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PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog

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PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog
PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog | Innovet Pet

Back in 2015,  Matt and Dave had heard about CBD but even though they had already founded Innovet, they hadn’t put a lot of time or effort into trying the CBD. Why? Mostly because it was praised so much that it really seemed too good to be true.

Then, in 2016, Dave’s dog Gordo (not Gordon, a different dog) had been diagnosed with cancer and underwent his first treatment of chemotherapy. Gordo had a very bad reaction to the treatment and Dave was simply beside himself, wanting to do anything in the world to help Gordo.

Dave remembered all that he’d read about CBD and, in desperation, he ordered some for Gordo. He had it overnighted but it didn’t come as it was supposed to. Gordo received chemo on Monday and fell gravely ill that night. Dave ordered the CBD that same night but sadly, it never arrived in time and Gordo took his last breath in Dave’s arms on Thursday, just a few days after that first treatment.  The CBD came on Friday morning, a day late.

Matt’s dog, Maximus, was 16-years-old, blind and had been diagnosed with nasal cancer in 2012. He was four years into his fight but slowly losing his battle. When Gordo passed away, Maximus stopped eating and would no longer attempt to walk on his own. It seemed that he was going to also die within days of Gordo.

With very little hope of it helping in any way, Matt decided to go ahead and give the CBD to Maximus to at least feel that he’d done all that he could. It was just too difficult to sit back and be helplessly watching Maximus also die.

To everyone’s surprise, 30 minutes after receiving his dose of CBD, Maximus was up on his own and he’d wandered off to a part of the warehouse that he’d never even been in. They realized that he was looking for food - following his nose. All the things he had previously been unable to do!

He was standing, ambulating on his own, following his nose, and he had his appetite back too. In fact, he wolfed the food down when they put it in front of him, even though he’d been disinterested in eating earlier just hours before being given the CBD oil. It seemed like a miracle.

It was absolutely apparent that the CBD helped him and the guys feel strongly to this day that it was the CBD that gave them another month of time with Maximus before he also lost his battle with cancer. He was not in as much joint pain as he had been, making it possible for him to move on his own again. His appetite returned which helped give him the strength he needed.

He was also less senile than he had been acting prior to the CBD oil. He was suddenly alert again, taking an active role in life again. It’s possible that the CBD also slowed his tumor growth to give him that additional month of life. Dave and Matt know, without a doubt, that the CBD made an enormous difference for Maximus.

Still, at that time in 2016, there were many brands on the market that were not made of quality ingredients. The market was completely flooded by unscrupulous companies who were all trying to sell inferior products at high prices. With little regulation, too many products that were poor quality had flooded the market, making it difficult for consumers to find quality products for their pets. Some of the oils tested by third-party labs were even found to have traces of lead or mercury in them.

That’s when Dave and Matt made it their mission to change all of that. They decided to focus their efforts toward the goal of bringing integrity back to the pet products market with a CBD that was safe and reliably made. Just a few months later, Innovet’s PurCBD Oil was launched.

What Is PurCBD Oil?

Once they were on the mission, Dave and Matt researched and found the highest quality ingredients in California, Colorado, Oregon, and in Europe. Then, they created a special formulation that made PurCBD 25% more highly concentrated than other inferior brands on the market.CBD Oil for DogsThe best part of all is that they were able to launch their 125 mg PurCBD at a fraction of the cost of other brands that were on the market and contained far lower quality ingredients and were not as concentrated either.

Innovet Pet is proud to have also become the first company to do many other things since 2016:

  • provide genuine 3rd party COA's
  • create a comprehensive CBD dosing guide for pets
  • create a CBD dosing calculator
  • create a CBD dosing app
  • make COA's with comprehensive tests on all ingredients
  • make a public COA database for every batch

The FDA regulates and limits what claims can be made about CBD. Some companies have made claims that are not backed-up with scientific facts. We can, however, encourage you to read the reviews from other pet owners like yourself. We also provide a ton of informative blogs on our website to help inform and give access to information that is out there for you to read.

There are research studies being done every day, worldwide. CBD has been studied for human use and pet use. Much more research needs to be done, but there are many studies that have been done and data that you can find and read. Much of the research is very promising and more needs to be done.

We believe that we’ve seen the results first-hand. We also believe that it is an affordable option to help your pet. You see, up until very recently, it has been almost impossible to do much research on hemp products like CBD, but the new Farm Bill of 2018 helped to open the market and consequently make it easier for research specialists to get samples and conduct experimentation and research.

Prior to the lifting of sanctions on hemp, it was nearly impossible to get samples to even conduct testing. The wording of the new Farm Bill of 2018 has made it possible to possess hemp products and for industries to produce and market products made from hemp. CBD is one of the many products from hemp and scientists are now working to do more credible research to back-up many of the claims that have been made by people who have used it.

There have been over 1500 international research studies on hemp products. We’re very confident in these studies and in what we have personally witnessed. It should also be said that here, in the United States, Big Pharma has spent millions (if not billions) of dollars to lobby the US government to try to keep CBD products from the public. Since regulations have only recently changed, we are still seeing some resistance but there are breakthroughs happening all of the time.

For example, CBD (cannabidiol) has been approved by the FDA as the primary active ingredient in Epidiolex, which is a human medication for seizure control in epilepsy. This is an enormous step in the right direction, but we’ve got many years to make up for.

