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CBD Hemp Treats for Dogs

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CBD Hemp Treats for Dogs

CBD is the new rage in health supplements, both for humans and for pets. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound that is extracted from cannabis. It can be taken from hemp or marijuana, but for general purposes and sales to the public, it is most often extracted from hemp that is referred to as industrial hemp.


1. Dog Treats Made with CBD from Hemp
2. CBD and Humans
3. The Endocannabinoid System
4. How Can CBD Help Animals?
5. Why Hemp and Not Marijuana?
6. Quality Products
7. Can You Share Your Oil with Your Dog?
8. Can Cannabis be Dangerous?

Hemp and CBD products proved to be very beneficial to pets and even to children. CBD was used to create an anti-seizure medication for epileptic children. Epidiolex was the first medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration that used cannabidiol as the primary active ingredient. This was a huge step in normalizing and legalizing hemp and hemp products.

Dog Treats Made with CBD from Hemp

This hemp is commercially farmed as part of the agricultural industry. CBD has proven itself to be very effective in helping people and animals overcome symptoms of chronic disease, injuries, and relieving pain.

CBD is only one of approximately 112 cannabinoid compounds that are found in cannabis. When it is extracted from hemp, the product that is obtained will contain some of the other cannabinoids as well.

These are all very good in their own rights! There are many useful reasons to take an extract that contains any or all of the cannabinoids, but THC won’t be in a high concentration so you’ll not need to worry about that cannabinoid.

THC is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for the high that impacts the brain, causing a feeling similar to drunkenness. It can even cause some people to hallucinate, but at the very least it makes you feel light-headed, tired, and incapable of operating a car or machinery due to the loss of fine motor skills.

Lucky for us all, CBD products do not contain more than .03% THC. This means that you get the healing effects without the brain fog and high that you’d otherwise experience with marijuana.

There is a benefit to having the other cannabinoids present with CBD. It’s referred to as the entourage effect and it simply means that when they are all together, they’ll work together as a team in which each separate compound complements the others. The entourage effect can be very beneficial for a broader spectrum of symptoms. 

CBD and Humans

CBD Hemp Treats for Dogs | Innovet Pet

We know that CBD has been used without any sort of issue in humans for thousands of years. Bits of hemp were found in pottery that was kept with food stores in ancient China. That pottery has been carbon-dated to be six-thousand-years-old. This means that for at least six-thousand-years mankind has been consuming cannabis and there are no recorded incidents of death from cannabis in all of that time.

Marijuana is being used medically with fantastic results for humans. CBD has likely had as much, if not more, research done than THC has, however. CBD has no impact on the brain in the way that THC does, but it will contribute to more alertness. CBD has helped with the focus and concentration for those who are afflicted with ADHD and autism.

Here is a list of the things in which we know CBD has been helpful to humans:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties. CBD helps reduce inflammation which can help reduce the long-term damage of arthritis in joints, risks of cancer, and heart disease that is a result of inflammation in the body.
  • Neural protectant and growth stimulant. CBD can help coat the neural network to protect it from further damage and also works to stimulate the body to produce new nerve cells which can help to reverse nerve damage and the impacts of neuropathy for those with nerve damage due to accidents, incisions, and even high blood sugar.
  • Blocks enzymes responsible for hindering bone growth. This is beneficial to thwarting the impacts of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis on the body preventing long-term damage to the structure of the body.
  • Can be used as a skin topical to help replace Vitamin E and C. This means that CBD works as an antioxidant that helps relieve the skin of cell damage due to aging, age spots, scar tissue, and even prevention of skin cancer or growths. 

With all of that wonderful ability to help humans, you might be excited to know what it can do for your dog, or even your cat, or any other pet in the house for that matter. CBD can be used by virtually any animal because, just like us, they have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) as well.

The Endocannabinoid System

CBD Hemp Treats for Dogs | Innovet Pet

The endocannabinoid system is found in every single animal that has been tested so far. We know that all mammals have one. We also know that fish, reptiles, and birds have an ECS. Scientists are still busy research amphibians. It looks likely that all creatures on the planet have an ECS though.

