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What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

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What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

 Whole-plant extract, broad, isolate, and full spectrum CBD are common terms you see subscribed to CBD products like CBD oil. But what do they mean?! Well, first, you should know there are some pretty big differences between them. And if you’re looking to use CBD either for yourself or give it to your pet, it’s essential you know what these terms mean first.


And that’s the exact purpose of this article. And we are going to explain the differences by covering the CBD product that’s most likely right for you. Full spectrum CBD oil, sometimes called a whole-plant extract, is by far the most popular form of CBD. And there are many reasons for why that is! So let’s learn about CBD full spectrum, why it’s our choice for hemp-derived CBD products. Along with where to find the best full spectrum CBD products.



What Does CBD Full Spectrum Mean?

The term “CBD” can be quite confusing because it refers to different things. First, it refers to a compound found in all cannabis plants called cannabidiol. Then this compound lends its name to a variety of different hemp and cannabis products. However, the vast majority of those products have more than just cannabidiol in them.


In truth, it’s not the best label. It’s kind of like naming a sports team after the star player, but that doesn’t do justice to all the other players, coaches, medical professionals that help out. And, in the vast majority of cannabis products, like CBD oil, there are hundreds of different compounds with various therapeutic properties that can help and mend the body. The compound CBD is just one type of cannabinoid, and there are over 100 different types of cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. Then we have other groups of compounds like the terpenes and flavonoids, which have their own medical benefits.


All of these compounds can be found located in the trichomes, which are the shiny resin crystal-like beads that form on the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. While it’s possible to separate these compounds away from each other, leading to products like broad spectrum and isolate, the most popular method is leaving them altogether. This gives us full spectrum cannabis products like full spectrum CBD oil.


By default, the cannabis plant, and all the variety of strains that come from it, which features the cannabinoids and terpenes in different ratios, are considered full spectrum.


The differences between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD Oil

Full Spectrum VS. Isolate

Think again about how the compound cannabidiol is our star player. With cannabis products, we can create an entire team that only features our MVP. We call these CBD products CBD isolate. And at first, they seem like a really good idea. However, just like with a sports team, different players bring different assets and take on different roles that are irreplaceable, even if not as significant. When by cannabidiol is by itself, CBD isolates have uneven effects, losing many of the benefits that come from full spectrum CBD oil and other similar products. As well, administering it becomes completely different. Because with a CBD isolate, you can both undershoot and overshoot your dosage, resulting in little to no help to occur.


While often not as potent as CBD, the other cannabinoids and terpenes can take different routes in the body than it. As well, they can also significantly improve CBD’s success by increasing the body’s ability to fully utilize it. We call this the entourage effect, and in the majority of cases, it’s needed for the best results.


Now while you can find CBD isolates for humans, they are near impossible to find for our pets — mostly due to the dosage issue. CBD full spectrum works differently. Most of its effects are generally felt at a low dosage, although most are very mild. Increasing the dosage in increments typically increases the benefits ability to treat. Now, at extremely large dosages, some benefits see a cutoff, where giving more will not help more. However, with full spectrum, you shouldn’t experience a drop-off or cliff, where if you go past the dosage, you feel nothing like you can with a CBD isolate.


Broad Spectrum and Other CBD Oils

Beyond hemp-derived CBD full spectrum and CBD isolate, the two major forms are broad spectrum CBD and raw CBD.



Broad spectrum CBD means during the extraction process, where the resin is separated from the flowers then heated and mixed with a carrier oil (fat), either a cannabinoid or terpene was removed. Because it simply means a therapeutic compound is taken away, broad spectrum CBDs can look different from one another. You can have one where it starts as a full spectrum, separate cannabidiol, and have a CBD isolate. After that, you can reintroduce the terpenes to help re-establish some of the entourage effect. This CBD Isolate+Terpenes would technically fall under the broad spectrum label.


The more common type of broad spectrum is one where the THC has been eliminated in the extraction. Broad spectrum is for those, who in rare cases, require a large dosage of CBD but have issue with the amount of THC that brings. This is mostly because large dosages can allow enough inactive THC to build up in the body, potentially causing a false-postive on a drug test. As such, broad spectrum CBD for pets is pretty rare to find in today's age.


Don't let this confuse you with T-free distilation, which is a process that keeps THC at trace amounts when increasing the concentrations of the cannabinoids and terpenes. You can find an example of that CBD in our 3000mg and 6000mg PurCBD Full Spectrum CBD oil for Dogs. This is still a hemp-derived CBD oil that's perfect for large dogs and big animals that need high doses.


Last we have raw CBD. Above, it’s mentioned that during the extraction/distillation process, the cannabinoids in CBD oil are heated. This is because heat breaks off a group of atoms that are attached to the cannabinoids, largely preventing them from interacting with the body in the same way.


If you leave it unheated, you have unactivated raw CBD or raw CBDa. The “a” signifies the attached carboxyl group of atoms. Raw CBD is another idea on a way to improve or change how cannabis interacts with the body. However, like CBD isolate, they generally pale compared to activated full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum, depending on the type. Raw CBD can be full spectrum, broad spectrum, etc.


Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

CBD full spectrum contains all the therapeutic compounds found in hemp, from the cannabinoids to the terpenes that make up the aroma. And this gives products like full spectrum CBD oil the largest window of health properties. And at the moment, CBD Oil is the best choice unless you’re only looking for help with a single issue like digestional support. You can find specialized CBD products like probiotics aids that utilize full spectrum CBD to take them to the next level. However, even with those, we still love the idea of having a generalized full spectrum CBD product.



