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THC and Dogs: What You Need to Know

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THC and Dogs: What You Need to Know
THC and Dogs: What You Need to Know | Innovet Pet

If you’ve ever tried THC, you might’ve looked at your furry pal and wondered if they can get high from THC, too. Quite honestly, the answer is yes. Your dog can get high from THC, too. However, while THC might relieve your painful symptoms and make your situation more bearable, the substance actually has the opposite effect on dogs. Under the influence of THC, dogs become paranoid, anxious, scared, and, in very high doses, paralyzed.

Some of you might be wondering why in the world anyone would intentionally give THC to their dog, knowing it would get them high. Well, the truth of the matter is that people who try to give THC-based products to their dogs don’t understand this difference in responses between humans and dogs. Many people take THC for medicinal purposes, as it is well known for helping with general pain, stomach aches, digestive problems, epilepsy, and numerous other issues.

If you take THC to help with your own pain, and then you notice that your dog is in pain, it can seem logical to give THC to your dog. It works well for you, so it must provide relief for your dog as well, right? Well, not quite. That is an interesting idea, but it’s not a good idea. Instead, consider learning more about a substance similar to THC, called CBD. there is even a closely related substance, CBD, that can alleviate your dog’s pain without getting them high!

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that can be derived from the cannabis plant, but more often than not, it is extracted from hemp plants. No matter what, CBD does not induce a high. Depending on the type of CBD used, there might be very traced amounts of THC within the CBD oil but it is never enough to cause changes in your pup’s brain functions or bodily sensations. Pure CBD oil extracted from a hemp plant ensures that there isn’t any THC whatsoever, seeing as THC only comes from cannabis. Therefore, no THC means no psychoactive effects. Many people use CBD oil on a daily basis to help get through their day without being cognitively impaired.

We’ll explain what THC is and then move on to the effects of THC on dogs. We just want to help you make a more informed decision about the wellbeing of your best pal. 


1. What is THC?
2. Are THC and Pot Bad For Dogs?
3. Effects of THC on Dogs vs People
4. What To Do If Your Dog Consumes THC
5. CBD: The Better Alternative to THC for Dogs
6. The Many Health Benefits of CBD
7. Where to Buy CBD Oil Online

What is THC?

Chances are you’ve likely heard of THC and know what it is to some degree. If you’re not sure about the term THC, you might know it by one of its more casual nicknames, like a weed, pot, cannabis, or kush. If you’re not at all familiar with THC, don’t worry. We’ve got the rundown for you.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. THC is found in the marijuana people smoke and the edibles that they eat. For many people, THC produces calming effects and relieves any physical discomfort or pain they may be experiencing.

THC and Dogs: What You Need to Know | Innovet Pet

In general, a cannabinoid is a chemical compound that affects the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the regulation of mood, pain, hunger, and memory. THC in particular is the chemical compound that causes marijuana to be psychoactive, meaning the substance produces a euphoric high for the user. In turn, marijuana improves moods, increases appetite, and relieves pain. This makes a lot of sense, seeing as these benefits are directly related to the endocannabinoid system.

To put it quite simply, THC is the actual component that produces an uplifting, pleasant feeling. CBD differs from THC because CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore, it doesn’t cause mind-altering feelings or experiences. Both THC and CBD relieve pain, but only one delivers mind and body highs.

This leads to the question of THC and its relationship with dogs. THC is not good for dogs. The short answer is that THC is bad for your pet, but CBD is an alternative natural remedy. Hemp-based CBD oil for your pets will ensure that your pet’s symptoms are managed without causing any of the psychoactive effects that come from THC ingestion.

Are THC and Pot Bad For Dogs?

For the sake of clarification, dogs can and will get high from THC. Whether it is through the inhalation of pot smoke, the act of eating actual marijuana buds, or from consuming edibles laced with THC, dogs can get physically high, just like humans do. The most crucial part of giving THC to dogs is that it isn’t humane. Dogs do not understand the concept, nor can they consent to get high, so it’s not kind or fair to inflict that experience on a dog.

