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A Guide On Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis

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A Guide On Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis
A Guide On Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis | Innovet Pet

Puppies are naturally energetic due to their youth. They love to run and stay moving all of the time. However, as they get older, their energy levels tend to plummet. This is a natural occurrence for dogs just as it is in humans. Senior dogs are especially prone to being much less energetic. They often lie around a lot and take plenty of naps.

Dogs sometimes begin to develop inflammation as they get older. Inflammation inside the body can happen due to health concerns and changes. Knowing what the signs and symptoms are of inflammation is a good thing to remember. After all, caring well for your pet requires some knowledge and research.

Here at Innovetpet, we believe strongly in pet parents having as much information as possible. Many of us have pets too, and we know how special that they are. In this article, we will discuss natural anti-inflammatory treatments for dogs with arthritis and inflammatory conditions as well as an explanation of conditions, symptoms, and more.


1. What Is Arthritis in Dogs?
2. What Causes Arthritis in Dogs?
3. Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs
4. Types of Dog Arthritis
5. Can Arthritis in Dogs Be Cured?
6. How Do I Get My Dog Diagnosed?
7. Can I Treat My Dog With Arthritis Naturally?
8. Turmeric As A Natural Anti-Inflammatory
9. Exercise For Naturally Helping Arthritis
10. CBD As A Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs
11. Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs: Final Thoughts

What Is Arthritis in Dogs?

What is Arthritis in Dogs?, Dog Arthritis, Arthritis | Innovet Pet

Arthritis in dogs often occurs to dogs that are in their senior years. Arthritis is inflammation in the joints of the body. Dogs can get arthritis just like people can and often occurs in older dogs just as it does in older people. Sometimes, arthritis in dogs can affect young pets. However, this is less likely and doesn't happen as often. It is not an unusual condition and affects many dogs in their older years.

What Causes Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis occurs as a result of inflammation in the body. Typically, it happens as a result of incomplete development of the joints and bones of the body. It can also occur as a result of vitamin deficiency that occurs when not having enough food or simply not having proper nutrition. It can also occur after an injury in the joints and muscles.

Other causes of arthritis in dogs are obesity, bacterial infection, fungus, hereditary conditions, Cushing's disease, age, and a disease borne from ticks. Diabetes in dogs can also cause them to develop arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

Finding out if your dog has arthritis can be a tricky task. It isn't always easy to tell if they have developed arthritis or if they just have another health condition that is similar.

Limping is a symptom of arthritis in dogs. A limp that seems to be on one particular leg is a common sign. Also, some dogs have worse limping as they get up from lying down. It will typically get better as they begin walking for a while.

The second symptom is difficulty in moving. If they are suddenly moving a lot slower or having difficulty with steps and stairs, it could be that they have arthritis.

The third symptom of arthritis in dogs are spinal issues. Spinal issues in dogs will be apparent if they have a “hunch” in their back, a strange posture, or balance problems with their back legs.

Exhaustion is the fourth symptom of arthritis in dogs. Dogs with arthritis tire easily after walking and experience pain. This results in them being tired and exhausted more than usual.

Types of Dog Arthritis

Types of Dog Arthritis, Dog Arthritis | Innovet Pet

Interestingly, there is more than one type of arthritis in dogs. Inflammatory joint disease is one form of arthritis in dogs. Inflammatory joint disease can be caused by an infection or an immune disorder that is genetic in nature. Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) happens when there is erosion in the cartilage. It is more common in purebred dogs. Degenerative joint disease and inflammatory joint disease are the two most common types of dog arthritis.

Rare forms of dog arthritis are neoplastic (cancer of the joints), metabolic (the joints bleed), and crystalloid (from crystals in the joints). These rarer types of arthritis are much harder to recognize and diagnose. That is why regular vet check-ups are imperative to the health of your pet.

Can Arthritis in Dogs Be Cured?

