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Using Tracerz To Help A Blind Pup Get Around The Yard

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Using Tracerz To Help A Blind Pup Get Around The Yard
Using Tracerz To Help A Blind Pup Get Around The Yard | Innovet Pet

Symptoms of blindness in a dog often makes a dog owner feel helpless and afraid. They love their pup and want them to be happy and healthy, but they may easily end up getting lost in the yard and unable to find their way home. Even worse, they may wander into a road and get struck down.

However, Tracerz is a useful way of protecting a blind dog and helping them get around the yard. Here's how you can use this unique product to keep your dog safe.

What Is Tracerz?

Tracerz is a series of heavily scented items that can be spread around a yard. These items can serve as a beacon of home for your blind puppy. For example, they can be placed near the front door to give them a guide back here. They can also be placed in various spots around the yard which they like to visit, such as favorite bathroom areas or even a dog house which they can rest under when left outside.

Using Tracerz Properly

Tracerz are small dots which you can install anywhere by removing the sticky back and pressing them tightly against a firm surface. Once installed, they need to be scratched occasionally to release the smell.

One pack of Tracerz will last up to a year and provide guidance through wind, rain, and snow. Best of all? You'll barely smell them, but your pup will know them from a long way off.

So if you are interested in protecting your blind puppy from the risks of the world by using Tracerz, please don't hesitate to contact us today to make an order.

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