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Is CBD Beneficial For Pets With Cancer?

When your best four-legged friend has been given a cancer diagnosis, it can be difficult to process and even harder to see them waste away. Thankfully, there are many veterinary studies which suggest that CBD for pets can be beneficial in lessening the symptoms of a wide range of ailments, including pain and distress caused by cancer.


Is CBD Beneficial For Pets With Cancer?


So, What is CBD and How Can it Help?

Simply put, CBD is an oil that comes from plants in the cannabis family. However, CBD is not marijuana. It comes from hemp plants which carry an exceedingly low about of THC (the substance which actually causes a psychoactive effect), and works to reduce difficult symptoms like inflammation, pain, and seizures while stimulating your pet's appetite.

While CBD for dogs and cats is not a cure for cancer, it can go a long way toward preserving their quality of life for longer when used alongside more traditional medical treatments. Stimulating a pet's appetite is important as other treatments may suppress it. A stronger appetite helps them to eat normally, which in turn helps their body fight the creation and growth of tumors. Reducing inflammation also helps to reduce pain, especially in the joints, making it easier for pets to walk, run, jump, move and even sleep. Living with less pain can do wonders for improving your pet's mood and quality of life.

It's never easy to lose a pet to cancer. If you're interested in giving CBD oil to your dog or cat to help make them more comfortable, contact us today for more information.


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