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Raw, Gold Standard, Or Isolate: Which CBD Oil Is Right For You And Your Pet

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Raw, Gold Standard, Or Isolate: Which CBD Oil Is Right For You And Your Pet

It’s an exciting time for CBD. Its popularity has skyrocketed, and you can literally find CBD products everywhere.


Raw, Gold Standard, Or Isolate: Which CBD Oil Is Right For You And Your Pet | Innovet Pet

1. Raw
2. Distilled/Gold Standard
3. Differences in Dosing
4. Isolate
5. How Dosing is Different
6. Which is Best For You and Your Ball of Fluff
7. Why We Like High Levels of CBG and CBC in our Distilled CBD Oil
8. Flavor City

With this increasing popularity, we are starting to see more and more versions of CBD oil from raw to distilled to isolate. While it’s all CBD oil, there are a few differences between them, like the concentration of CBD itself, along with a few other crucial factors.

This all has to do with how CBD is extracted and refined, and it’s important to know what you’re purchasing so let’s look at the three main forms of CBD oil.


Raw CBD oil is currently the most abundant form of CBD available. Raw CBD oil is commonly created through CO2 extraction, and contains all medical properties of the plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids), along with non-beneficial plant matter like chlorophyll and potentially solvent residue.

Raw CBD oil will have the lowest concentration of CBD compared to distilled or isolate, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has less pronounced therapeutic effects.

In fact, because of the phenomenon called the “entourage effect”, raw CBD oil may produce the widest therapeutic range of all CBD oils because terpenes and flavonoids produce their own medical properties -  they mostly overlap with CBD but not quite.

If you’ve used essential oils before, then you’re already aware of the health advantages that comes from terpenes and flavonoids.

But raw CBD oil isn’t without its faults. It has a strong grassy flavor and smell, and some may not like this. Plus, we have unneeded plant material that dilutes our mixture.

Distilled/Gold Standard

Distilled CBD oil is created when you take raw CBD extract and refine it. Through a process known as ‘short path distillation”, the raw CBD extract has terpenes and flavonoids along with other plant matter or residual solvents stripped out and collected leaving a more concentrated CBD extract.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids all have different temperature points where they are released from the extract and by separating and collecting them using different temperatures, we can reintroduce them and create different ratios or formulas.

This is exciting because by doing this, we can potentially create different mixtures that are condition specific such as “Distilled CBD Oil for Seizures”, or “Distilled CBD Oil for Anxiety”.

Distilled CBD oil is the new gold standard of CBD oil, but don’t let the name fool you, because the easy way to tell if you have highly distilled CBD oil is if it’s clear and doesn’t smell.

Distilled is a great option if you dislike the earthy and grassy that raw CBD oil has or want a CBD oil that focuses on the cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the most medical properties - you’ll have to pay more, but you get what you pay for.

Differences in Dosing

Because gold standard can still have cannabinoids besides just CBD, we still have a wide range of therapeutic effects thanks to the entourage effect, as well, this also means distilled CBD oil doesn’t need a specific dose to work just like raw CBD, but unlike isolate as you’re about to see.

With distilled CBD oil you or your pet will reap the same benefits of raw CBD oil, but with less needed since the most important cannabinoids are more concentrated.


CBD isolate is not full spectrum like the oils above and only contains CBD. Because CBD provides the most substantial health benefits, it’s logical to think that this is the best oil, but not so fast because remember entourage effect.

While not fully understood, we know this synergetic phenomenon makes a big difference with CBD oil in two ways. First, we have the smallest therapeutic range because we removed several hundreds of other compounds that produce their own individual effect.

How Dosing is Different

Second, and this is the big one. CBD isolate can be very difficult to dose because it has a small dosage window where it’s effective. If you either under or overshoot your CBD isolate dose you could see little benefit - this is not the case with the other oils.

One of the reasons is there are certain cannabinoids that allow CBD to be more easily absorbed, increasing its bioavailability. This is just one of most likely several ways the entourage effect can benefit CBD oil.

However, Isolate will not have any traces of THC like the others, and it will be the cheapest as any extraction method works, and you can even take it from marijuana since you’re removing the THC - no THC equals no high even for marijuana.

So while it may be difficult to dose isolate, there is no worry about testing positive on a drug test.

Which is Best For You and Your Ball of Fluff

You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each. Raw is nice because it’s cheaper, but maybe not best for you because of flavor, and it has non-beneficial properties. If any THC is a concern or if you prefer a 100% CBD product, check out isolate and work with a medical professional to lock in a precise dose.

Distilled CBD oil has the most potential, and that’s why at Innovet Pet it’s our preferred extraction method. We prefer distilled because it allows us to create a formula that has the three most important cannabinoids in highly concentrated amounts (CBD, CBC, and CBG).

Why We Like High Levels of CBG and CBC in our Distilled CBD Oil

CBD Oil for Pets | Innovet Pet

CBG studies have shown it may be directly linked to decreasing IBS, protecting neurons from degeneration, and inhibiting cancer cell development. As well, CBG tested better than any other cannabinoid for inhibiting muscle contractions.

While CBC may be linked to treatment of medical conditions, that's not why we prioritize it. CBC has been linked to promoting other cannabinoids more so than any other.

That’s right, this little guy is heavily responsible for the entourage effect and creating a synergy between all the therapeutic compounds, so dosing is just as easy as it is with raw CBD oil.

Flavor City

We also introduce terpenes back in because while you may not like the grassy flavor, we found that most pets largely prefer it. Plus you get some additional beneficial properties while still leaving out the non-beneficial plant matter that comes from raw CBD oil that pets hate.

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