Our hope is that people won’t be afraid to try these products and that pet owners won’t wait until it is too late to try them. Please, learn from the loss of Gordo and Maximus, and try PurCBD Oil for them while they still have a chance to feel better, recover, or extend their life at the very least. We are very excited for results to finally come to light so that you will see that many of the claims of seizure control, pain relief, and inflammation relief are supported.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog | Innovet Pet

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It can also be found in marijuana but for the purposes of CBD oil, it is taken from hemp unless otherwise labeled and sold at a marijuana dispensary.

CBD is extracted using one of many different extraction methods. The CO2 extraction method is considered to be the best method because it doesn’t add any chemicals to the product. There will be no lingering impact on the CBD if CO2 extraction is done.
It’s important that CBD is taken from plants that have been grown in clean soil that is tested for potential toxins. This is why our CBD comes from products that are from tested hemp, grown organically and proven to be toxin and free of things such as lead or mercury.

Hemp is a remediator. This means that the plant draws toxins up into the stalk as it grows it they are present in the soil. It has the ability to clean the soil it is grown in. There are other plants that also work as soil remediators but these shouldn’t be used for consumable products, especially CBD.

To fully understand how CBD works within the body, you must first know and understand what the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is. This system is present in all mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. The ECS seems to work like a control center for many body functions. The brain makes decisions, but the ECS is the middle manager of the systems if this makes sense to you?

The ECS is comprised of three parts:

The system works to create endocannabinoids, which simply means cannabinoids from within. The body of all species with an ECS, which we believe to be all living creatures, makes their own cannabinoids. These bond to the endocannabinoid receptors, of which there are two types: CB1 and CB2.

CBD enters the body and it acts much like an endocannabinoid would. In fact, other cannabinoids are all capable of having an impact on the ECS. Not all cannabinoids can bind directly to a receptor, however. CBD is one that is capable of binding to a receptor because it is a small enough molecule.

CBD is a phytocannabinoid - in other words, it comes from a plant. Plant = phyto. When CBD is sourced from credible places, as ours is, there is nothing in the CBD oil but plant matter. We have third-party testing on all of our CBD products to show that the CBD Is pure with no heavy metals or toxins present in our PurCBD oil. We provide this testing so that you can see exactly what you are getting.
PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog | Innovet Pet

Once CBD is taken, it enters the body and immediately seeks a receptor to bind with. CBD prefers binding to CB2 receptors, which are predominantly located in the central region of the body. CBD finds the receptors and binds to them within minutes after ingesting the oil. The binding process creates a lipid that is then released into the neural pathways.

It travels the neural pathway, cleaning and strengthening it as it goes. It places a protective coating on the neural pathway, which helps act as an armor, helping to protect the neural network from the impacts of aging and senility. It is believed that this is the reason it helps to keep animals alert and mentally clear, well into old age. Animals who are aging and sick, as Maximus was, are able to regain some mental clarity and respond more appropriately to their environment again.

The ECS is in control of several processes within the body. 

These include:

  • Pain management
  • Appetite control
  • Metabolism
  • Immune system function
  • Moods/anxiety

PurCBD Oil May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For To Help Your Dog | Innovet Pet

As you can see, there are few things that would not be impacted in a positive way by boosting the ECS, which is exactly what happens when you introduce more cannabinoids into the body. Think of them as fuel for the ECS.

Once in the body and bonded to a receptor, the ECS can go to work helping with pain, easing digestive issues, helping to boost the appetite when appropriate or reducing the appetite when that is most appropriate. Research with CBD has been done on rats with cancer and it was shown to reduce the size of tumors. It also helps to ease the upset stomach and vomiting that can be side-effects of cancer treatments.

Some of the reasons that pet owners currently give their dog/cat/rabbit/horse CBD oil include:

As you can see, there are many reasons that you might find CBD to be a real life-savor and that was why we wanted to make a good product that was both reliably made and affordable. We know that PurCBD is the product that you’ve been looking for and we don’t want you to go through what Matt and Dave had to go through with their dogs.

CBD isn’t a cure for anything and we aren’t saying that it is. What we are saying is that it has an incredible ability to help support the body and enable it to work better at healing itself. We also know that it has an ability to ease pain, which can help with their quality of life when your pet has a chronic condition that causes them to not feel well or not want to eat.

We know that it almost seems too good to be true, remember that Dave though the same thing. We know that if you have an opportunity to try it and see it in action, you’ll be amazed because we all have been. In fact, we are so sure that you’ll be impressed that we have a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all of our products, including PurCBD.

Some things you may wonder about:

Is CBD oil addictive? Absolutely not. You can use it for short term help with pain or you may use it as more of a long-term supplement for your pet. It will never become addictive and they will not suffer any sort of withdrawals.

Is CBD oil safe? Humans and animals have been using CBD for centuries and there has never been a recorded death from using CBD. Side-effects are extremely rare and when there is a reaction to it, it’s typically in the form of diarrhea which clears on its own, after a day or two. If it persists, lowering the dose will generally clear it up and then the dose may be gradually increased again.

Is CBD legal? Yes, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, there is nothing illegal with CBD oil. You may now purchase it all across America. There is less than .03% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD oil and THC is the psychoactive compound that causes the high in marijuana. Since it is only present in trace amounts and cannot cause any impact at that amount, it is legal to purchase CBD oil.

We hope that this explains to you why we wanted to create our PurCBD. It was a goal that came straight from our hearts. We don’t want anyone else to sit back helplessly and watch their dog suffer. We wanted everyone to have access to the information, the products, and to be able to afford them.


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