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Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues

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Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: January 19, 2021

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet Pet

And that's where CBD treats for dogs come in! They take the difficulty of giving your dog CBD and replace it with the fun and ease of a dog treat. The dosing is simple (just give your dog a few treats each day) and you don't have to worry about feeding it to your dog since the treats are flavored to their liking. 

Our Advanced Mobility Support CBD Treats have the following benefits:

  • Mobility Support & Joint Health
  • Reduces Discomfort & Eliminating Inflammation
  • Cushions Joints
  • Keeps Dogs Active
  • Helps All Ages Recover From Surgery

These treats also include nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green-Lipped Mussel, and Hyaluronic Acid, so your pet will get a well-rounded health supplement by taking these treats regularly.

What Are CBD Treats For Dogs?

CBD treats for dogs are - as the name implies - treats for your dog that contains CBD. CBD is a supplement that can improve your dog's health in a variety of ways, like boosting their appetite, regulating their mood, and reducing chronic pain.

CBD products come in several forms, like lotions and supplements. The most common form of CBD, though, is as an oil. While this is the most direct and potent method of CBD delivery for pets, it can be difficult to properly dose and administer to dogs who aren't used to taking medicine regularly.

Are CBD Treats Safe For Dogs?

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet Pet

They are! It's good to be cautious before giving your dog any new medication or supplement, especially one you aren't familiar with. If your dog is already taking another form of medication regularly, you should consult with your vet before giving them CBD treats.

But in general, CBD treats are one of the safest things you can give your pets. Most mammals (dogs and cats included) have a naturally high tolerance to the compound, so it's difficult to overdose your pet on CBD. And even if you do, the side effects are still relatively harmless! The only negative side effect that most dogs experience is becoming more drowsy than normal.

If you notice that your pet is experiencing symptoms of drowsiness after taking CBD treats, you can easily fix the issue by lowering their dosage each day. If your dog does happen to have a negative reaction to CBD, however, make sure to hold off on giving them anymore CBD and take them to a vet asap.

How Do CBD Treats For Dogs Work?

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet Pet

CBD works by stimulating your dog's ECS system - a system that is found in most animals, including people. This system is responsible for regulating processes in your dog's body like immunity, sleep, mood, appetite, and pain.

CBD is like a vitamin for this system. It increases the activity of your pet's ECS system positively, helping their body regulate their mood, appetite, and pain more easily. This makes CBD a valuable alternative to other medications that are less natural and carry negative side effects.

Because CBD treats have other ingredients mixed in (as opposed to more pure forms of CBD like CBD oil) they aren't as potent as other forms of the compound. This is great for older dogs who need milder forms of treatment.

How Long Do CBD Treats Take To Work?

CBD oils are the most potent and direct form of CBD, which is also why they're the most popular. CBD oils usually take effect just 20 minutes after being administered and within an hour at the most.

CBD treats, on the other hand, are not as fast-acting or as direct as CBD oils. For one, they need to be digested to work, and two, they have several other ingredients mixed in, which slow down the rate that the CBD is absorbed. As a result, CBD treats usually take closer to an hour before they start showing their effects.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, especially when it comes to older dogs! The mild nature of CBD treats makes them gentler on older dogs and dogs that are just beginning to take CBD. Just be sure that if you're giving you pet CBD for a time-sensitive event (like a car ride) that you administer it about an hour beforehand.

The Benefits Of CBD Treats For Dogs

Calms Anxiety and Depression In Dogs

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet Pet

CBD is known for being an effective aid for anxiety and depression in humans. Treating these conditions is one of the most popular uses for CBD. While you may have never thought about it, your dog is just as susceptible to anxiety and depression as you are.

Fortunately, these conditions are just as treatable in dogs as they are in people through the use of CBD. Most cases of ongoing anxiety and depression in dogs are the result of a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance not only lowers your dog's mood, but also their appetite, energy, and ability to sleep comfortably.

Because all of these factors are regulated in part by the ECS system, giving your dog CBD regularly can reduce their depression and the side effects that come along with it. It can even have broader benefits in dogs that struggle with these issues. For example, some dogs have trouble socializing with other animals and people because of their anxiety. With CBD treatment, dogs can overcome these feelings of anxiety and begin having positive interactions with other animals.

Helps Chronic Arthritis and Pain

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet Pet

One of the primary causes behind arthritis and chronic pain in dogs - especially older ones - is inflammation. Inflammation is a normal and healthy part of your dog's immune system that targets foreign bodies in your dog. Unfortunately, inflammation is prone to be triggered when it shouldn't be, which can cause it to attack healthy parts of your dog's body.

