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Dravet's Syndrome And The Use Of CBD Oil

Dogs often suffer from a wide range of health problems that can severely affect their lives. Sadly, many dogs experience problems associated with Dravet's Syndrome, a neurological disease that can impact the way that their brain operates. Can CBD oil help with this concern?


Dravet's Syndrome And The Use Of CBD Oil


What Is Dravet's Syndrome?

This health problem occurs in about two percent of all dogs and causes seizures that can make their life rather debilitating. They aren't traditionally dangerous or deadly seizures, but they can make it difficult for dog's to get through their lives and can be painful. As a result, dog owners often look for to a treatment method for managing this problem.


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from cannabis that has many calming benefits, including the ability to calm anxiety and decrease severe neurological problems. While there are positive indications that CBD oil is beneficial, it cannot be used to treat very severe problems. That said, it can still be used to manage some symptoms of Dravet's Syndrome.


How CBD Oil Can Help With Dravet's Syndrome

When the seizure's of Dravet's Syndrome affect your dog, CBD oil can decrease the severity of the symptoms, calm their nerves, and make it easier for them to recover. It won't prevent the seizures from occurring, but it will make it less of a serious problem.

So if you are interested in treating Dravet's Syndrome and its seizures with CBD oil, please contact us today to learn more. It may help to manage many of the more severe symptoms of this disease and give your dog the life that they deserve.


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