Arthritis in dogs cannot be cured entirely. However, there are some treatments available that can help with inflammation and pain associated with the disease. It is recommended to take your dog to the veterinarian if you want to get a diagnosis of their condition. This can verify whether they have arthritis or another health condition. A definitive diagnosis is vital to ensure the health of your pet. Many veterinarians will recommend a specific diet and lifestyle changes. They may prescribe your pet medication if they feel it is in their best interests. It is essential to follow your trusted vet's instructions and recommended follow-up visits to gauge how your pet is doing with the currently prescribed treatment plan.

How Do I Get My Dog Diagnosed?

A veterinary exam is the best way to get a firm diagnosis. Veterinarians will give your dog an exam and likely a type of x-ray. Most times, they will put your pet under general anesthesia while they are doing the exam. This is to get a close glimpse of the bones and joints and see if the dog has arthritis or another health condition. They will also look for signs of which type of arthritis in dogs that it is so that they can better form a treatment plan. In some cases, the veterinarian will do a force plate analysis to get a diagnosis. Either way, the veterinarian will use the tools they feel are best suited for your pet based on their health and what they think would give the most definitive result.

Ensuring that your dog has a well-padded bed that is free from cold and dampness is a great way to help with their comfort at home if the veterinarian has diagnosed them with this condition. Also, adding any steps in high places to help them when they are moving around. Sometimes a ramp is very helpful for certain spots.

Can I Treat My Dog With Arthritis Naturally?

Dogs that have arthritis can be helped with natural remedies. This is a good option for pet parents that want to try something that is all-natural to improve their pet's health. It is understandable for pet parents to want to give their dogs something without chemicals or additives. Many medications come with risks of scary side effects. Some of the frightening side effects can even be worse than the condition that the medicine is supposed to be treating. That can be terrifying to pet parents that worry enough about their dogs. Having extra side effects to worry about is just awful.

Natural options that can help are ideal for lessening the worries of side effects and the possible issues that come with taking things that are laden with chemicals. So, the answer is a resounding yes to treating your dog with arthritis naturally.

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Natural Diets For Dog Arthritis

A good healthy diet is vital for the entire well-being of a pet. It helps them to get the vitamins and minerals that they need for ideal body function.

A healthy diet that is natural can be fed by the owner themselves through creative natural cooking. Eliminating preservatives and additives can make a big difference in the health of your pet. It can even reduce inflammation. Cooking with natural ingredients to feed your pet can be very helpful to pet parents that want to ensure that their pet has an organic or natural diet. Eliminating processed ingredients will be vital to giving them a natural diet.

There are also pet foods that are organic and natural that are sold on the market for pet parents that just aren't very good in the kitchen or that are simply too busy to prepare homemade meals. It is important to research any dog foods and manufacturers before you spend money. Make sure that they have good reviews on their pet foods and that they are transparent about their ingredients and manufacturing process. This is to ensure that what you are buying is what is being advertised and is what you need for the health of your dog.

Dogs that are overweight or obese may need to go on a different type of diet. It is important that overweight dogs with arthritis lose weight and body fat right away. This is because it makes it even harder for them to walk and move as they are carrying around too much extra weight. The veterinarian will likely be able to recommend specific foods and diets for obese dogs. Natural foods that are free of preservatives and sugars will be beneficial. Also, the veterinarian will typically recommend that you get your dog out for more exercise as a form of getting their weight under control. Losing weight and body fat is crucial for overweight and obese dogs that have been diagnosed with an inflammatory condition as it can increase their mobility and their chances of at least improving somewhat.

Fatty Acids For Natural Anti-Inflammatory in Dogs

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are very helpful for dogs with inflammation due to arthritis. These fatty acids are extremely good at breaking down inflammation in the body, and there have been studies that show this to be true. Most humans have heard of omega 3 and omega 6 for health benefits. Well, you can use it for your dogs that are suffering from osteoarthritis and conditions that inflame the joints and bones. Some dog foods and dog treats have these fatty acids in them as part of your dog's diet. It is a good idea to find a way to implement them into your dog's daily nutrition plan. Experimenting with treats, adding it to food, or giving them dog food that is made with it inside is a smart method of figuring out which way is best for your dog's tastes and needs. 

