PurOtic Ear Cleaner: The Easy, Safe, and Effective Way to Naturally Clean Your Dog's Ears

PurOtic Ear Cleaner: The Easy, Safe, and Effective Way to Naturally Clean Your Dog's Ears

When caring for your pet's health and hygiene, a lot of people neglect their pet's ears. It's easy to forget. You bathe them, trim their nails, brush their teeth, trim their hair, and you think you're done. While it’s easy to overlook ear care, it's important that you don't.

Ear problems is a very common medical issue among dogs. Dog's ear canals present a unique opportunity for things to get in and become trapped. Dirt, bacteria, and other harmful things stay trapped within your dog's ear and leads to harmful medical issues for your pup.

Most dogs don't like their ears to be touched, which can make cleaning them a very complicated procedure for you. With such unique ear canals, cleaning a dog's ears correctly is a complex chore. However, Innovet has taken this problem, that many dog owners face, and made an easy to use solution.
PurOtic ear cleaner and it's ease of use
The PurOtic Ear Cleaner is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to cleanse your dog's ears, keeping him safe from infection and irritation. This natural cleaner was designed by veterinary and health care professionals to ensure your dog is safe and receives the best care possible.

Using this product takes a long, stressful, and complex chore and turns it into a quick and easy process for you. So, the next time you're giving your dog a spa day, don't neglect to clean your pup's ears. Get rid of wax and other harmful bacteria with this deep cleansing, alcohol-free formula. Innovet Creative Solutions is here to help you keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe. This product is as good for your dog as it is stress-free for you. So, the next time you're grooming your dog, make it easier than ever with PurOtic Ear Cleaner and soft ear applicator. Contact us to purchase this amazing cleaner and other helpful products today. We are happy to help make life with your pet a little happier and healthier.
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Monique - December 8, 2016

Hello .. I have read wonderful things about you and your products from kelly in Instagram as fancyfarmgirl.. can you perhaps provide more info on the product you have for teeth. My senior pom has stinky mouth and she refuses for us to use her Doggy tooth brush . Can you help please

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