How to recognize a dog seizure

How to recognize a dog seizure

Just like in humans when dogs have seizures the signs can differ. This is why it is so important to know the signs so that you can help your dog as quickly as possible. A seizure is a sign that your dog’s brain is not functioning the way it should. For this reason you should always have your vets number handy in case you need them.

The first sign is that control over limbs is no longer there and seizures can also cause your dog to be sick or defecate. It could look as though you dog is hyperactive and acting out of character but not a plain indicator that they are having a seizure.

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Some of the main indicators are twitching, foaming of the mouth, jerky movements and even passing out. It is dependent on the seizure severity as to whether or not your dog loses full consciousness. The symptoms don’t always happen at the same time which is what can make it difficult to detect a seizure. Drooling for example is something many healthy dogs do, but big changes in mood along with these signs can help you to tell the difference.

If you are not around your dog all of the time you should keep an eye out for disorientation,grogginess and other out of character behavior. If you work or spend a lot of time outside of the house your dog could have a seizure when you are out. If you do notice any changes you should make an appointment with your vet.

What causes dog seizures?

There are many things that can cause a dog to have a seizure, knowing them could help you to get medical attention sooner rather than later. The main causes are as follows:

  •  Poisoning
  •  Allergic reaction
  •  Different environment
  •  Infection/ill health

Seizures in dogs can last from seconds to minutes and they may not affect the whole body but instead just one limb or body part. A psychomotor seizure usually lasts a few minutes and is indicated by chasing of imaginary objects or the dogs tail. This can make it harder to detect, however you will know what is normal for your dog. Seizures in younger dogs can be down to epilepsy and can happen at any age to all breeds. There is however treatment to eradicate or reduce the seizures and stress on your dog and you as an owner.

If you think your dog has had or is having seizures do take down the information to relay when you take them to see a vet.

What you can do if your dog has a seizure

If your dog has a suspected seizure you should remain as calm as you can. Remember your dog will pick up on your reaction and will also be afraid themselves. The first thing you should do is clear any objects from your dog’s path so they don’t hurt themselves. If the seizure lasts more than a few minutes you should seek medical attention right away and let the vet know you are on your way there so that they are prepared for your arrival.

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Dina and Tony - April 28, 2017

My husband and I also have 2 Boxers who both have siezures. Bella is 3 and just started having them. Casper is 11 and has had them since he was about 3. He also has separation anxiety. Both dogs are very energetic and happy but this is concerning to us. Would this be a good product to try for them ?

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