Turmeric As A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Interestingly, turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs. It is an antioxidant that can help with swelling and inflammation in the body. You can buy turmeric at many local grocery stores and online. This amazing little spice is relatively cheap, and it is a natural substance. It comes from the turmeric root that is grown in nature. It can be added easily to foods that your dog eats.

Exercise For Naturally Helping Arthritis

Exercise is natural and it's free. Dogs with arthritis really need to get up and move. It helps them with their stiffness and gets their blood flowing. It also keeps their muscles stronger. Many veterinarians recommend exercise for dogs with arthritis. Exercise truly is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it gives you a chance to bond with your dog as well. Just getting your dog into the back yard for a while to walk around is a simple way to add some additional exercise. Make sure they walk around for a while or jog if they can. Some pet parents like to walk their dogs around the neighborhood. This is a great option, too.

There are some dogs that absolutely love to go for a walk in the neighborhood and spend time with their pet parent. A slow walk for even half a mile can do a lot of good. Plus, pet parents can get a little-added exercise as well! Exercise releases endorphins in the body and can also boost the mood of your pet and give them a little more pep in their step. The fact that it is important for dogs with arthritis to walk and exercise is another reason to get your furry friend out to move around. Some vets even recommend swimming as an exercise for dogs with arthritis. This is because it is easier on the body and still gives exercise. There are even canine therapists that can provide the pool and perform swimming therapy along with your dog. They also do a wide variety of physical therapy methods with dogs to ensure that their movement gets better. It is a good option for pet parents of arthritic dogs that can afford it. Also, some pet insurances cover these types of therapies. If you have pet insurance, it is wise to look up whether or not it covers these types of therapies. It could also help pay for medications, veterinary bills, and other expenses that come along with having to care for a dog with arthritis.

Pet parents that live in apartments or homes without a yard would be wise to consider local parks. Many cities have local parks that allow pets. This would let you to take your dog out for a walk without worrying about annoying the neighbors or wondering where you can walk your pet. Some cities even have dog parks. This means that it is just for dogs to socialize, get exercise, and play with their pet parents. It is recommended to look up or ask about rules for taking dogs to the park. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all of the animals and people at the public parks.

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CBD As A Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs

One of the most helpful and all-natural treatments for arthritis is CBD. CBD is derived from hemp extract and is all organic. It is known for its healing properties in both humans and animals. Indeed, it can help with many health conditions. CBD is effective for anxiety, nausea, inflammation, cancer, and much more. There are multiple scientific studies that are proving that these health benefits are true. It is becoming more and more accepted in society as a natural and holistic way to treat conditions and give users relief from painful health problems. Dogs with arthritis can benefit greatly from the natural anti-inflammatory properties that are part of CBD.

CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet

CBD Oil For Dogs can be used to help dogs with arthritis in a natural and meaningful way. Pet parents don't have to stress out about unsavory side effects as they would with drugs and chemicals. It is a side-effect free natural treatment that provides nothing but excellent benefits. The anti-inflammatory healing properties of CBD will do what it needs to do when it is given. Often, pet parents will notice positive changes in a short period of time. Some have reported positive health benefits after just a couple of weeks. Anything that pet parents can do to reduce pain in their dog naturally is amazing.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs: Final Thoughts

Natural anti-inflammatory remedies for dogs with arthritis can make a big difference in our furry friends that have inflammatory conditions or arthritis. They are often affordable, low in risk of side effects, and offer lasting results. If your furry friend has arthritis, we know how scary that can be. At Innovet Pet, we know how hard it is to watch your pet suffer any type of discomfort or pain. Using natural anti-inflammatory products for dogs is wise for pet parents that are concerned about giving their dogs medications that are filled with chemicals and that have side effects that seem terrifying. Organic and natural anti-inflammatory products are often much safer and very effective in treating conditions like canine arthritis.



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