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How PurOtic Ear Cleaner is the Easiest and Most Effective Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner on the Market; Plus it's 99%-100% Natural

Experienced dog owners know that one whiff of a smelly ear could easily lead to yet another pricey veterinarian bill. For dogs, as for people, the tendency to get ear infections is a persistent one that requires consistent treatment.

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Other products address the issue, however, PurOtic ear cleaner is the easiest and most effective ear cleaner on the market; plus it's 99%-100% natural. Other products often contain harsh ingredients that may lead to discomfort and resistance on the part of any self-respecting dog. Even worse, many expect an uncomfortable dog to sit still as you drip, drip, drop product into an unhappy dog's ear. How many pet owners find that the "medicine" never makes it past the outer ear?

By contrast PurOtic ear cleaner is 99% - 100% natural. It contains the time-honored remedy of Tea Tree oil which has been used to fight fungus and bacteria in human ears since the 17th century. PurOtic also contains naturally aromatic Lavender and Eucalyptus oils for both antiseptic and pain relief purposes.

PurOtic is also so much easier to apply because there is a flexible silicon applicator nozzle to properly direct the ear cleaner deep inside the ear where the wax build up resides. Furthermore, PurOtic gently breaks up the ear wax. It contains a bio-degradable pharmaceutical grade emulsifier called Docusate Sodium long used to treat human infants with painfully clogged ears.

The key to winning the ear infection battle is persistence. A remedy that sets up resistance to ear cleaning is a non-starter. Instead, using a natural pleasant smelling ear cleaner that really reaches the wax build up makes any dog feel better. Skipping yet another pricey veterinarian bill likely makes any dog owner feel better too!

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