5 Problems That Fleas Can Cause

5 Problems That Fleas Can Cause


1. Dermatitis

If your pet is allergic to the fleas' saliva, it may get flea bite dermatitis. The bites will cause it to constantly scratch and itch itself. This will cause its skin to get irritated, break open, and form scabs. These scabs can get infected.


2. Tapeworms

If your dog accidentally swallows a flea while scratching, licking, or chewing its skin or hair, it can get tapeworms. Tapeworms develop in the fleas and infest a dog's gut when the fleas are ingested. They are usually less than an inch long, but they can grow much longer than that. They can lead to weight loss and a rear end rash.


3. Anemia

If your pet gets infested with enough fleas, it can lead to anemia. The fleas will bite your pet and cause it to lose blood. Constant blood loss can lead to anemia.


4. Bartonella

It is also possible for a dog or cat to get infected if the fleas are carrying the Bartonella bacteria. This can lead to fever, seizures, lymph node swelling, and more. It can be transmitted to humans as well (this is known as cat scratch fever).


5. Harm to Humans

Dog fleas will usually not seek a human as a host, but they can bite humans.


It's important to get rid of fleas right away. Make sure to avoid chemical flea prevention products that can cause harm to your pet. Contact us for a year-round all-natural solution. 

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