The ECS is responsible for working as a chief of operations. Nothing happens in the body without the ECS being somehow involved.

The ECS is primarily responsible for the following functions.

  • Pain management
  • Regulates metabolic functions
  • Keeps the neural pathways healthy
  • Controls the function of the immune system
  • Works to maintain homeostasis of all the body systems – bringing balance to the entire body at a cellular level.

Essentially, the ECS has a hand in just about everything that happens in the body. Because of the way it works for both animals and humans, when an outside cannabinoid from a plant is introduced, it can still interact with the ECS to stimulate activity. CBD works to kick the ECS into high gear, so to speak. 

How Can CBD Help Animals?

The simple answer to this question is, ‘in all the same ways that it helps humans’ but we can look at this in far more detail. Animals suffer from things that humans don’t and they have higher incidents of specific types of problems, but they also have many of the same afflictions that humans can have as well.

CBD can help to manage pain for your dog in the same way that it works for us. If they are getting older and having arthritis pain, you can often manage that pain for them by giving them CBD oil.

Hemp treats for dogs are made specifically so that you can easily dose your dog with a tasty treat that they will enjoy and readily take from your hand.

These treats can help them with:

  • Anxiety – even separation anxiety, from which many dogs suffer. If your dog cries and howls when you leave the house, hemp treats may help you in conjunction with training them not to bark.
  • Reduce skin allergies – some dogs suffer from seasonal allergies and even food allergies. If you notice that your dogs are scratching and very itchy, try using CBD hemp treats, or even a topical CBD oil on the places that itch. They can get relief in minutes, even from fungal irritations of the skin.
  • Balance appetite – choosing the word balance for the simple reason that older dogs have a decreased appetite and hemp treats with CBD can help to regulate the appetite and get them interested in food again. Conversely, if a dog tends to overeat, the hemp CBD will help to reduce his appetite.
  • Help regulates insulin – Some dogs are prone to high blood sugar and dogs can be diabetic. CBD hemp treats can help their body to regulate better when used in conjunction with insulin or medication, their body can help itself to use fewer medications.
  • Reduce the size of tumors – CBD has been used in lab rats to shrink cancerous tumors successfully. While it is important to understand that CBD is not a cure, nor is anyone calling it that, it can be an effective tool in helping to fight cancer or prevent it from starting.
  • Ease pain – whether the pain is from arthritis or an injury resulting in inflammation, hemp treats with CBD can help to control the pain by helping reduce the brain’s response to it.

Hemp and CBD are natural, with little to no side-effects and certainly, none that harmful. Some animals and humans are known to have some diarrhea from using CBD and if this happens, you may simply reduce the dose and it will go away. There are no long-term effects of CBD or hemp treats that can be considered negative. In fact, the long-term use of hemp seems to be quite beneficial.

By taking it regularly, as a supplement, you can help prevent many issues from happening in the body, to begin with. It’s believed that the powerful antioxidant boost from the CBD and other cannabinoids can help to ward off cancer.

Focus and moods are better with hemp in the diet. The bowels function more regularly and the body experiences fewer issues with daily aches and pains. The immune system functions at top-notch, making the body more resilient and strong against all things, even a simple cold.

Why Hemp and Not Marijuana?

CBD Hemp Treats for Dogs | Innovet Pet

For starters, marijuana is not legal everywhere, while hemp is. Since December of 2018, hemp has been less regulated and more available. Marijuana is only available in the states that have made mandates allowing for medical use.

Aside from this, THC is not safe for pets. Dogs can become ill and even die from THC toxicity in dogs. Using hemp instead keeps THC levels below .03% which is not enough to cause illness or to have any psychoactive effects.

Hemp is readily available now, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018 and dog treats such as hemp treats for dogs, and CBD oils made for dogs are available at many online retailers and local stores in your area right now.

