CBD Oil And It's Benefits For Your Pets

CBD Oil And It's Benefits For Your Pets


Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil for short, is rapidly rising in popularity as a home remedy to alleviate the effects of many different ailments for both humans and their pets; but, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant that has been used in the management of pain, nausea, anxiety, and even cancer and arthritis in humans, but these advantages can also be extended to your four-legged-friends! Many concerns go through our minds when trying a new supplement for our cats and dogs, such as will this supplement have the desired effect, will my dog or cat experience any discomfort, and, most importantly, is this product safe and tested?


Is CBD Oil safe for your pets?

Unlike THC, another commonly extracted compound from the hemp plant known to be psychoactive in humans, CBD has no psychoactive effects, making it safe for use in supplementing the treatment of your pets.


What does it do?

While the effects of CBD oil is not reported by the FDA, there are many, well-documented first-hand accounts of pet-owners using CBD oil to great effect in junction with traditional medicines and treatments. CBD oil, when used as a dietary supplement, is reported to help alleviate minor pains and anxiety in dogs and cats, such as those experienced from arthritis or separation anxiety. CBD oil has also been used to supplement the management of cancer and to alleviate the negative effects often experienced from more conventional cancer treatments such as nausea or a diminished diet.


What to look for in a CBD Oil supplement?

As CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA, it is very important to take great care in choosing the right CBD product for your cat or dog. The most important questions to ask yourself while shopping for CBD supplements are: Is this product all natural? Does this product contain any THC? Has this product been tested and found to be safe for my pets? Thankfully, in a market saturated with many different CBD Oil products, one stands out. Innovet's PurCBD+ PhyhtoCannaBinoiD Oil for Pets meets all these requirements and so much more. This 100% organic hemp-based CBD extract is free from both pesticides and THC, meaning it is safe and natural for your cat or dog. On top of being safe and natural, PurCBD+ is gentle enough for repeated use and has a great many customer reviews displaying its effectiveness and their general satisfaction with this product.


To Conclude

It is important to remember that while CBD oil can supplement your pets' health when used regularly, it is not regulated by the FDA. This makes it of the utmost importance to research any product you intend to use on your pet to ensure their safety and health. CBD oil is widely used by many pet owners and its safety and effects have become apparent to many, but it is important to choose the right product.

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Samule Curren - September 26, 2018

This is a great post about CBD Oil and its benefits in pets and lt encourages digestive health, behavioral wellness, immune system support, and overall health and wellness in the pets.

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