Your dog may struggle to walk, regulate its breathing, or control its bladder, among many other sources of discomfort. For your dog, this can be a very scary experience. Imagine living your everyday life as you normally do, but then one day your heart starts racing, you struggle to catch your breath, and you have trouble walking steadily. A normal person encountering these symptoms may think there is something wrong with them or, at the very least, they’ll infer that they’re having a panic attack. But dogs are innocent and they’re unable to come to conclusions as we can. They don’t know what THC is, let alone what getting high means. To them, it’s just a sudden onset of not feeling normal or well. All in all, THC is bad for dogs.

Effects of THC on Dogs vs People

People take THC for recreational or medicinal purposes, all the while experiencing a euphoric high. Since THC is psychoactive, there is mind- and body-altering side effects of ingesting marijuana, but these are sensations that many people enjoy. While THC can provide positive feelings, there are numerous negative side effects of THC, including dry eyes, extreme hunger, sleepiness, breathing problems, and nausea. With higher doses, marijuana can cause paranoia, anxiety, and even hallucinations. Not everyone has the same reaction, but it is always possible that any of these symptoms will appear.

So what are the actual effects of THC on dogs? First of all, your dog will definitely get high. Size and breed of your dog definitely play a factor in how affected they will be by the THC. Larger breeds tend to be less affected than smaller breeds of dogs.

If your dog ingests THC, you might notice odd behavior along the lines of…


Similar to how humans can get paranoid after ingesting THC, dogs too can exhibit paranoid behavior. This would look like a dog repeatedly walking back and forth or struggling to catch their breath.


THC has a sedative, “couch-lock” effect that transfers to dogs as well. Rather than paranoid activity, a dog may also feel tired and not have the energy to move around much. If they’ve consumed a large amount of THC, they may have impaired walking, just as humans that take too much THC might.


THC has an unfortunate effect of causing issues with urine control. Occasionally, some dogs might urinate uncontrollably as a result of THC ingestion.

There hasn’t been enough controlled research or results found in order to fully understand how impactful THC on dogs. This is primarily due to the fact that THC is not good for them so it is not logical to further conduct research, knowing that the dogs are uncomfortable when under the influence of THC. What we do know is that dogs are more potently affected by THC because they have more cannabinoid receptors than humans.

So, is marijuana bad for dogs? Yes. It is. You should never give your dog any form of THC, with the only exception being the very subtle and minimal amounts found in CBD oils. If you’re seeking pain or ailment relief for your pup, there are other alternatives. THC is not the answer.

What To Do If Your Dog Consumes THC

Life is fairly unpredictable and accidents happen. You may come home from work one day to discover your dog consumed THC in one way or another, whether it’s because you accidentally left flowers on the table or you had an edible lying around. In the unfortunate event that your dog does consume THC, here are a few things to consider:

How much THC did they ingest, and in what form?

These days, THC comes in many forms. It is found in actual buds, an edible, concentrated oils, or THC-infused drinks. Each delivery method will affect a dog differently. Generally speaking, the less concentrated the THC product is, the less affected a dog will be by the substance. A nugget of marijuana is the least concentrated, whereas something like a bin of cannabis butter is the most concentrated.

What is the size of your dog?

Generally speaking, larger dogs will be less affected by THC. Specific breeds may change that, but more concern is required with smaller dogs. It is difficult to say how a dog can behave, so keep an eye on them.

How is their behavior?

Your dog might not exhibit any obvious signs of THC intoxication, though this doesn’t mean that you should leave them alone under the assumption that they’re fine. If you know your puppy pal has consumed THC, stay with them for hours afterward, until it is clear that the THC has passed through their system. If your dog is struggling to walk or breathe, and or your fluffy friend seems to be majorly affected by the THC in their system, take them to the vet immediately.

In the event your dog is seriously affected by the THC, you should take them to your veterinarian and explain what happened. While it is not recommended to give THC to your dog, it is highly unlikely for a dog to die from ingesting THC. A dog would have to consume a very large amount of THC without supervision for a prolonged period of time in order for this outcome to occur. Avoid THC at all costs and consider CBD for your dogs.