That’s because full spectrum CBD can help with so many issues, from prevention to supporting general health. It does this all by supporting the endocannabinoid system.


Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

Because hemp-derived CBD products have a close association with marijuana products with both coming from the cannabis plant, it’s normal to have questions such as how the psychoactive effects translate.



Will full spectrum CBD oil make you high?

When abiding by the legal federal limits on THC as set forth by the 2018 US Farm Bill, full spectrum cannot make you high. When limited to 0.3% THC, CBD products are legal across the United States and much of the world, squarely because trace amounts of can’t cause a high or serious side effects. By default of its name, a full spectrum CBD product will contain THC, as cannabis plants naturally contain this cannabinoid more so than any other. However, it takes a certain amount of THC to cause a high, and hemp plants are a variety of cannabis plants that typically don’t contain enough THC to cause a high.


As well, a small amount of THC in our CBD products is a good thing for the majority of both people and pets because it can still deliver many of its medical advantages without causing a high. CBD isn’t always the star player, sometimes it’s THC, but he’s a bit of a Dennis Rodman.


How does full spectrum CBD oil make you feel?

By working to heal the body naturally, CBD helps the body feel like it should. No high and no artificially covering over an issue that can further create issues. Natural support for natural health.


Many of the therapeutic properties from cannabis products overlap, and this includes comparing recreational marijuana to CBD. However, the way you feel these benefits are very different. Let’s compare both marijuana and CBD’s ability to help reduce pain. Where marijuana can reduce pain by numbing and hiding it through a high, CBD isn’t anywhere near as tangent. Instead, the pain slowly dissipates away, leaving it dulled but still very much there, especially if you look for it. Think similar to an over-the-counter pain med to one your doctor prescribes.


The beauty of CBD is it feels very normal, which makes complete sense because CBD heals by supporting the natural processes in the body that heal and mend. CBD won’t mask your pain or another issue like an opioid; one reason CBD largely avoids side effects. This is another reason CBD is safe to take throughout the day and generally safe for all ages and animals.


Can full spectrum CBD show up on a drug test?

Drug tests for marijuana are actually testing for notable traces of THC in your system, technically THC metabolites. While full spectrum CBD contains incredibly small traces of THC, making it near THC free, it’s technically possible. However, it’s very unlikely, as technically, it would take someone consuming 1,000 to 2,000 mg of CBD a day to build up enough THC in their body. However, there are anecdotal reports of people consuming under 100 mg a day and testing positive. In those cases, it’s most likely a false-positive. However, several different things that can cause that to happen. When it’s not a false-positive, research shows it’s almost undoubtedly the case that the CBD company lied about how much THC their CBD product contains.



These are just a few of the reasons many employers no longer test for THC. Currently, if you need to take a drug test, and you know it tests for THC, to be on the safe side, discontinue use of CBD for about a week leading up to it. Keep in mind that while this shouldn’t be needed with CBD oils that are essentially THC-free, you may prefer the peace of mind.


What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

The amount of CBD and THC in a cannabis plant currently dictates how we separate them. In the United States, when a cannabis plant has no more than 0.3% THC, we term it industrial hemp. When CBD and THC are in a near equal ratio, we usually refer to it as medical marijuana. Last, when there is considerably more THC than CBD, we refer to it as recreational marijuana. To be simple: marijuana = high, hemp = no high. Both are valuable aids in treating diseases.


Where And How To Buy CBD?

Because CBD may not be legal in your area when it contains more than 0.3% THC, but many CBD products feature amounts significantly higher than that, buying CBD can be extremely daunting. That’s why at Innovet Pet, we go above and beyond to make it easy for you. We’ve personally experienced the challenge of buying CBD for our ailing pets when it was just first being talked about. That is why we decided to create our own.



First thing’s first, you want your full spectrum CBD to be organic, free of pesticides, and grown on farms that test their soil for impurities. All cannabis crops are quite good at absorbing chemicals that are harmful to us.


But you just don’t want to rely on a CBD company’s word, you want to see physical proof. And this is pretty eay for an honest CBD company provide because they can send their CBD out for third-party testing. And they can show you the results by giving you the COA or Certificate of Analysis. We keep a link to ours on our front page and on each of our products that feature hemp CBD.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting out with CBD or looking for a CBD that delivers reliable results every time, full spectrum CBD should be your first choice. And when looking for the best full spectrum CBD, just think Innovet Pet. We pride ourselves on creating the best CBD, keeping much of the manufacturing process in-house while nurturing a close relationship with the organic hemp farms we source from.


Our most popular CBD item is our full spectrum CBD oil, PurCBD+ for Dogs, Cats, and Horses. As well, our hemp-derived full spectrum CBD extract also appears in our hemp treats and daily multivitamins for dogs as well as in our Equine Pellets and more.


CBD full spectrum is a lot like a candy bar that’s beloved and synonymous with a company. Then the company tries to come out with a new twist on it (isolate, raw, etc.), and while it’s OK, nothing beats the original. We’ve tried a lot of different twists on CBD full spectrum, but the original is still our favorite by far. Making it the reigning king since it first emerged on the scene.


You just can’t beat full spectrum CBD’s ability to naturally help you or your pet feel less anxious, have a happier gut, a supported immune system, and so on. Thanks to full spectrum helping with homeostasis — the body’s ability to stabilize health and recover — it truly is a welcomed addition to the multivitamin and other daily health and wellness aids.

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