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Keeping Up with Your Old Dog with Advanced Mobility Soft Chews Inspired by Maximus

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Keeping Up with Your Old Dog with Advanced Mobility Soft Chews Inspired by Maximus

Maximus was struggling to get up on to the bed.

He gingerly placed one paw on the edge of the mattress, looking around anxiously.

It was obvious his back legs and hips were feeling strained under his weight, but he was tenacious.

His whole body was shaking, he was whimpering, and his elbows were splayed out at odd angles, but he wanted to snuggle us in bed. He had done so since he was a baby. We picked him up and laid him down between us and resumed our evening routine, but we were worried.

The next morning we set to work. We researched and experimented and combined strange, hard-to-find ingredients. After hundreds of hours worth of work, we had success.

We had finally figured out the base formula that would become our Advanced Mobility Chews.

Meet Maximus at Innovet Pet

We used them as treats. Maximus adored them and begged for more every time we finished up a training session. He thought that laying down, rolling over, and sticking out his tongue- playing dead- was the answer to getting another chew.

The veterinarian suggested several medicines, but Max responded poorly to them so we decided to pursue homeopathic remedies first.

We noticed a change in his symptoms quickly. He was able to walk a little faster, play a little longer, and jump a little higher. He was not quite the puppy he had once been, but we enjoyed the extra energy and boost in wellness for his last few years.

We quickly came to the conclusion that more dogs struggling with arthritis and joint health conditions should have access to the fantastic natural compounds that we used to help Maximus, so we put our ingredients list to the test.

Shortly thereafter Advanced Mobility Support chews were born.

What Are Advanced Mobility Chews For Dogs?

They are dosed by weight: a dog up to 35 pounds will need two chews, a dog between 36 and 75 pounds gets three chews, and any dog larger than that gets four. We wanted to be able to provide a safe, pure, effective product. We also needed it to be super easy to use. The easier it is, the more frequently you will remember to use it! You and your dog deserve the best, so that means less time measuring medicines and reading instructions… and more time playing and snuggling. Our Advanced Mobility Chews are safe for all dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. They are particularly helpful for elderly dogs experiencing joint pain or mobility issues, dogs recovering from joint surgery or those with chronic conditions that cause stiffness and inflammation (regardless of their age).


They are soft and chewy, which is great for older dogs that may not be able to chew hard, crunchy pieces.

We have done all the measuring and research for you. There is nothing left to do: just shake a couple chews out of the BPA-free bottle and feed them to your dog. That is all!

We ensure our products are the highest possible quality. We develop and manufacture all our chews in-house under strict federal guidelines and veterinary oversight, to ensure we keep tabs on the whole process and keep it up to our standards. We also get each product verified by an independent third-party lab, so you can be sure of their safety by checking each product's certificate of analysis.

They are salmon flavored, too, just like Maximus loved. And your dog will love the taste too!

If not, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know that you are unhappy with our product and we will refund your money.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Advanced Mobility Chews And What Do They Do? 

We hand-picked each and every ingredient in all of our formulas, keeping our super high standards at the forefront of our minds. We work hard to bring you ONLY the best final product.

Some of the ingredients in our Advanced Mobility Chews may surprise you, but trust us- we know joint health!

Green-lipped Mussels

Keeping Up with Your Old Dog with Advanced Mobility Soft Chews Inspired by Maximus | Innovet Pet

Green-lipped mussels may be one of the potent superfoods on the planet.

Native to New Zealand, green-lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus) get their name from the beautiful bright green edges to their shells. They are the largest mussel in the world.

They were the subject of some intense clinical research some 70 or so years ago when scientists were looking to isolate specific compounds that could cure human cancer. The studies did not generate much excitement; the reports were released stating that no clinically relevant results were found.

Several months after the study concluded, many participants came back asking about what compounds they were given. They mentioned their feelings of overall health and a drastic decrease in joint pain and stiffness. Researchers took note and began trials for arthritis medications featuring the same ingredients the next year.

Extracts from green-lipped mussels are currently in the FDA testing stage of development and may be produced under the name Lyprinol. Lyprinol is actually the name of the lipid-rich extract itself. It is safer and less harsh on the stomach than traditional NSAID pain relievers.