In rare occurrences, this isn't such a big deal. But over long periods, these occurrences can add up to harm your dog's body. One of the most common effects of this is arthritis, which happens when your dog's inflammatory response regularly targets their joints. Arthritis puts your dog in a considerable amount of pain and can make it difficult for them to move around as much as they normally would.

CBD is an extremely effective solution for these kinds of issues because it targets them in two different ways. First, CBD helps regulate your dog's immune system, so these inflammatory attacks become less frequent and severe, slowing down the development of arthritis. And second, CBD helps reduce pain by blocking pain receptors in your pet's brain, so they can move around more comfortably.

Can Reduce The Frequency of Seizures

One of the most exciting effects of CBD is its ability to help manage dog seizures. Seizures have traditionally been a difficult condition to treat, with most medications having severe and lasting side effects. Epileptic seizures are the result of sporadic surges of activity in certain areas of the brain, which leads to uncoordinated behavior like spasms and fainting.

Traditional seizure medications treat this by dulling the brain's overall activity at all times so that these sporadic surges are less powerful and likely to occur. The downside of this, however, is that it leaves the user feeling dull and lethargic at all times while also causing significant damage to their liver and other organs.

CBD, when used in higher than usual dosages, has been shown to reduce seizures in epileptics and even interrupt them as they're occurring. If your dog struggles with epilepsy, consult with your vet about switching to CBD as an alternative to traditional medication.

Improves Your Dog's Overall Health

CBD is also helpful for dogs even if they aren't currently experiencing any negative health conditions. It has a natural preventative effect on several conditions, like IBD and glaucoma, and can even improve the quality of your dog's coat.

More importantly, though, it promotes homeostasis throughout your dog's body. The interaction between CBD and your dog's ECS system keeps vital routines - like appetite, sleep, mood, and immunity - running as they should, so dogs taking CBD regularly are less likely to experience issues in their health than others.

Are CBD Treats For Dogs Legal?

A concern that many pet owners new to CBD have is that it might not be legal. This is a completely normal concern, as CBD is sourced from cannabis plants, which are in a legal grey area throughout most of the US. The answer is that not all CBD is legal, but the way our CBD treats are sourced means that they are legal throughout the US.

Here's how it works!

Cannabis, hemp, and marijuana are all used interchangeably, but they actually all mean different things. Hemp and marijuana are different strains of cannabis, while cannabis is the parent plant. So when you say that CBD comes from cannabis, you could mean that it comes from hemp or marijuana.

The difference between hemp and marijuana is their THC content, another compound in cannabis, and the one that gives it it's famous "high". Marijuana contains a lot of THC, while hemp contains less than 0.3% THC - nowhere near enough to have any psychoactive effects. As a result, hemp is legal in all 50 states, while marijuana is only legal in a handful for now.

So, you can give your pet CBD products without breaking any laws or giving your pet a high! It has all of the health benefits of CBD without any of the other effects of marijuana.

For senior dogs that struggle with conditions like arthritis and other mobility issues, Innovet has created our Advanced Mobility Support CBD Treats. These treats are made to help senior dogs stay active, spry, and happy as they age.

These treats are all-natural and contain 0% THC. They're salmon flavored, making them irresistible to your pet, and are soft enough that older dogs with trouble chewing can still benefit from them.

6 Natural Ingredients

Mobility Support CBD Soft Chews for Dogs With Arthritis & Joint Issues | Innovet PetFor more general health needs, the Advanced Mobility Support CBD Treats include green-lipped mussels and wild Alaskan salmon oils. Both of these ingredients are proven to combat stiffness, inflammation, and swelling that comes with chronic joint pain. Every Advanced Mobility Support CBD Treat contains 2.5mg of hemp, which makes it easy to give to dogs of all sizes. The natural properties of the CBD found in hemp can help aging dogs with issues like inflammation, chronic pain, and immunity. These treats have organic hemp seed powder as well, which can fill in the gaps in your dog's diet. Our Mobility Support chews include glucosamine HCL and PurforMSM, both of which provide joint support in different ways. Glucosamine helps rebuild joint cartilage, which is one of the leading causes of joint pain in older dogs. MSM, on the other hand, provides fluid to your pet's joints for smooth motion.

All six of these ingredients work together to provide your pet with a single, easy-to-take treat for all of their joint support needs.


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