.
  • The total shown in the shopping cart does not include shipping charge.

Problems with Checkout:

  • Do not press the "Enter" button on your keyboard; that will reset the page.
  • Instead, use the "Check Out Now" button. After you have entered your payment information click the "Process Payment" button.
  • DO NOT click the "process payment" twice as this may cause you to be temporarily charged twice. We refund these types of errors within 24 hours (M-F)
  • Please give the system at least 30 seconds to process your order.

Order confirmation emails:

  • Within 15 minutes of an order being placed, you should receive an email with a summary of your order. Missing order confirmation emails can be caused by a simple spelling error or an email provider/ ISP mistaking our email as spam or blocking it all together. Regardless of the cause, if you do not receive your confirmation email please contact us.

Shipment tracking:

  • Approximately 1-2 days after placing your order, USPS should send tracking information to the email address you provided. Keep in mind that USPS tracking information is usually on a 12-24 delay.

Sticky / Frozen Plunger on Syringe:

  • Some of our customers have reported difficulty while depressing the plunger when hand feeding powder based caustic formulas and solvents.
  • Depending on the formula, this problem can range from minor "skip" to being extremely difficult to depress the plunger on the syringe. If you should encounter this problem, we suggest trying our gasketless syringes and thoroughly cleaning the syringe body and plunger before and after each use.
  • The formula you are using could be too chunky, however if it is too chunky to pass through the syringe then it likely is going to be a chocking hazard and difficult for your pets to digest.
  • You may also consider wiping a small amount of olive oil around the plunger.
  • Contact us for more information on these alternatives.