Mussels are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been scientifically-proven to decrease the symptoms and halt the progression of several types of arthritis and other joint damage.

A recent Korean study on humans attempted to explore the anti-arthritic effects of Lyprinol. The study concluded that slightly more than 50 percent of the patients involved noticed a decrease in their symptoms within a month of use. By 8 weeks of use, that number was close to 80 percent. Nearly 25 percent said they noticed a significant decrease in pain.

They may also have similar anti-inflammatory properties to high-potency fish oil; they reduce the body’s production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins, which can cause inflammation. It is interesting and worthwhile to note that preparations of powdered mussel without any shell fragments have been shown to have almost no anti-inflammatory ability.

Green-lipped mussels are super efficacious antioxidant as well. An antioxidant is a compound that eliminates the presence of free radicals, unused electrons that destroy cells and damage organs. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which strains and ages the body and can invite disease. Antioxidants get rid of them and make your dog’s body healthier.

They are also full of essential micronutrients, important digestive enzymes, and almost the complete set of amino acids.

Allow this amazing powerhouse ingredient to work its magic on your dog’s achy, swollen joints! You will not be disappointed! 

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is another fierce anti-inflammatory that can put a stop to your dog’s arthritis pain and discomfort.

An important aspect of salmon oil is that it has the unique ability to promote blood flow during exercise and movement, which keeps the joints moving smoothly. It encourages your dog to be more active, which helps him stay healthier in the long run.

Moving more also means it will be easier to keep him at a healthy weight, which can take more strain off of his joints.

In addition to the full spectrum of fatty acids and lipids that salmon oil contains, it is great for his entire body, including his nerves and brain, eyes, and heart. It also supports fetal development in pregnant dogs.

The salmon oil we use in our Advanced Mobility Chews is cold-pressed from wild-caught fish in the pristine waters off the coast of Alaska. They routinely test at significantly lower concentrations of contaminants than other types of fish oil.

Hemp Extract and Hemp Seed Powder

If your dog has arthritis, you have already probably run into the mention of cannabidiol (CBD) as part of his treatment. You may have seen it in stores and treats. You may even use it yourself!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information available on the internet. It can be hard to figure out exactly what the truth about hemp, CBD, and weed is.

Hemp is NOT marijuana. The two plants are biologically related, but only marijuana contains THC, the ingredient that gets you high when ingested.

Hemp is popular around the world. It grows quickly and is not picky about care. The pulp is used for paper and building materials and is an excellent biofuel. Hemp may replace the use of plastics one day!

Hemp has been used for centuries as a medicine. It contains hundreds of complex chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds interact with a highly-specialized network of receptors called the ECS; the endocannabinoid system. Every animal, including you and your dog, have an ECS and respond to cannabinoids the same way.

Hemp is full of fatty acids that can help heal sore joints and increase mobility, but hemp and cannabinoids it contains do so much more than that!

It can:

Keeping Up with Your Old Dog with Advanced Mobility Soft Chews Inspired by Maximus | Innovet Pet
  • Help treat cancer and tumors
  • Boost immune function and help fight infection and viruses
  • Protect against neurodegenerative disease
  • Alleviate mental health conditions like anxiety
  • Encourage better quality sleep
  • Help the muscles heal faster after activity or surgery
  • Eliminate seizures and tremors
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Provide relief for chronic health conditions
  • Eliminate digestive upset, including nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, and can aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Slash your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease
  • Clear skin nuisances like acne or eczema

Hemp containing cannabidiol is nothing short of a medical miracle!


Glucosamine has long been suggested for arthritis sufferers, for good reason. The evidence is clear: it is safe and effective.

Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring compound made of glucose and the amino acid glutamine. Its entire purpose is to help form the molecule glycosaminoglycan, which is used exclusively for joint function and health. It repairs cartilage.

Glucosamine is most often synthesized in a lab, but it is also found in large amounts in the shells of many shellfish. Then it comes from a lab, there are two forms: hydrochloride and sulfate. Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL) is generally regarded as a safer, more effective formula.

