CBD Oil for Your Four Legged Friend

CBD Oil for Your Four Legged Friend

CBD Oil for Dogs, Dog Arthritis


We have all heard about CBD oil for humans, but what about dogs? Studies and trials have begun to show that it is not only helpful to humans but for our furry little friends as well. 


CBD Oil and Arthritis

Researchers have discovered that the active compound in cannabis plants are proving to help the pain in arthritis and the other countless symptoms that come with the disease such as inflammation and stiffness. Many veterinarians aren't allowed to prescribe CBD oil for dogs or any animal at that, so instead, they prescribe other medications that aren't natural. Medications that they do prescribe such as NSAID's and steroids can both have a negative effect if used for a prolonged amount of time, and sometimes if these medications stop working it can cause arthritis to come back worse than before. When it comes to arthritis you want your animal's pain to be managed in a safe way that will not cause him even more harm or pain. That is why CBD oil for pets is now the path owners are beginning to take in replace of medications like NSAID's and steroids. 


Why Innovet?

Not only is Innovet's CBD oil 100% natural, it also contains zero chemicals or pesticide residues, and contains no THC so there is no "high" associated with their product. Innovet's CBD oil is not just for dogs but has also been formulated for cats and horses as well. Since they receive their products straight from the farmers, purchase in large volumes, and own their own manufacturing facility their products are available for a more affordable price compared to competitors. The companies third-party lab testing also ensures that the quality, safety, and efficacy of their product is at its prime for your four-legged friend.

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CBD Helps With Treating Pain

CBD Application Has Therapeutic Potential

Evidence of CBD

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