CBD: The Better Alternative to THC for Dogs

We’ve mentioned CBD a few times throughout this article, and that’s because it offers similar health benefits as THC, without the undesirable psychoactive side effects for dogs. That applies to your dog too! Unlike THC, CBD has, in fact, been researched and found to be safe for dogs! CBD is a wonderful solution for dogs with little to no appetite, high levels of pain, stomach issues, heart problems, and anxiety, among many other conditions. Interestingly enough, CBD is proven to assist in the prevention of cancer.

You may be wondering what CBD is, and to that, we applaud your curiosity. There are two ways of extracting CBD. There is the CBD isolate, which is quite literally pure CBD extracted from the hemp plant. This is the purest form of CBD oil possible, allowing for the most positive effects while minimizing any negative side effects. There is also a type of CBD called full-spectrum CBD, which contains other cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, including the psychoactive component, THC. However, the proportion of THC to CBD in CBD oils for dogs is aligned in a way that is significantly safer and not at all psychoactive.

For humans, there is something known as the entourage effect, where the CBD and THC work together to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, while also reducing any psychoactive effects. While this is applicable to humans, it does not apply to dogs. CBD will not counteract THC in equal doses. Dogs simply have more cannabinoid receptors than humans so they respond differently to THC, thus implying that THC is bad for dogs. Perhaps in the future, more research can be done to see if minimal amounts of THC are safe for dogs, but for now, do not give THC to your pup.

We recommend using natural CBD oil for your dog. If you prefer to stay far away from even the most trace amounts of THC, keep an eye out for CBD derived from hemp, not cannabis. Until more research can be done, we cannot confidently even hint at the possibility of THC being good for dogs. Treating your dog can be tricky because they’re unable to tell you how something makes them feel. This is why we have to stay informed and make sure we are taking all measures to ensure their safety.

The Many Health Benefits of CBD

CBD has been used in medicine for years. The substance is widely used as a natural, safe way to help minimize the symptoms of many different ailments. Some of the less favorable side effects that stem from THC usage are worsened or exacerbated in people who do not respond well to THC. For example, one person may become nauseous when ingesting THC, while another person may, in fact, take THC to quell their nausea. However, when it comes to CBD, there aren’t any negative side effects. There are many positive health benefits of taking CBD properly. These benefits include...

Pain Relief

Pain relief is the number one reason people look to THC and CBD alike. CBD is best used for pain deriving from inflammation, injuries, and joint issues. THC is used to treat neurological and chronic pains, like multiple sclerosis or seizure disorders.


While relaxation is typically seen as more of a recreational benefit, the sedation that CBD provides is a medical benefit as well. CBD has a calming effect that increases alongside higher dosages, so it is commonly utilized as a sleep aid.


CBD is often taken by people who have issues going to sleep. It is a great cure for insomnia as it promotes relaxation and is a sedative. Typically Indica heavy strains are better for relaxation, but every user may have a different experience. Regardless of what strain is being ingested, a user should not take THC if they need to go somewhere or have obligations.


CBD has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. When the proper dose is administered, people and dogs alike have reportedly appeared less stressed, felt less anxious, and exhibited signs of more functional lifestyles, compared to their day-to-day experiences with anxiety disorders.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Online

All-natural products are better for your pup than most manufactured prescription medications. We do not involve any by-products, chemicals, or additives in our production process, so you can trust us when we say your canine companion is only getting the best of the best. we offer a wide selection of CBD-focused items and hemp-based products. We specialize in CBD oil for dogs of all sizes and breeds, as well as CBD dog treats and hemp-derived capsules.

Many pet companies have hopped on the CBD bandwagon without doing their research, so stay educated about the ingredients in CBD oil before you make a purchase and give it to your furry friend.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Fortunately, at Innovet, we genuinely care about your dog as much as you do. We provide naturally-derived CBD oils and hemp-based chew treats. None of our CBD products contain THC, so you can rest assured knowing your dog won’t start experiencing the side effects of psychoactive medicines when munching on our treats. We believe in using CBD oil to benefit the health of your dog while minimizing any side effects they’re experiencing, no matter the root cause. If you are in search of the highest quality hemp-based CBD oils, look no further. Take a look at our selection of tasty CBD treats for your dog today! Please reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have.


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