Quality Products

You might be tempted to grab something that is the least expensive product you see, without concern for where it was grown, manufactured or distributed. You’ll be making a big mistake if you do this. You will often get what you pay for, an inferior product.

Buy American sourced products. That means that they were planted, grown and harvested right here in the United States. If you get a product from China, as an example, it is less regulated and it may contain contaminants from the soil it was grown in. Most of the hemp farmed in the United States is organically grown which is far superior.

You’ll also want a product that comes from a reputable source who not only backs their products 100% but can provide you with documentation showing where their oil was sourced from and third-party testing results.

Third-party testing results are done by independent labs who have no stake in the product at all. They test for the presence of any foreign metals, contaminants such as lead or mercury. They test to ensure that the THC levels are at or below the .03% allowable for a legal product.

A third-party testing result will also show the other cannabinoids that were found present in a sample. This can be very good information as well. You may find that an oil or CBD product that contains CBDVA, another cannabinoid, seems to help you more than others. This gives you more options in your purchasing.

The test results will also show what terpenes are present. Terpenes lend to the flavor, the smell and color of the product but we are also learning that terpenes have usefulness in the body as well. They can work in similar ways as the cannabinoids do and create a more potent impact on the body overall.

The more familiar you get with this information and reading these test results, the better choices you can make when choosing a CBD oil for pets or yourself.

Can You Share Your Oil with Your Dog?

HEMP DOG TREATS | Innovet Pet Products

Essentially, the answer is yes. That said, you probably want to use a lower milligram dosage for your dog. This is why hemp treats that are made for them are ideal. That said, if you have CBD oil at home and your dog seems to be feeling poorly, you can certainly give him some of your oil and know that you won’t be harming him.

Most humans will take at least a 500 mg oil but dogs typically are given lower mg dosages, such as 100 to 250 mg. Just make sure that you don’t give them a lot of your oil at once or else they might get diarrhea. Another indication that you’ve given them too much is if they get sleepy.

Typically, CBD oil and hemp products lend to better energy levels and alertness. Too much, however, can cause sleepiness. This is a good way to know if they have had more than enough. Hemp treats are less likely to cause diarrhea as the carrier oil that the CBD is in is typically what actually causes diarrhea.

If your dog gets sleepy or develops diarrhea, simply skip a dose and wait a day to start again with a new lowered dosage. Dogs generally tolerate hemp and CBD products very well and while humans might rarely be allergic to cannabis, dogs rarely have such an issue.

Can Cannabis Be Dangerous?

For many years, generations to be exact, we have been told that cannabis is a gateway drug. We’ve been told that marijuana is addictive and many believe that hemp would also be, based on the fact that it is also in the cannabis family.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cannabis is not addictive, nor is it a gateway drug to anything. If marijuana is a gateway to anything it would be to potato chip addiction because of the food cravings it causes in many people. CBD products, incidentally, do not cause this issue.

This is why CBD is so readily available now. We know it is not harmful or addictive. The benefits of using hemp are absolutely incredible and not just as a dietary supplement. Hemp wood is now being developed that can lead to more tree-friendly alternatives to construction. Hemp is very easily grown, uses less water than cotton and the fibers can be used to create virtually anything that is now made from cotton or wood.

Hemp also uses about a third of the water that is needed to keep cotton crops alive. Hemp can be grown from seed to harvestable plant in less than four months as well. It’s a wonderfully renewable source for many things.

Fuels that can replace gasoline or biodiesel can also be made with hemp. There are people in the world that are shouting from rooftops that hemp is the plant that could save the earth. While this is not exactly proven, it is certainly a useful plant with many uses and some things that are still in the experimental phases, such as plastics made from hemp which are biodegradable.

This would certainly be a plus for our oceans and lead to less trash polluting water all over the world. There are many reasons to support your hemp growers and the agricultural community who are growing hemp now. It will add jobs and money to the economy in the United States. It will even help your dog be healthier too. That’s a win-win.


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