CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats: Which One is Best For Your Pets

CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats: Which One is Best For Your Pets



There are a lot of exciting new full spectrum hemp products popping up on up the pet healthcare scene every day. You might know full spectrum hemp better as CBD or PCR oil.

But all these new CBD products are creating a lot of confusion, and many are left wondering which CBD product is right for their pets.

There is one important difference between CBD products, and you need to know what that is before you give your pets CBD. This important difference is your control of the dosage and ensuring that your pet is getting the correct dose of CBD oil.


What You Need To Know About Dosing CBD

First, most dogs are perfectly fine with a CBD dosage in a general ballpark such as you get with treats and chews.   

However, CBD is commonly used to treat epilepsy, and it owes much of its popularity to it. But, CBD can interact and deactivate CYP enzymes in the liver, and these enzymes are responsible for metabolizing anti-seizures medication along with many other pharmaceuticals. Because of this, precise dosing needs to occur to ensure CBD does not affect the metabolization of these drugs.

We point out epilepsy in particular, and this is due to rare instances where seizures temporarily increased when first starting CBD oil. There another study that looks at CBD interaction with the blood thinning drug Warfarin, and saw CBD raised International Normalized Ratio (INR) levels as well.

This may seem alarming, and without care it is. But don’t run away from CBD just yet. When these same studies saw this issue, they did not conclude by saying you should stop CBD use.

This is due to those same studies discovering that once a precise CBD dose was found, levels and seizure rates returned to normal before eventually decreasing. As well, the test subject’s were able to lower the dosage of their pharmaceuticals, which lowered side effects radically improving patient's health.


Dosing With CBD Oil

If your pet is on medication metabolized in the liver, then CBD oil is your best option. CBD oil allows you to make precise and small incremental changes in your pet's dose and this is a big advantage over treats. We offer two different concentrations amounts: 125mg, and 750mg, and one drop from each is 0.09mg and 0.54mg respectively.

When first giving CBD start small .022mg/lb. As most studies that have seen CYP interaction, don’t see it occur until high dosages. With some treats, it’s easy to give a small dog enough CBD in one treat to cause notable CYP interaction.

Now, our two studies above found a different story and saw that raising CBD dosage was the appropriate answer. Both studies showed that CBD raised seizures rates and INR levels by deactivating CYP enzymes before increases CBD’s dose.

That might seem odd, but we believe this occurs because in very rare cases, body chemistry allows CBD to easily deactivate CYP enzymes at dosage levels too low for CBD’s anticonvulsant and other therapeutic properties to effectively work.

However, CBD has overwhelmingly proven in multiple studies that it is a safe and effective treatment for a number of illnesses, and often allows the use of other dangerous medication to be lowered and stopped.  

Body chemistry plays a large part in determining what your pet’s precise dose will be or if they will even need one. Again, it’s still best to start small and work with your veterinarian if you see any issues. You most likely will not, but even if there is a 1% we want you to know about it.


Dosing With Treats and Chews

Dog treats and chews are a fantastic way to easily give your pet their hemp medication without making it feel like you’re giving them a supplement. Just follow these helpful tips, and you’ll be on your way.

You’ll want to check out our calculator to figure out a general dosage range that is reasonable for your pet. Remember you’re dosage is going to be in a ballpark because treats are one size fits all by default. It’s completely fine if you’re giving them more than they need. You might see some tiredness and your wallet emptying faster, but that’s about it.  

We don’t want to see you wasting your money, so we give you multiple treats and chews options that are perfect for small, medium and large pets. Let’s look at which treat option is best for your pet.

In this scenario, you have a 40lb dog. 0.068mg/lb is the average/common dose so your pup’s preferred dose would most likely be around 2.72mg. Our hemp treats for medium and large dogs includes dogs 40lbs and up, and each treat has 4mg of organic hemp extract. So you’re giving them a little more than what they probably need. However, you most likely will not see any side effects as 5.4mg is the recommended high dose for a 40lb dog. But even this is still a fairly low dose in terms of side effects.  

Your other option is our Soft Hemp Chews for small pets at 2 mg per treat. A little less than what they might need, but you can always give them a second chew if you feel they do better with a higher dose.


Final Thoughts

All of our hemp product use the same great high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract grown free from pesticides with no additives in sight. CBD oil is great for precise dosing and more serious medical conditions. While treats and chews are great for delivering health on the go and as a bonus, your pet will feel like they are being rewarded.


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Amara Karras - July 9, 2018

nice article on treats and oil both proucts have its own benefits considering ask specialist before use


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