Can CBD Help Manage Your Dog’s Seizures?

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Can CBD Help Manage Your Dog’s Seizures?


CBD is a legal and THC-free supplement that has grown in popularity ever since it was found to help those who suffer from epileptic seizures manage their symptoms. However, further studies have been done that suggest that humans are not the only ones who may benefit from this newfound treatment.

CBD for dogs and other pets is an innovative way for wary pet owners to treat their animals with something that has minimal side effects, unlike commonly prescribed medications. The use of CBD for pets continues to be a controversial subject, however, as not enough research has been put into these considerable claims.

Despite minimal research on the use of CBD for pets, there are many success stories being shared by loving pet owners all over the internet, this testimony from Innovet Pet being just one of the many examples. Nikita is a German Shepherd that was rescued from a shelter by MRK9 INC after a month of unsuccessful attempts to be rehomed. She had bad anxiety and often had seizures before MRK9 INC decided to purchase PurCBD oil through Innovet Pet Products. Since then Nikita has calmed down drastically, and MRK9 INC has said that they haven't witnessed any seizures since they started a twice-daily dose of CBD.        

Innovet Pet would like to offer pet owners a safe product that will help with seizures at a fair price. If any questions about the products available come to mind, you can contact us through our website, or on Twitter at innovetpet1. If you wish to learn more about CBD for dogs with seizures before buying a product, Google News provides multiple articles.


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