Be advised that if your dog is allergic to shellfish you will need to be extra careful to only use lab-created glucosamine.

Glucosamine is usually suggested in conjunction with chondroitin, and you will very often find them in the same supplement.


Chondroitin is a naturally-occurring compound in human and animal connective tissue. In supplement form, the source is often beef bones that contain cartilage.

Chondroitin has been shown to slow the progression of arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. It can also alleviate the pain and inflammation of those affected joints and restore a full range of motion when there is stiffness.

Chondroitin also helps protect the eye, alleviating dry eyes and helping to protect the lens. It can help with interstitial cystitis, gastritis, and persistent heartburn.


MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is created naturally during the sulfur cycle by the death of algae and phytoplankton. It is released into the ozone layer, where, when it comes in contact with water, it falls back to earth with rain. Plants absorb the MSM, and animals eat the plants.

It can reduce inflammation and pain, improve skin health, and decrease the intensity of an allergic reaction. It has also been shown to fight cancer and boost the immune system.

PurForMSM (pure-form methylsulfonylmethane) is super pure and the highest quality available.

Palm Fruit Oil

Palm oil is the most widely used cooking oil in the world. More than 80 percent of it is used for processed food. Globally, on average, humans ingested around 17 pounds of palm oil per person in 2015.

The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) produces two types of oils: one from the flesh of the fruit and one from the kernel, or seeds of the fruit.

Palm oil is around 50 percent saturated fat. It is naturally reddish in color because of the high beta-carotene content. It has a better amino acid composition than coconut oil, is absorbed better than olive oil, and contains all of the essential fatty acids that can contribute to your dog’s joint health.


The small, brown, nutty-flavored seed of the flax plant, flaxseed, also called linseed, is packed full of protein, fiber, micronutrients, and fatty acids.

Flax seeds were first purposely cultivated in ancient Babylon in 3000 BC. In the 8th century, King Charlemagne passed a law requiring his subjects to eat some flax seeds every day, believing it could be the key to a perfectly healthy kingdom.

He actually was not far off from the mark.

They can improve kidney function, cardiovascular health, and skin and coat health. They have been shown time and time again to ease the symptoms of arthritis and joint problems. They can reduce the risk of chronic constipation and help fight off internal intestinal parasites.

Flaxseed is often used in place of fish oil. It does not leave behind a fishy aftertaste or a yucky odor on your dog’s breath.

If you suspect your dog has joint issues or arthritis, or you notice him struggling with being able to move around, contact your veterinarian. He can do an examination, listen to your concerns, and watch your dog for any signs of disease. He may also order some blood work or an x-ray.

Figuring out the underlying health condition responsible for your dog’s pain and inflammation is essential to his good health. Some things, like cancer, can permanently alter his entire body and could even prove deadly. Others, like a minor sprain, can be healed up almost immediately with no lasting effects.

If your dog is struggling, make sure to follow some basic health rules to help him feel his best:

  • Make sure you feed your dog the best quality food you can get. Supplement his kibble with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, and pumpkin are great options that provide plenty of nutrients.
  • Help him stay at healthy body weight. Being overweight puts him at a much greater risk of developing arthritis (along with a number of other chronic diseases)
  • Take a walk with your pooch every day. Exercise can keep him healthy and active, can keep his body weight normal, and can help keep his joints moving fluidly.
  • Ensure your vet sees your dog at least once a year for a normal physical. He should be up-to-date on his vaccines, be on a heartworm preventative, and a flea and tick deterrent. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, which is well known for its effect on joints.
  • Feed him the proper number of Advanced Mobility Chews every day to keep him feeling young and spry and to keep his joint concerns from worsening.

We want your dog to be as healthy as he can be. We have all experienced the decline of an elderly dog, and it is heartbreaking to not be able to make them feel better.

With today’s advances in science and medicine, however, there is no need for your dog to suffer from joint pain and immobility, even as he gets older.

Our Advanced Mobility Chews can be your first step to taking control of his overall health and making him feel like a puppy again!

Good luck keeping up once his joints start to heal. Maybe he could even start to outrun you again!


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