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When Your Dog Loses Sight, Don't Lose Hope!

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When Your Dog Loses Sight, Don't Lose Hope!

Imagine getting a diagnosis from the veterinarian that your furry best friend is losing or has lost his vision. There are numerous things that can cause blindness in dogs.

Tracerz® Scent Markers for Blind Dogs - Helping Blind Dogs Navigate

This news does not have to deter you from living a full, normal life with your pet. You may feel hopeless and wonder how your canine buddy will function properly without his sight. It can be heartbreaking to see your dog running into furniture, walls, or even walking into potentially dangerous situations. Luckily for dogs, they have a very keen sense of smell that can overcompensate when another sense is damaged or even lost!

Don't worry, we here at Innovet understand how important it is for pets to live happy, long, and productive lives. With our all natural, pet safe product Tracerz® Extended Release Scent Markers for Blind Dogs and a little guidance You'll give your dog a sense of security and confidence to navigate their world in a whole new way without worry or stress. Our scent markers are made from a special blend of essential oils that are completely safe for pets and guaranteed to last up to a year! Simply peel the backing, place your scent markers, and watch your pet learn to navigate. The non-toxic, all organic markers are safe for humans and pets alike, even cats can use them if needed!

Today is the day that you can stop worrying about what to do with your best friend who depends on you in tough situations like this and you can start depending on us for the solution that you have been searching for! We are here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding our Tracerz scent markers or any of the other products that we carry! We strive for customer satisfaction and happy customers, pets and people alike! Be sure to contact us today! 

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