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Can CBD Help With Thunder Anxiety? -- CBD for anxiety in dogs

Is your dog afraid of thunder claps and gets out-of-control when they occur? This is a problem that many dog owners face. If we're honest with ourselves, thunder makes us a little nervous too. But we can logically understand why it occurs. A dog cannot. That's why managing this anxiety with PurCBD could be an effective strategy for you.


CBD for anxiety in dogs


Why Dogs Fear Thunder

Imagine being in your dog's shoes when thunder starts. It is a loud noise that seems to fill the air around them. They can't identify where it is coming from or why it is occurring. To some hunting dogs, it may also sound like a rifle going off. As a result, many dogs will feel an excess of anxiety when thunder occurs.


Managing Anxiety With CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid oil derived from plants rich in it. It has been carefully tested and designed to eliminate THC. As a result, your dog won't experience the nasty "high" associated with cannabis consumption. Many studies suggest that it could be a useful way to manage anxiety. How can CBD for dogs help during thunderstorms?


Using It Properly

When a thunderstorm starts and your pup gets nervous, place a dropper of this oil on their tongue. Once it starts going into effect, your dog is likely to show decreased signs of anxiety and nervousness. While the initial crash of the thunder may startle them, it is less likely to cause long-term anxiety.


If you think CBD oil can help your pup during a thunderstorm, please don't hesitate to contact us and make an order. The help it could offer to your dog makes it an interesting item to try out at least once.


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October 15, 2017

This product has been recommended to me. My 12 year old basset hound has become afraid of everything. Possible oncoming of dementia. Will this help calm him?

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