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How pet CBD Oil Can Help Your Pet: 5 Reasons To Give It A Try

There is nothing worse than realizing that a beloved pet has anxiety or pain due to illness or old age. There are many options available to help your pets but finding the one that works for you can be difficult. Here are 5 reasons CBD for pets may be what you're looking for.


CBD for dogs with pain

First: Even for humans, Hemp treatments have been known to be amazing pain killers without all the scariness that accompanies taking prescribed medication. PurCBD doesn't have THC (the component that makes people high) but still contains the qualities to relieve pain and create a calming effect. Marijuana plants are grown and bred specifically for THC and only the buds are used for "getting high". In Hemp, the plant is left in its natural form and the whole plant including the flower is used to obtain it's healing and helpful properties. Hemp is naturally extremely low in THC to begin with, so "getting high" is not on option. Our PurCBD is specifically grown to have 0% THC 

Second: This product is a lot easier to give to pets than most pills. The PurCBD (CBD for pets) can easily be hidden in a treat or dropped directly into your pets mouth. 

Third: A lot of the prescriptions that veterinarians offer today are laced with harmful side effects. They can cause even more problems than what the pet started with. PurCBD is 100% natural from the growing process to extraction and formulation.

Fourth: This is a new science that is just beginning to discover the full benefits and uses of Hemp. Now that states are starting to legalize marijuana, more studies will be done to discover all its many benefits, including Hemp. It also means that more options will be available for more conditions in the future. Also, with further education, the public will come to realize that there is a big difference between Marijuana and Hemp.

Fifth: CBD oil is a new age treatment for new age people. This product is offering hope to families who thought that euthanasia was their only option for their suffering pets.  

Hemp, as a form of medical treatment is still in its early stages even for humans. Scientists are still working to perfect this science, but so far the advantages of using this oil have been monumental. Like all new science, there is no guarantee, but it offers hope. It's 100% all natural and doesn't hold the same fears as the prescribed medications currently offered. For any pet family in need of help, PurCBD just might be the little extra aid they've been looking for.

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4 Responses


April 22, 2017

I’ve been giving this to my older dogs daily with their food and it is an AMAZING product! I recommend this highly!

Adele Chico
Adele Chico

April 21, 2017

Need to obtain for my shitzo

Linda &Beezy
Linda &Beezy

April 20, 2017

How can I get a Bottle to try on my 20lb Boston Terrier?


April 14, 2017

Can I just put the drops in my dogs food. My dog weighs 60lbs. How many drops do I give him?

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